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December 16, 19&3 

Mr* J, E, Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject i New Mediai Present at 
Oswald Shooting 


The following list of names have been mentioned as 
being present In the baemaent of City Hell, when Lee 
Harvey Oswald wee shot* These people have not been 

1* Milt Sosln, Miami Florida Reporter 

2. Paul Cisco, Unknown - Not local 

3- Oliver Oakes, Unknown - Not Local 

km John Alexander, Unknowi * Not local 

5. Tom Petit, { Commentator) Loe Angeles, Calif. 

6* Jim Standard, Oklahoma City, Okie. - Newspaper 

7. Hike Smith, A* P. - Los Angeles, California 

8, Bert fthinehart, U.P.I* New Tork City, N. T* 

9- Hank MacharieUa, Daily Tribune, New fork City, N* I. 

Respectfully submitted, 

C* C* Wallace, Lieut mi ant 
Juvenile Bureau 




D. R. Archer 


V. J. Cutchshaw 


C* 0. Arnett 


N. J. Daniels 


Asst. Ch. Charles Batchelor 

J« R. Davidson 


B. L* Beaty 


Harold Dawson 


E. R. Beck 


Sgt • P« T. Dean 


Jack Beers 


C. N* Dhority 


D. G. Brantley 


J. Bft English 


A. R. Brock 


Warren Ferguson 


J* D* Brockaway 


Bob Fen ley 


C. W. Brown 


Capt. J. W. Fritz 


D. L. Burgess 


C. Goolsby 


Lt. George Butler 


L. C* Graves 


V. C. Campbell 


C. A* Greeson 


A. W. Capps 


R. Hankal 


W. E. Chambers 


0. W. Harrison 


B. S. C lardy 


W. J. Harrison 


B. H. Combes t 


J. R. Hopkins 


R. A. Cox 


R. $• Huffaker 


A* B. Craig 


J, D. Hutchinson 


K. Croy 


Robert Jackson 



L* E* Jez 


D, L* Pate 


F. B* Johnson 


B, G, Patterson 


Capt, 0, A. Jones 


Francois Pelou 


Seth Karvtor 


Tom Pettit 


J* Kasten 


George Phenix 


Capt* G, D* King 


Lt* R* S, Pierce 


H, M, Kries 


Sgt* J, A, Putnam 


J. B* Leave 11 


J, K, Ramsey 

C. G. Lewis 


H, B, Reynolds 


R. L, Lowery 


Warren Richey 


Dep, Ch* G, L , Lunpk in 


Jack Ruby 


Capt, Ft M, Martin 


W* B* Slack 


B . J, Maxey 


J. D, Slocum 


J* C, McCain 


Lt* V. S. Smart 


B* C* McCoy 


Mike Smith 


R, M* McGee 


Johnny Smith 


T, D, McMi 1 1on 


l. fi. Stephens 


B. Morrell 


Dep. Ch, M, W, Stevenson 


L# D, Milter 


Donald Suits 


L. D, Montgomery 


Lt* R* E* Swain 


R, C, Nelson 


Capt, C, E, Talbert 


J, Newman 

97- * 

John Tankers ly 


J* F- Newton 


L, G* Taylor 


Ike Pappas 


Robert Thornton 



David Timmons 


Unknown Jap* Reporter 


Unknown Reporter 


Jimmy Turner 


1* F. VanC leave 


R. E. Vaughn 


Homer Venso 


R* 0. Wagner 


I. N* Walker 


R. A, Watkins 


J* C. Watson 


Lt* W* Wiggins 


G, E* Worley 


ajcoerpt frosn recording stde by Robert Thornton - WkA 
Inured lately before and during a booting of Harvey Oswald 
on *iovenber 24, 1963* 

M - - - - autowold la horn sound (in the background) Get out of 
the way (in the background) Here cow* - * shot - - Harvey - 
Oh, no* Oh my God. ^ one body Juet shot bee Harvey Oswald - 



Deomabsr W, 1*63 

Rr, J, K* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject! Interview of 

David Tlnauns, VBAP-TV 
1900 ^rl^olil 
Ft. Worth, Texas 
1*4-3940 - AJJ4-2434 


Hr* Ti aeons stated he wee with John Xankerley, alio of 
WBAP.TV and that they came to Dal lav, early Sunday 
morning, November 24, 1963 * "They took their camera to 
the third floor of City Hall and spent some tias there, 

they a loo had a short interview with Chief Curry and came 
dawn elevator and into basement acme 5 to ID sdLrcutsa be- 
fore the shooting. 

They were assisted by Hr, Turner in the basement, but 
etill did not have tine to get their camera hooked up. 

They pushed their camera dom the driveway to the baae- 
aent p^xkii^ area and tied it up to railing to keep a oni- 
on* from knocking it over. 

Hr, Tiitewane said he rmcaiberod two care going out the 
Rain Street pmp but does not have any idea what kind 
of autos or who was in the Hr. Tlrarcons eaid that 

just before the shooting he moved up to their other camera 
with Venao and Turner and was behind the camera assisting 
them at the time of the shooting. 

Hr, Timmons stated ha did not know rtuby prior to the 
shooting, and did not see this man in basement prior to 

He stated that since he cams in with the WBiP-TV earner*, 
that bis press sard was not cheeked. 

keep eat fully submitted. 

C. C# Wallace, lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 



November 26, 1963 

Mr. J. E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Assignment of Officer 

Gerald L. Tolbert £1473 
On Sunday t November 24, 1963 


At approximately 9:23 A.H. on Sunday, November 24, 1963, 
while working Squad 33, with M. E. Farris £1852, we 
received a call on the Padio to contact Station 311 by 
telephone. K. E. Farris at this time made contact with 
Station 511 on the telephone ar.d Squ^d 53 was advised to 
report to Station 5H on markout# 

On arrival at Station 5H we wore advised by other officers 
present to stand by at Station 5H until approximately 10 A.M. 
when W3 would be needed to transfer Lee H. Oswald to County 
Jail. At approximately 10:15 A.M. I was ordered to report to 
the basement of City Hall. On arrival I was instructed by 
Sergeant J. A. Putnam to back Squad Car £122 out of marked off 
basement parking area and line it up behind the station wagon 
at the north end of the basement, then stand by to drive squad 
car number 122 to the County in escort for the transfer of Lee 
Harvey Oswald. 

I was then advised by Sergeant Putnam to back squad car £122 into 
the parking area again and get three other officers to accompany 
me in the car. They were M. 2. Farris, D. K. Erwin, and W. S. 
Hibbs. After I did this, I was advised by Sergeant Putnam to 
stand by the bottom of north ramp to City Hall Basement and 
check any vehicle that came down the ramp. No cars came down 
the ramp while I was standing at this position. 

At api:ro xinately 10:55 A.M. I was taken off of this position by 
Sergeant Putnam and was assigned to the Elm Street and Pearl 
Expressway to work traffic. I was told Lee Harvey Oswald was to 
be transferred by armored car. A squad car would proceed the 
armored car and I was to halt traffic at my intersection until 
escort had cleared the intersection and then I was to proceed 
to the County Jail to assist with crowds at this location. I 
got in my squad and proceeded to my assignment. I arrived on my 
traffic corner at approximately 11:15 A.M. While standing at the 
intersection of Elm and Pearl, X observed two armored cars turn 
west on Elm Street from Pearl Expressway and proceed down Elm to 
Harwood. At approximately 11:25 A.M. a citizen stopped at the 
intersection and informed me that Lee Harvey Oswald* had been shot 
in the basement of the City Hall. At this time X heard sirens and 
a squad car came down Pearl Expressway, and turned west on Elm to 
Harwood* running Code Three. A short time later I stopped traffic 

Page Z 


at this inter sec tion to let an ambulance and squad car 
proceed wear on Sin Street, Code 3* At this tire I 
Checked by Radio to see if any ether emergency vehicles 
were in this vicinity and to see if we would bo needed 
elsewhere * I was advised tc stand by my present position* 

At this time Sergeant Plusehe working Squad 40 stepped at 
my location. X heard on his radio the Dispatcher ask for 
a two man squad and someone told the Dispatcher Squad 53 was 
a two man squad* The Dispatcher called me and I was advised 
to pick up my partner, Max Ee Parris, at Elm and lamar, then 
proceed Code #3 to Parkland Hospital. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Patrolman £24?3 
Patrol Division 




Nowmber 2v f 1963 

otateaent of Officer Gerald L, Tolbert a 

1 was assigned to drive car #122 as an eacort for the transfer 
of tht prisoner. 

This assignment was changed at 10*55 A. M., and 1 was assigned 
to work traffic at llm and Pearl streets, I left the City Hall 
at this time and did not return prior to the shooting. 

1 do not know Jack kuty. 


Hr, J, E, Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

l)MMb«r ia # 1963 

Subject 1 J Irani* L. rumor 
633? Horn* 

J't, Worth, ?«*&■ 
OLl-2355 - 4M4-24I14 


Mr. tumor stated that ho wee sent to Ualla* early Sunday 
Homing, Kovesber 24, 1963, and that h* was with Hceer 
Vanao, and that fcbiy had their W3AP-TV caver* net up in 
th* City Hall baseesnt by 9il5 a. a. 

Their TV eanev* was located behind th» railing on th* list 
*14* Of th* reap driveway. Tumor atatad h* was behind 
th* caver* and n«ar Jack Beer*. tumor stated h* bad a 
pres* card or pr*aa pa*#, and was not questioned* H* 

*aid h* saw officers searching baa*M*aet tm and cheeking 
security *arly Sunday Homing. 

Mr. Tumor **34 that h* know th*r* mb sob* question 
about a third nan on th* laat TV eaaera to ba brought 
into th* baeesent, shortly baf or* th* shooting, and that 
h* could clear up thla question. 

Turner stated that as th* eaaera was brought into th* 
basenent, h« cllabed over th* rail, and Joined th* other 
two sen (Tanfcerley and Tlwon* - VBAP-Tf ) and assisted 
than get th* eeaera through driveway. 

Hr. Turner stated ba saw Jack Jtuby jm m% a split second 
befor* th* Act was fired. He did not know ttuby prior 
to shooting and does not resell seeing this aah in baseeset. 

Mr, Turner stated that after th* shooting, their saner* 
view we* blocked and they waved their caners to the right of 
Channel 4 eanera, and shot seen** of baemeot free that position. 

Page 2 

Hr* Turner f or tt» te vie* the video tope of 

the Oewtld <hootiag f end introduced mm to Hr , Jett 
Jenrieon, who ie going to »ke m a fil* of the video 
tape* Thin fils iri.ll be available noon. 

aeepeetfulljr entail ted, 

C* C* taUate, Lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 


Jtoooabor 2f 1 Hi 

Mr* J* St Curvy 
Chiaf of Polio# 

*•1 shooting of U* Btmy Oomld 
IaUrrlM of I* !% Too CImm 

It P* Too Olitvt mo Intorvlomd V kioutonnnto V* $* HoCoghron u4 
C* C* v nl U h of C«50 u on Doo m tor 2, 1965. Tko iniirrliv mo oooon* 
IUU/ tho hm i» Mi oflfinl npirt dntod HiTNiWr lt| 1965* I. F* 
Too Oloovo hod tblo to U4« 

I do kin Jook u*by Toguolf* Bo mo o oonplntMAt oovoml poor* ago 
on quo of oj kaift. If kuhy ou 1 a tho orowd. I did aoi rooognis# Bio* 

pool t ion vii Inoido tho d*ublo door# loading oato tho na|« I «m 
dovn ibo olov&t or with imnl othor do toot loo* oad too TT nain»n« 

I mo not in o pool t loo to ooo tho obootlng* 

I ha vo iot boon lmtorvlowd by tho fodosnl hunvi of ImiUfitilti 

tor glory 1 Tho ft 

o# o* UnlMit 

ftmil* hum 

November 26, 1$63 

Mr* J. 2- Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: , “* — ^ — 

Btuyfcy, liev^iber 2^, 1963 

At approximately 9: CO AAA whUo viorliirag Squad 103 » Officer 
Hoy 3, 1/augM received n cull to call Extension 311* Officer 
L* 0- Cay lor advised ;.;e to r~,ort to the City Hall and to park 
tie squad car on the strict and report to Station 511* 

told Officers A* 2. srock and B* A* potter son; E, C. Kelson, and 
I to report to Sergeant Patrick T* Dean in the basement of the 
City HAH* 

Officer 3. G* la tt arson and I were instructed by Sergeant Dean to 
guard the north and south raEps of the City Hall* I v/ns assigned 
to The Main Street ±&mp. 

During tills time there were several police vehicles which contained 
police officers that entered the basement by this ramp* 

i.t approximately 10:15 A*ii. Bx-Police Officer tf* J- Daniels cane by 
this location and remained until after the shooting occurred* 

At approximately ll;l8 j**K. a city squad car which contained lieutenant 
fierce, Sergeant Haney and Sergeant Putnao exited by tills romp* 

**t approximately Hj21 1*11* I heard what sounded to be a shot, 1 
stayed by the post and allow ad no one to enter or leave the basement 
area* After the shooting, about five (5) police reserves were sent to 
this rsnp to assist with the croud and traffic. 

At approximately 12:^5 p.M* a white male approached me at this entrance 
and stated that he was sn employes of Jack Duty and would like to talk 
to someone about tide* I escorted this person to the basement of the 
City null after being relieved on my post by a police reserve and called 
Captain Frits’s office and Detective Boyd caae to the basement and took 
custody of this person, 

1 contacted Lieutenant Pierce in the Patrol Office and he advised me to 
secure the post and return to service with the Dispatcher* 

Respectfully submitted 

Patrolman *£539 
Patrol Division 

Hsy/^b^ ■ )| $ 


JJovaraber 29, 1963 

JTAr^c^r BY i<Jl &, VAUGHN 

During the time I was guarding tha Main o treat :oa»p several 
sauad cars with prisoners cane into the basement. I checked 
each car and occupant to make sure. 

About 30 .minutes prior to the shooting Tommy, a City mechanic, 
attempted to drive a police car into the basement and I 
stopped him. He parked the squad a short distance away and 
cams back to where I was standing and to In ms that he had to 
go into the basement to check the automobile or parking 
situation and I let him through. He explained that he had 
worked late the two previous days. 

1 noticed that oergeant lean was talking to Tommy at the 
bottom of the ramp and Toniray came back up the ramp and stayed 
around a few minutes and left. 

A United or Associated Press reporter in his middle twenties 
identified himself by an official press card and I let him 
through. This to the best of ay knowledge was about twenty 
minutes prior to the shoeing* 

At approximately 2 or 3 minutes prior to the shooting 
Lieutenant Pierce, Jergeant Maxey and Sergeant ;hitnam drove 
a squad car up the ramp onto Main Street. This ^s the ohly 
car that drove out the Main Street ftamp while 1 was on duty. 

As this car oaa* up the ramp I was standing in the middle 
between the reload sides and I stepped to the right by the 
car and walked to the edge of the street to assist them onto 
Main. Traffic was not heavy but was steady. I do not recall 
whether or not it was necessary to stop any cars for tham. 

As soon as they drove out I assumed ay previous position 
between the raised portions of the ramp. 

There were about 6 people standing on the sidewalk on the 
west side of the ramp. Sx-officer N. J. Daniels was standing 
on the east side of the ramp. One of the group on the west 
side was one of our ex-shine boys. He had a pair of 
binoculars. Pedestrian traffic was very light. The ones 
that came by would generally look down the ramp but be on 
their way. 

I met Jack Ruby in 1959 and I have seen him onoe since that 
time. I do not believe thst I would recognise Ruby if I passed him 
him on the street but probably would if I had a conversation 
with him. I have not eeen him to know him since December of 

Pz&m Z 

dU-teuont by iloy ft. Vaughn 

I called N. J. Daniel* the next day about 9*00 a.m, I 
told him who I was and that I raaerobered easing hi». 1 
asked if he remembered d M ing the squad car cose out. He 
said that he did, I asked hln if he saw anybody go Into 
the bwseeaent while 1 was assisting the ear to get out, 
and he said he definitely did not see anyone. 


City of Dallas 

Tit- Ft* J. h. Curry 
Chi of of Polls # 

Daoamhar 6, 1963 

Subject; Polygraph ijaamination 
Hoy Mi. Vaughn 

A polygraph examination was given hoy E« Vaughn (M/H/20) at th# request of 
Deouty Chi«f to* r, Flahar* This axaualnatlcn mm givan on Nov^er 2fi # 1963 . 
Balow in a list of partinant questions that war# amksd during this wunlnation* 

1* Did you B«« Jack Ruby near th# Kain street #nt ranca of the City 

Hall between 9*30 a*m, and 11 1 30 a*n* last dunday morning? An# war — Ho 

2* Did you allow Jack Ruby to on tar th# baaamant of th# City Hall last 
Sunday »oming7 An 0 war —Ho 

3, Did you talk with Jack duby loot Junday morning? An# war — No 

Jm Did you allow anybody to on tar tha basement of th# City hall 
laat Sunday morning that did not a how you proper identification 
othar than tha two man you told Chief Fisher about? Anewer — Mo 

Ho Number 1 Did you lie to Chief Flahar regarding this inaldant? 
Anewer— No 

Kara you told Chief Flahar th# complete truth regarding this 
incident? Answer —la* 

It 1# th# opinion of this Hxmmlmr this pa 
irffh th* truth- 

n answered each of the question# 

Sp* L* Bentley ff 
Detect ire of Polls a 
tl 1 Identification Bureau 

the only reason you and \ are here ts to assist the people of Dal/05 

jc a 

Hr* J* &* Gurry 
Chiof of Polio m 

dubjoot t Xntonrloo of Hwor Vonoo - WMP-TV. 
USX a Junius 
ft. Worth, T«ui 
J1H>530 - 114-24^4 
DMMbor 17, 1963 


Hr* Tm*o a&Atod ho mo to Dolls* sarly itandsy worn lag, 
Novmbor 24 , 1943 , with WBAP-Tf wmmrm crow, md wont to 
tho b**«a«nt of tho City Usil with J local * L. tumor, 

WBiP-tV obout #100 i.i, fhoy wnUd to sot up thoir ooaoro 
Just outs ids tho do utils doom nsor Jail Gffias, but Chiof 
Curry •mm down md told th«o th#y would havo to novo from 
thoro* Thsy woro sdvisod to o«t up behind tho mil, mA 
two oars worn uorod so thoy ooiUd sot-up juot out of tho 

hr* Vottso said Ho vu working with own and woo zwt cbocicod 
for idonti float ion. Ho sai d bo would not roMibor any corn 
going out tho Main Street imp. Ho said that bo #000 not 
know Jack ifeiby, and Aid not rowhir sowing tho porooa there 
prior to 0 hooting. 

ft# specif ally swbeittod, 

& (jUduUL&-4- s -' 

C. C. M*Ll*o*, Uwtml 

JhywU, Btruii 


November 30, 1963 

^TATIKlNT Oi' v_m_ ■vAOi^; 

1 left the basement of the City Hall about Ui45 A. M. , to 
go to my traffic comer at Main and Central iapreftewgr* 

1 do not know Jack liub} , 

/O 3 

Mr* J. E. Curry 
Chief of police 

November 26, 19&3 

Subject: Assignment Of Officer 

Homer J . Wages #1305 
On S unday , November 24, 19&5 


At approximately 9*00 A*H, , Sunday, November 24, 19&3i I was 
working Squad #93 with Officer Tv Gregory and was advised 
to report to Station 3 11 on Special Assignment * We arrived 
at Station 311 at about 9; 20 Adi, and remained there until 
approximately 9:45 A*K* v;hen we were told to go to the basement 
to get our assignments^ 1 remained in the basement until given 
my assignment by the supervisors in o barge. My assignment vfas 
to stop traffic at Main Street and Central Expressway- After I 
received my assignment, I immediately went to my corner and 
remained there until about 11:30 A-M- when I was advised to 
report to Parkland Hospital. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Homer J* Wages 
Patrolman #1303 
Patrol Division 

Ho mWr J0 t 19^5 

J • * Curry 

Chief of i olio# 

He* h ting of 1*00 03TTS/ 0 eve Id 
Interviewing of * C* agner 


* 0* flhgoer v&e interviewed by Lieutenant* C* C* aliens end r* 0* 
oJaghrvr. at 5t50p« ou Seveiaber 29* 1963* v he interview *ii osssn* 
tiully the 0 * e hie original report dated ftoToaber 27 , 19^3* The 
fl loving was a ded by , C* egiron 

J h*vo been asked if I know »aok riuhy ar d have hoc shovr< a piotui'e 
of ills# 1 do not know hie* To my knowledge 1 h**vs never seer; this 
v^mon before* I do not ti«ei&£ V le ;erefm in the basement 
*rior to the sheetin';# I do not have any idea how Jack Huhy ffot in* 
to the City Bmllw 

l v&# standing by the fool of the Conner©# '-trs-t rerp 10 ninutee 
b«fore tho shot was flrtd# I know that Huby did not oo»« down 

this rerep beeuuee no unidentified arsons cans bar ns. 

After thm shooting) 1 assisted In taking nuby to tha Jail itffloe* 

I etaya*. wit j the loot or uad helped hl~ with oswald« X helped lift 
the stretcher end put it in the e^h^Ienee* 

I h.ivo not interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation 

rega ding t^ie incident* 

isepeet fully iubaitted, 

v* v. alias# 

Lieutenant of Juvenile Bureau 

viiMn* ilaT'iLrtusnt 

J * wi ml 1 see 

i * G . P5eCaghrem ;> 

Lieutenant of Burglary 1 *heft Bureau 
Callas Felice Department 

urrRRPrcmo* if l ^aftpy swat.p 

^ conducted the r nve r t1 *?*ti on at. t e ""exn^ c^o l ?ocV repository 
" J uild!o;» on November ??, 1963, 1 rredintelv afto? t >e h rG Mdervt war shot 
After ve had found the location where F*e ^arvey Oswald v ad dor^ t^e 
rhcottnr* fror and left three empty cartridge cases on tie floor *nd the 
rifle had teen found rertielly id den under soie texe^; mar the tack 
ir ta irw*»y * 1‘eee pieces of evidence were protected until the '-at 

could ret pictures anc roeke a search for fingerprints* After -t* r*y 9 

of + bo r rimc ^*1, v ari fl niched his work vi th the rifle, 1 picked it u? 
nn<* found that It had a cartridge in the cumber, which I ejected- About 
+M e tim^ sc*-e officer to w nod tol* *m hr* p «y '. *ruly 

vented to n^e m, ac roe of re^ had left the holding, I h<?d talked 
to >'r t ^rulv previously, and n* time u e thonpht evrrvone was ae- 
c rt tm + ed for w^o vprked in + b*» h ul Id 1 n p . Hr-^mlv then cim* V'it v another 

officer end told me the* a U*e *h*rvoy * svald bed le^t 11 btvUdlni?* T 
stfted If l -e Md an address vdere this man lived, and e told that e 
did, that It va^ In Irving at W. £th street* 

T t^en left the rest of the search of the biild^nff with ^hief 
Uonoklri and other officers who were there and told lets. r. i** tim£ end 
K* 1* hoyd to accompany me to the City Hell w ere we could make n quick check 
for police record and any other information of value, and we would thin go 
to Irving, Texan, In an effort to apprehend this man* While 1 war in the 
building, T vnn told that Officer J - L . Tlppit had been shot in Oak Cliff* 

T»r* J Mtely aft nr ' L office* T a nked the officer* who brought 

In * ^rlsonnr fro- t > * «*not 4 ni? vbo *> t v?i^ v v e the off'cer. 

"* v ev tcil^ *** M. w n»m.- U’*'- lir<n Harvey* few aid, nnd T rorlieri that t k at va* 
cor msr'erf fn 1 rs * rl de*> t ' * WH . I instructed * v n o r f1c«r to hr^ng 

thl * 4 oto t l e p r :Hce nftrr divine + r th*> o'TIcerr for a few rclouteo 

In t. 1 e rrese^co of *T 4 cer* '■ . ' , Sins nnP * ', Povd of the horicid* Hireou 
"or ^onalbly some ecret Service rc m or - h>d started questioning 

tM ? it on • 7 received a call fron Jordon -nklln* ftfeirt in > rpe of the 
PFI office here in : nllar, who Tshec me- to l*st Mm Ulk to Jin Fookhout, 
one of hi.* a rent lfr> tel ^r. nookhout thn he v-culc Ilk* for Earner I'. 
Hoety to alt in on tbi*= I nterview an he kn**v n v out these people and hac 
be^n inyeetl ratio" thar before, J invited r r* Pookhout a no Hr, Fo^ty in 
to ^elp with tbr interview, 

After *qwp. question^ at r sit t^- 4 * ran ' * fvll pare T esked hiw <f he 
worked *Vfr t>c '"exa^ I'chool hook lerository, and he told re he d*d, T 
n*Ved M* vM ' ,v floor >--* worked on, and v e “aid usually or l“ w e second 
H>nr Hit nor stine* Mr vorV took to all t*e different fir ore, T ask~ 

ed Mr. w v a+ rar* o^ +hn build lop van 1 r at, the tine i v ^ A rr-rident 

*hnt* and h* that, hr vnn hvlt^ hi* luneh abou J that tin on t> c first 
floor, Mr, Truly hisd told me that ono of t* e pollen officer" had stopred 
tH* nrn imniedi after th*‘. ''hoctinr somewhere near the hack stairway, 

?o I eked Gr^alr v ' ere he was vH n tho police officer stopped 1 11 ** He 
said he va^ on the second floor drlnkinp n coca cola vhen the officer came 
in, I asked hiro v> y he left the building, and he nai d there was so much 
eycltemerit he didn't think there would te any more work done that day, and 

r*p« 3 

ttat a* tM- comp any veru’t part<C;:lar if out their hour*, *> “t th- > rid net 
uunch a clock* arc th tt hr ihoupbt It vcul n V*: }ust a;r well th I'fl left for 
the reft of the «f to moon. I asked Mr df b owner; a rifle, and to said 
t\ rt to did not. k«* r *eid that he had seen cn^ at tt <? build' ir a fev riaya 
apo, and th*t *‘r. Truly md *ore of the employees vere looldnp at it, T 
asked Mr where * t went tr vheu he left worl , and 1 * told me thflt b* had 
• roer* on 1C?6 'Inrt 1 : eeklev, t 1 nt ho we~t over there and changed hi? tren-sers 
and pot M* o* <*tol *od went to the picture nhow. 1 asked Hr why he carried 

pistol, anr hr ren-nr^ed* f, Tou knew *"ov hoys dc when they v ave a *un, they 
carry It." 

Kr* Hostv p^kori ri sv*l ! if K n hud been in -u^a, He told him, "Tes, 
v e had been in ^n^sia three wars,* He naked Mm if *e had written to 
the I*UFaian mharpy, and he na*d h# had. TM # ' inrm hecarie very upset and 
arrogant with -rent ^orty when questioned him and occuaed him of accos- 
ting hlF wife two different timers. Vhen #en t fievty attempted to talk to 
this ran, he woulc; hit hi; fist on the nek* I aaked Oswald what he moent 
by arcostinf >!<* wife vie > ho v*r* lallrinF to .»x. Hoaty# He said ftr. Floaty 
mistreated hie wife two different timer when he talked with her, practically 
accosted her* Mr. Host;/ also asked * ^sld if v e had been to siaxico City, 
which hr denied. Turing thl " interview ho told mo that > e had pone to 
school in H#y York an* 4 in * ort ort' , T«xa®, that after poing into the 
Mniinea, finished his Mrh school education. T asked him if he won any 
neda!* for rifle ^hont'^r in the Serines. He -aid he vm the usual medals# 

T asked Mm what Ms nollticel belief? were, and >e raid he had none 
hut the* he hnlonned to the "air HI ay for r uVa renwittse and told me that 


ibev hfluSm^rtw f In lork A-id th ft t ^ bean eoretarv for tM» 
organisation In ^ew 'Vlean'' when ht liv*^ tbe?e* He also said that h nur- 
porte the Catftro ^evolution, On# of the of fleer?- had told me thst he *nd 
rented the ivcm on ^eckley under the tuitt* of * ^ee. 1 sk#d hire uhy 
he did this, -^e said the landluc did It, “he didn't understand hie 
name correctly, 

Demid * akpd if *e wan allowed an attorney and 1 told hin he could 
he## any attorney Hr liked, and that the telephone would be see liable to hla 
up In tb# Jail and >e could call anyone } e visbed. 1 believe 1 1 was dur- 
Ini tht* Interview t>^t f r r*t expressed a deeire to talk to v Fp Apt* an 
attorney in New 1 ork, Interview 1 on thin day war* interrupted by abovupa 
w v er* v*tne#fler identified aweld roeitlvnly as the man who killed ffioer 
Tl-nlt* and the *1me that I w'-nld ^y# to talk to mother vitneai or to 
■somn t*e n r flc#r«. *>ig of the a# abcnrupa van held nt )it?d ^ and t v e 
next one at rr nnd 7;<if rm9 at 7 ?0 , > rm T aimed a oowplaint be* 

for# Pill Alexander of the * 1 'iirict Htomey “ s off-« ce« charging t)flwald with 
tbe Tipolt werder. At ?:3 r rr Tippit war arralrnod before Judge “ohnrton. 
Dur* w tbe second day interview# J ~#kud Unweld about a card t'at he bed in 
hi? 5 purae aho* inp that be t* longed to tbe i air I luy for Cuba “Cj&mitte#, which 
3ie admitted was hie. J sked him about another Identification c#ro in hia 
pocket bearing the name o: Alex flc#ll. He ™id he picked up that nama 
in N#u Orleanr while working In the Fair *lay for Cuba organisation, Ha 
said he spoke Pu#«lan t tbnt be correatondcd witt people in PuttEia, and that 
be received nevapanera from r usfla. 

/ [ 

Page $ 

I * 0 mod the rifle to Ji ‘*rina Oswald. and n^m could not positively 
identify it, but said that it locker! like the rifle that her husband had 
and that he bad been keeping it in the garage at “rs, ^aimr'a home in 
Irving* After this, I questioned Oswald further about the rifle, hut he 
denied owning a rifle at all, and laic that he did hove a small rifle 
seme yeerft pact. I asked hir If he owned a rifle in ^ueeit, and he said, 
**ou know you can’t buy a rifle in Hunaie, you can only buy shotguns* * 
n T had a shotgun in Puesia and hunted *ome while there,* Marina 0 aw lad 
had told me that e* e thoupM her husband mlp 1 1 have brought the rifle 
froF' H*v Grlser*, vMd he denied* tte told me tint he *-ad some tMngi 
stored In t <*erap p at ^rn m Maine’s bom* in ^rvi-ig end that he had a few 
personal effects at Me ren^ on Berkley, I instructed the officers to 
ma w e a thorough search of both of these rlacee. 

After reviewing all of the ev* den^e ertai.ninfr to the kill!- g 
of President Kennedy before M strict attorney Honry *ade and Mi essie- 
tent, Mil AlexaTider, end Jim Allen, former Mrst Assistant ! * strict 
Attorney of Dallas county, I signed a complaint before the District 
Attrrney charging Oswalt wit the murder of 1 resident Kennedy. This wag 
at 11 i?6 pm. He was arraigned before Judge Livid Johnston at It 35 am, 
Severn bar 23 , 1963* 

Oswald was placed in jail ibnut 1 ?iOO midnight and brought from the 
iail for arraignment before Judge T avid Johnston at li}6 m • 

2" / 3 v A 

Fk|l 6 

On ^ove. ^'or 25 at, 1C:25 All Oswald wao brought from the Jail for 
tin interview, : resent 1 1 this tiDe was FliX ogent Jim Bcokhout, Forrest 
r*orre II* * specie! agent and in charge of Secret .ei-vice, United Ttetea 
Marshall Robert .a»h| and Haaieide officers. i>urin£ this interview I 
talked to Oswald about hie leaving the building* and he told sm he 
left by bus and rode ic a atop near ho^.e and walked on to hie house* 

M the tixie of Cswald # s arrest he had a but transfer in hie pocket. 

He admitted this was given to hLs by the bus driver when he rode the 
bue after leaving the building. 

One of the officers had told il« th*t a cab driver f Gillian Wayne 
Whaley, thought he had recognised Oswald 1 s picture as the Kan who had 
gotten in his cab near the bun station and rode to Beckley Avenue. I 
asked Cswald if he had ridden a cab on the! day, and he said, ‘'Tee, I 
did ride In the cab. The bus I rot on near where I vert got into 
heavy tra:fic and was traveling too clow, and I t :ot off and caught a 
c*b.* I asked hi/i about hie conversation vdth the cab driver, and he 
said he re la .be red that when he got in the cab a lady came up who also 
wanted a cab, and he told tswold tc tell the lady to "take another cab**. 

We found iron the investigation the oay before that when Oswald 
left home, he was carrying a long package. He usually went to see hie 
wife of week ends, but this iii» h© had gone on Thursday night. 1 
a^ked him IX he had told Buell Wesle. Frasier why he had gone ham a 
dlfx'erent night, uici if he had told him an. thing about bringing back 
so Lie curtain rods. He denied it* 

During this conversation he told me he reached his hone by cab 
and changed loth hi a shirt and trousers before going to the show. He 

/3 7 Jj 

Fa** 7 

paid his cab fart ) oim va' cents* her .rked wr t be die with hi* 

clothing ha took off whan to ^ot hoi u, h* saic t:t them in the cirty 
clothes. in talking v.itt hi further about his location at th^ time the 
r r* si dent wr* killed, " e r-iid he at# lunch with mm of the colored hoy' 1 who 
worked wit 1 Mr* One or th^n van called Junior* 1 and the ot*w one war 
a little ra hotrt wheep did rr t know. **rf aid ’e Md p cheer* 

sandwich and m«o fruit and hh-et w** or 1 y r a chafe he her hro pM with 
Mn to work and defied tha+ V ^ hi J br^upht the lour nuckspf? described by 
v r* "razier rod M *■ p 1 rter* 

T asked hi*" v' v v p XWod in a r^ou, vMlf Ms wife lived in Irv'ng. 
t4 * said Kt* 9 VVor, Th* )ady j l> llvod vit* , v^s learning Russian, 

th^t Mf vifer needed half *iti t' -■ youn hr by, mid that, it rsade a nice 
nrrannerrant fer hot of th r, rMc * $ didn’t know K r. 4 ainc very 

well, tut Hp, *nine *nd Mr vifp, hi thou?ht f verc separated a great deal 
of the time. He aid he owned no c^r, hut that the Paine 1 have two cars, 
and told + hnt In the garage at tl 1 aine 1 5 ore r. hid ^ro r e sea haps that 
had a lot of s In rar^mal belonging!?, t ; t h r hod Ipft theft there after 
cominr back fr^r* Vov ’“riptfnr 1r artarher. 

Fe said h^ Md o brother, Cohort, v*- o lived In - err v *orth* V* 

"later found td et t v * e broth or lived ir T entor, F * 3 ^ald ►>** a^ne* were 
clo' , i |1 friends of Ha* 

T s*Vod M J f Vrleurfd - „ 1 t 1 Concur J** J nrty, but h*? said 
that h® nnver h^d ^ rrjv 1 , v nt rdrneted t’pt 1 * belonged to t v e "air 
Mnv for XuhA or rani ration a-'d v u m*d thrt hr l o Imped to U~e 'Terican 

Pi|l 8 

Civil liberties Union and paid $5*00 dues. I asked hin again why he 
carried the pistol to tnt show. H* refused to answer questions about 
the pistol » Ha did tall ;as* however* that he had bought it severel 
ranths before in Fort Worth* Texas. 

I noted th~t in questioning him thti he did answer very quickly* 
and I asked him If he hod ever been questioned before* end he told am 
that he had. He was questioned one time lor a long time by the FBI 
after he had returned frm Htoesle* He said they need different methods* 
they tried the hard and soft, and the buddy method, and said ha was vary 
familiar with Interrogation* He reminded me thfct he did not have to 
answer any questions at all until he talked to his attorney* and I 
told him again that he cou d have an attorney any time he wished* 

He said he didn’t have money to pay for a phone call to hr. Abt* I 
told him to call "collect"* If he liked* to tue the jail phone or that 
he could have another attorney if he wished* He said he didn’t want 
another attorney* £e wanted to talk to this attorney first. I believe 
he made this call later at he thanked me later during one of our Inter* 
views for allowing him the use of the telephone* X explained to him 
that all prisoners were allowed to use the telephone. I asked hie why 
he wanted Mr. Abt* instead of same available attorney. He told me he 
didn’t know Mr. Abt personally* but that he wee familiar with a ease 
where 3!r* Abt defend some people for a viola -ion of the Smith Act* 
and that if he didn’t get Kr* Abt* that he felt sure the American Civil 
Liberties Union would furnish him a lawyer. He explained to m that 
this organisation helped people who needed attorney* and weren’t able 
to get them. 


While 1 n rlaan** h„ at K907 Vatutin# Street a^d at one 

tire vfirkcd for ITU*^ ^5. ley Conranv near th*t address. hen *sV#d 

about anv ^revloun arrest*. he told m- that be *-ad had s Itttle trouble 
wMIe ^crkln* vd t> the r » ! r ^lay for Cuba ^ omit tee and * nd a fight with 
acne anti-43 estro people . Fe also told ne of a debate on come radio 
station in -Jew w rleans where he debated with host* anti -Cast to people. 

T asked him what he thought of x resident Kennedy and hi $ family, 
and he aaid ht didn t haws any view# on the President. Ha said, “*1 Ilka 
the President's family very well, I ban ray own views at out national 
pollute#,* I asked him about a polygraph tort. He told me he had re- 
ftieed s polygraph teat with th a FFI # and he oertainly wouldn’t take one 
at this tl«a, ^oth Mr, bookhout, of the FTO, and Mr. Kelley, and the 
Marshall atked Oswald aom* questions during tM? interview, 

Oswald was placed back in v 1*ll *t Ili33 n ^, At 12 t 3< rm Oswald 
wa* trousht to the office for another interview with Inspector Kalley and 
some of the other officer* a^d mynelf, T talked to Oswald shout the 
different place* he had lived in Falla* in an effort to find where he vaa 
living when the picture was nade of hi* holding a rifle vMeh looked to 
he the *#** rifle we ^ad recovered. I'M a picture showed to he taken 
near a stairway with many identifying things In the hack yard. told 

we about one of the places where v s had lived, 

Mr, Paine had told me about Where Oswald lived on Nealy street. 

Oswald was very evasive stout thin location, We found later that this 

wa* the place where the picture vs a wade, T again asked him about his property 

Page 10 

and where hie t hinge eight be kept, and he told mo about the thinga at 
Mr*. Paine* a residence and a few things on Beckley. He ws* placed 
back in jail tt lilO PM* 

At 6 tOO PH I ir. a true ted the of fleer • to bring Lswalu bi*ck Into 
the office, and ir the presence of Ji:.i bookheut, Hoi^ieide officers, 
and Inspector Kelley, of the Secret Service, 1 ahoweo Qswtld fin en- 
larged picture of him holding a rifle and weering a pistol* T.iia 
picture had been enlarged by our Crime lab from a picture found in 
the garage at Mrs* Ptlne'a home* He said the picture was not hie, 
th^thc face was hie face, but that this picture had been made by 
someone super imposing hie face, the other part of the picture was 
not hits et all and that he had newer seen the picture before. When 
I told him that the picture wae recovered from Mrs. Paine's garage, 
he said that picture had newer been in his possession, end I explained 
to him that it wee an enlargement of the small picture obtained in 
the search. At that time I showed him the smaller picture. He 
denied ever seeing that picture and ^aid that he knew all about 
photography, that he had dose a lot of work in photography hiaoe' f , 
thet the email picture wae a reduced picture of the large picture, 
and had been made by mmm person unknown to him. He further stated 
that since he had been photographed here at the City Hall and that 
people had been takli.g his picture while being transferred from ey 
office to the door that acetone had beer, able to get a picture 

of hie face and that with that, they had made thia picture* he told 
ne thathe understood photography real well, and that in time, he would 


be ^He to '*br>v that *t uni fc* s ^ctura, and tb*t It tad been rad® 
hv someone else* H tHs tine be tiid tbafc v a tTd not want to answer 
any wore questions end v e was returned to Ve jail stout ?rl? pm, 

*it 9t30 o^ the '■nominr of November 7k, I asked that Oswald fee 
brought to the office. At that lima 1 showed Mr a mar of the City of 
La lias Which had teen recovered in the search of his room on North ^eckley. 
This map had sor e markings on it, one of which was about where the ^resident 
was shot. He said that the map had nothing to do with the ; resident* a 
shooting and again, as he had one in the previous interviews, denied know- 
ing anything of the shooting of the * resident, or of the shooting of 
Officer Tippit, He said the map had been used to locate building?: where 
K ^d gone to t a Ik t^ people about employment, 

’During thi™- Interview In erector Kelley asked Oswald about his religi- 
ous views, and be replied that ^e d1dn r * a^ree with all the rhilosoohiea on 
religion. He seared evasive with Inspector *elley about how he felt a^out 
religion, and T naked him If be believed in a r iety* He was evasive and 
didn't answer this quest! cm. 

Someone of the Federal officers asked Oswald if be thought Cubs 
would be better off since the £ resident was assassinated* To this he replied 
that he felt that since the President was killed that someone els© would 
take Ms place, perhaps Vice-President Johnson, and that Ms view a would 
probably be largely the s ame as those of President Kennedy, 

I again asked bin about the gun and about tbe picture of him 
holding a aimilar rifle, and at that time he again positively 

/ 3di C 

0 : 

Pegs 12 

denied having any knowledge of the picture or th* rifle and 
denied that ha had ever lived on Mealy Street, and when I told 
him that friends who had visited him there said that he had 
lived there, he said that they were mistaken about visiting 
him there, because he had never lived there. 

During this Interview, Oswald said hs was a Marxist. Be 
repeated two or three times, "I am a Marxist, but not a Leninist- 
Marxist. He told me that the station that he had debated on In 
New Orleans was the one who carried Bill Stakey *■ program. He 
denied again knowing Alex Hide 3.1 In Hew Orleans, and again reit- 
erated his belief In Bair Play for Cuba and What the coemilttee 
stood for* 

After some questioning. Chief Jesse K, Curry came to the 
office and asked me if I was ready for the man to be transferred, 
t told him we were ready as soon as tha security was completed In 
the basement, where we were to place Oswald in a car to transfer 
him to the County Jail. 1 had objected to the cameras obstructing 
the jail door, and the Chief explained to me that these have been 
moved, and the people were moved back, and the cameramen were well 
back In the garage. I told the Chief then that we ware ready to 
go. Hs told us to go ahead with the prlsloner, and that he and 
Chief Stevenson, who was with him, would meet us at the County Jail. 

Oswald's shirt, which hs was wearing At the time of arrest, 
had been removed and sent to the crime lab In Washington with all 
the other evidence for a comparison test. Oswald said he would 
like to have a shirt from his clothing that had baen brought to tha 

X J 33 1) 

Page 13 

office to wear over the T-shirt that he wee wearing at the tin*, «c 
selected the best-looking shirt Tran his things, but he said he would 
prefer wearing a black Ivy Lea* Tie type shirt, indicating that it might 
be a little warrier. We Lace this charge and I asked him if he *T,ul*ln f t 
like to wear a hat to more or lets cunouflagc his looks in the car 
while being transferred £j all of the people who had been viewing 
him hed seen him bareheaded. He didn*t want, to dc this# Then 
Cfficer J. R, ieavelle handcuffed his left hand to Oswald 9 s right 
hand, then we left the office far the transfer. 

Inasmuch as thie report was nsade from ro\ h notes and mcncry, 
it is entire V possible that one of these questions cold be in a 
separate interview from the one indicated in this reoort. He was 
interviewed under the most adverse conditions In njy oifice which is 
9 feet 6 inches by 14 feet, and has only' one front door, which forced 
us to move this prisoner through hundreds of people each time he was 
carried from ry office to the jail door, some 2C feet, during each 
of these transfers. The crowd would attempt to jam around him, 
shouting questions and many containing slurs. This office is also 
surrounded by large glass windows, and there were many' officers 
working next to these windows. I have no recordr in this office 
and was unable to record the interview, I was interrupted many 
times during these interviews to step from the office to talk to 
another witness or secure additional information fron officers 
needed for the interrogation. 

X y 3 J' <C 

19 , 19*5 


Mr. J£. Curry 
Ghiof of Polio# 


Pursuant W your InitfooUaui of ftor«*b*r 29 , 19 * 5 * 
th* unit uulfnod bus #aupl#t#d «u ln¥##ti<#tloit 
of th# Opurotlcml 3#*urity Inrolvioi th# tfua uf#r 
of L## Homy OouoU «n Mor«b#r 24* 19*5. 

k IM 17 of th# lnr##tiimtiott, uitfa u lMmxm* 

acupl*t# lATutifitift ropart * pin# ouhlbit# 1 # for- 
w#rd#d under loporut# nt«« 

fl o i p — tfullj *ufa*ltt#4, 

(< n ? 

0 . 

Coptoln of Polio# 


December 16, 1963 

Hr. J. Curcy 
Chief of Folic# 

Slfcjecti Investigation of th# Operational Security 
Involving the Transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald 
on November 24, 1963. 


The investigative teem which you appointed on tfovmber 29# 1963# 
to make this investigation wishes to submit the following report t 

Security wee set up in the b&smsnt parking area of the City Hall 
at approximately 9 a.m. on Sunday# tfovenber 24, 1963. (See 
attachments ) 

The basement was searched am guard# placed at all entrance*. 

AH unauthorised personnel were rmaoved from the area. Security 
personnel and news media were then allowed to enter the basement. 

An armored truck vtt ordered and arrived at the Gomnerce Street 
ramp at approximately lliOO a.m. It waa backed onto the remp. 

The truck did not have sufficient clearance to be taken to the 
bottom of the ramp. The driver believed the truck might stall 
due to the weight if it wae placed on the incline. It waa than 
deelded to leave the truck at the top of the Caomerne Street 
ramp with the rear dheela on the incline and the front wheel* 
on the sidewalk of the Cosamree Street side of tha City Hall. 

The Jail Office corridor outside the JaH Office and the ramp 
area South of the Southeast comer of the Jail Office wae 
cleared of everyone except security officers. 

Plane were changed and Lieutenant ft. S. Pierce drove a squad 
car out of the bas^oit area and out the Wain street ramp. He 
was accompanied by Sergeants J. A, Putnam and B. J. Haxey. They 
made a left turn on Main Street, a left turn on Harwood Street 
and a left turn on Commerce Street. They were intending to lead 
the atmored truck to the County Jail. The armored truck was to 
be a decoy and the prisoner waa to be transferred In a plain car. 

Detective Charles Brown drove a plain ear on the Cnamerce Street 
ramp toward the armored truck. Detective C. N* Dhority them drove 
another plain ear on the nmp behind Detective Charles Brown's car. 

Page 2 

Dot active G* dl* Dhority was in the process of backing the car he 
was driving Into position adjacent to the Jail Office entrance, 
when the prisoner was brought out of the Jail Office by Detec tlves 
J. H a Lea veil* and L* C* Graves, d receded by Captain J. W. Frits 
and Lieutenant H, iwain, They were followed by Detect ive D, 
Montgomery i The prisoner hdd taken a few steps toward the c^r* 

Jack ituby apparently was standing about 10 or 12 feet frota the 
Southeast corner of the Jail Office, at the bottom of the Aain 
Jtreet Ramp near the pipe railing, Huby lunged forward from a 
position between acting Detective W a J* Harrison and Hubert S, 

Huf faker, Jr,, a newsman for KRLD-TV* rtuby approached Lee Harvey 
Oswald with a revolver extended and fired one shot into liawald 
below the rib cage on the left side. 

The shot was fired at approximately 11:20 a*m, .iuby was inmiedl- 
ately arrested* Lee u&rvey Oswald expired at Parkland Hospital 
at li07 p.ta. 

This group interrogated 123 persons during the course of this 
investigation. This included 20 patrolmen, 21 reserves, 30 
detectives, 19 supervisors, 13 reporters, 11 cameramen and 9 
civilians* Most of the officers were assigned to provide 
security and the reporters and cameramen were in the basement 
at the time of the transfer* Only one of the civilians inter- 
rogated was in the basement at the time and this was Jack Huby* 

We hnve obtained the names of 10 newsmen that were in the base- 
ment that we have not been able to interview* We were able to 
determine there were approximately 10 members of the news iaedia 
in the basement whose identity we have not been able to deter- 
mine, It is believed these are newspaper correspondents repre- 
senting publications from other ere as of the country and even 
other countries. Time and money made the running down of those 
peoole inadvisable at this time, particularly since it is not be- 
lieved that any of them could throw additional light on this matter, 

Numerous side Investigations which grew out of this investigation 
were also made* A separate report covering these incidents will 
be submitted. 

We are convinced that our investigation has established to a 
reasonable certainty that Jack icon ifyfey entered the basement 
from the nain L treat ramp and that no collusion existed between 

?age 3 

hiiii ana any police officer or member of the press; that his 
entrance into the basement at this particular time was the 
result of a series of unfortunate coincidences which caused 
a momentary breakdown in the security measures adopted. We 
are also convinced that Ruby was in the basement for a 
maximum of 2 minutes. 

The following evidence led us to the above conclusion: 

I. Exhibit 83 

A, Lieutenants Jack Revill and P* G, KcCaghren inter- 
viewed Mr, Doyal Lane of 6549 Lake Circle, TAI-O 56 O 
at the Western Union Telegraph Company located at 
Main and Pearl Expressway in Balias, Texas* 

1, Kr. Lane is a supervisor for the Western Union 
Telegraph Company and was on duty at this 
location on November 24, 1963. At 11:16 a.m* 
Jack Ruby sent a S25.Q0 Money Order to an 
employee, Karen Bennett, Ft, Worth, Texas and 
was given a receipt which was stamped with the 
time ( 11:16 a.m.) 

2, Kr. Lane was shown several photographs and he 
readily picked the photograph of Jack Ruby from 
these and stated that he knew Jack Ruby inasmuch 
as Ruby had sent several telegrams in the past, 

II* -xhibit DD 

A. Shows a distance of 339* 6 11 from the Westernmost 
doorway at the Western Union Office to the center 
of the ramp leading into the basement of the City 
Hall from Main Street. 

3* Shows a distance of 99 1 from the center of the 
sidewalk down the Main Street Ramp to a line 
running East from the Southeast comer of the 
Jail Office. 

i^age U 

6 hov 9 a distance of 16 1 from the easternmost point 
of line mentioned in B above to point where bee 
Oswald was shot. 



D. Total minimum distance riuby would have to travel to 
arrive at spot of shooting from doorway of Western 
Union equals 4.54*6 H . 

exhibit bb 

A. Lieutenants Jack kevill and i J . C*. /‘•ccaghren on 
November 29 , 1963# checked the time required to 
walk from Inside the Western union Office to the 
spot of the shooting in the basement of the City 

1. It takes 1 minute and 13 seconds to walk this 
distance to the entrance of the iiain street 

2. It requires another 22 seconds to walk down the 
reap from Main street to the location where 
Oswald was shot. 

3. Total ti:ae required was 1 minute and 35 seconds, 
exhibit CC 

A. lieutenants C. C. Wallace ar*i P. G« KcCaghren used 
a stop watch checking time required to walk from 
entrance of western Union to location of Lee uswald 
at time of shooting. Time required was 1 minute 
and 16 seconds. 

B. It requires 10 seconds or more to go from the desk 
in the Western Union Office to the sidewalk outside 
the office. 

C. Total time required was 1 minute and twenty-six 



V. Tin® of Shooting 

A, atroluan Millie 13* Sluck (Attachment 91) called 

dispatcher for doctor and aubulanca* 

1* dispatcher called O'Neal Funeral Home on 
"hot line" for ambulance* 

(a) Funeral home logged call at 11:21 a *m* f 
November 24, 1963 . 

(b) Funeral Homo ^d vised dispatcher to radio 
ambulance 605 was on the air* 

2m Dispatcher notified Ambulance 605 at 11:22 a*m. 
November 24, 1963, (iixhibit BE) (isbchibit HE) 

3* statements by Ituby * attachment 90, 

i- To lieutenants Suck ;levill an< l F t I, Cornwall 
that he sent a telegram at llil6 and did not 
speak to anyone in the basement prior to the 
shooting * 

2, To Detective B* d, Archer (Attachment 2)* 

"At this time P. T* Sean ashed the r aspect, 
rtuby, r Jjck f how did you get in the baser'sent?* 
luby replied, f Tou guys'll never believe this, 
but a little girl who works for me had called and 
asked that I send her some a- ney to Ft* ^orth* 

I had left my apartment, gone to Western Union 
at Fiain and the Hxpreoaway, a ad wired her ^25*00, 

I left there and noticed the crowd around the 
City hall* I walked up that way, thinking I 
might got a chance to see Oswald* As I reached 
the ramp that leads to the basement, I noticed 
Sam Pierce pull up from the ramp in a black car* 

The olficer eland in • there turned to either 
answer a question or say something to Sam, - X 
don't know* As he did this, I walked down the 
ramp 1 * " 

Hr* Forrest Sorrells of the U* S* Secret Service 
was believed to be present at the time thie etatmnent 
was made to Sergeant Dean* 

Pegs 6 

3, To Detective B, i>* Clardy (Attachment 1?)* 

"When asked why he shot ^ee Oswald, Ruby 
resiled, 'doaebody had to do It, Ya'Ll 
couldn 1 t f , He said It was a spur of the 

moment thing and It was a million to one chance 
that he got dot*! there at the actual time Gewald 
was brought down** 

4* To Sergeant P» T t Dean £ Attachment 27}* 

"After Hr* Sorrelle interrogated the aubject I 
questioned Ruby as to how he had entered the 
baemeot and the length of time he had been 
there* Ruby then eta ted to me in the presence 
of Hr. Sorrell* that he had mitered the base- 
ment through the ramp entering on Main Street* 

He further stated t at he would estimate hie 
total time as about 3 minutes before the 
detectivee brourfit Oswald into his view, then 
he immediately shot him (Oswald)." 

5. To Detective T* D. HcMillon (Attachment 74)* 

"We talked to him Wien we got to the fifth 
floor* On the fifth floor Ruby was asked how 
he got to the basmnent* he replied that he 
came from the Western Union Office where he 
wired a girl In Ft, wtorth some money* He said 
he saw Rio Pierce drive out of the basement, 

He walked past the policeman standing there* 

He said a policeman hollered at him, but he 
ducked his head and kept going* He said that 
he knew he could always act like a reporter* 

He also said, 'la'll wont believe this, but 1 
didn't have this planned* 1 couldn't have 
timed It so perfect* f He said just ae he got 
there, Oswald wee coming out." 

6* To PatroLwn W. J. Harrison (Attachment 43) 

" 'You all know me, I'm Jack Huby', One of fleer 
asked him idiy he did it, and he answered f I 
hope I killed the S.O.B*'* 


71, Gar driven wrong way up Main Street ftimp. 

A. Lieutenant R* S* Pierce* Sergeant Futnam and 
Sergeant Mamey were In car* (Attachment* 85, #6 
md 69.) 

1, All statement b at at a shooting occurred between 
time car left Fain Street Ramp and arrival at 
Commerce street Ramp. 

B. Lieutenants U, U. Wallace and P* D* HcGaghren 
InterviewHQ fir* frits Kuler of ERLL-TV. (Attach- 
ment 62) Mr. K tiler stated the video tap# was 
continuous. The time recorded on the video machine 
of elapsed ti me from passage of Lieutenant Fierce 1 ® 
car in front of the TV camera until the sound of the 
shot was ^6 seconds. This was checked twice* 

VII. Officer R. to. Vaughn - Attachment 1D2* 

A* Assigned to Main Street Ramp of City Hall* 

B* Instructed by Sergeant P# T* Been to gimrd the 
North Ramp* 

G* Officer Vaughn questioned several people and admitted 
a city mechanic and 1 reporter* 

D. Stepped out into Main Street to stop traffic and 
allow Lieutenant Fierce to make left turn onto Main 
Street . 

E* Saw former Officer N. J. Daniels at Ha in Street Ramp* 

F* Saw former shine- boy from locker room, Wilbert Ray 
Jones at Fain Street Ramp* 

G. Polygraph test showed truthful answers on all pertinent 
questions . 

VIII. Statement of N* J. Daniels - Attachment 23. 

A* Saw mn enter Main Street Ramp. 

Pag# & 

B, Gave description of man* 

C, bald man entered between himself and Officer 
Vaughn and the officer looked at him but did not 
atop him. 

D, Polygraph test showed untruthfulness on all 
pertinent quest! on a that were answered. 

IX. Statement of Wilbert Hay Jones - Attachment 5? 

Had gpne to parking lot at Commerce and Harwood at 
time of shot* 

X* Statement of Reserve Officer W, J, iiewsaan - 
Attachment 79* 

Reserve Officer Newnan saw someone running down the 
Main Street Ramp but could not definitely say the 
time* He believes it was about 1 minute before the 

XI, Statement of Reserve Officer Sergeant Kenneth Croy ^ 
Attachm«it 21. 

This officer gives description of mn he believes to 
have been Jack Ruby, that was at foot of Main Street 
Ramp a while before the shootli^, (investigating 
Officers have determined that Robert Huf faker, KRLD-TV 
newsman was in this area at the time, and his clothes 
were identical to the clothing described by this 
officer. ) 

XII, Statonente of Detectives B. L* Beaty and J* D* 
Hutchinson - Attachments 4 and 52* 

These two detectives were stationed at the double 
doors leading into the City Hall from the basement 
parking area for more than 10 minutes before the 
shooting* They both knew Jack Ruby end neither saw him 
in the basement prior to the shooting* They eay Ruby 

Page 9 

did not enter the basement area from the double doora 
from the Jail Office of the Police and Courte Building. 

XIII. Statmnents of Sergeant Putnam, Reserve Captain Arnett 
and Reserve Lieutenant McCoy. - Attachment# 86, 3 and 

These officers statmients are regarding the search of 
the basement parking area and ramps and screening of 
personnel in area. 

XIV. Newspaper article in Dallas Times Herald, Sunday, 
December 8, 1963. Statements of Darwin Payne, David 
Hughes and Sergeant P. T. Dean. - Attachments 82A, 

5QA and 27. 

The article alleged that a Dallas Police Officer saw 
Jack Ruby as he came down the >*aln Street Ramp. 

Sergeant Dean denied the allegation and the statemmts 
of the reporters and their notes show a presumption of 
the fact not confirmed by the evidence. 

XV. Statmnent of Officer W. J. Harrison - Attachments 
45 and 84~B. 

Jack Ruby cams from this officar's left side when he 
plunged forward to shoot Oswald. 

Polygraph teat by Detective P. L. Bentley show# that 
Officer Harrison did not see Ruby prior to the exit of 
Oswald from the Jail Offioe and did not recognise Ruby 
until instant shot was fired. 

XVI. Security check of newsmen v*io entered the basement. 

All members of the press who were interviewed stated 
their credentials were o becked upon entering the base- 
ment, or that they knew the officers personally that 
admitted that to the basement. 

P*g 0 10 

mi. Use of Press Pees by Jack Ruby, 

A. Statement by Eva Grant that she believed her 
brother had a Press Pass* See Exhibit 39-A. 

B- Stateiwnt by tfr* Tfmd Kicks (Attachment 90} 
that no State Fair Pass was issued to Ruby- 

C, Negative report from all officers and news 
media regarding seeing Ruby with a Frees Fame* 

D. An introductory card was found in Ruby 1 ! auto- 
mobile glove compartment from former Judge Glen 
Byrd introducing the bearer as Jack Ruby and 
expressing appreciation for any help given 
bearer- (in Property Room) 

XVIII- Conclusion! 

A- This investigative teem believes that Jack Ruby 
entered the Main Street ramp as the oar drivwi by 
Lieutenant Rio Pierce was leaving the basement* 
Patrolman H u E» Vaughn was the only officer 
guarding the Main Street remp at this time, and he 
had stepped into Main Street to halt traffic In 
order that Lieutenant Pierce could make a left 
turn onto Main Street. 

B. We also feel it ah cu Id be noted that no officer 
interviewed knew the time that Oswald was to be 
brought to the basement- the car that was to be 
used for the transfer was still in process of 
backing into position when Oswald was led from 
ths Jail Of Hce (Attachments 37 and 77) 

C* Ths still pictures (Attachments 6-A and 53-A) 
show many of the detectives with their eyee on 
Oswald at the moment of the shooting, and not 
watching the viewers who were across the North 
tep and on the East side of the ramp 

Page 11 




The bright lights illuminating area for the TV 
cameras were centered on the area adjacent to 
the Jail Office, making it difficult for the 
officers who were facing the lights and cameras 
to observe a ny movements originating from the 
Northeast side of the ramp* 

These officers had been instructed to form two lines 
from the Jail Office door to the vehicle to be used 
for the transfer and to close in behind the pris- 
oner* (See Attachments 4, 16, 18, 41, 52, 66, 8? 
and 104} 

i£xhibits 24-^A, 43~A, 00 k HH are sound films taken 
from video tape of the e hooting . 

Exhibit 84 is a silent film of the shooting* 

members of this Unit, Lieutenants C* C* Wallace, 

.1, F* I, Cornwall, P. G, McCaghren and Detective 
, concur with the etat«nents in this report. 


Ay/ r 

Inspector of Police 

W. R, Westbrook 
Captain of Polios 

0. A* Jones 
Captain of Police 


m m x 

1. , K. K. Anderson 
2. 0. a* Arefter 

3* C* u* XnwH 
3 -A Charles Batchelor 
4* B* L t Betty 
9, E. A, Book 
6. Jack Been 
6-A Been Photograph* 

7* D* G. Brantley 

8. D* a. Brook 

9. J. D, Breakaway 

10- 0* a* Brown 

11* D p L* Burgees 
12* T* R, Burton 
13* George Butler 
14. V* G- Campbell 
19. A. W, Capps 
16* W* E. Chambers 
17. B. S. Qlardy 
18* B. H. Combest 
19. R. A. Cox 
20* A. B* Craig 

21. 1C* Croy 

22. tf, J. Cute he haw 

23. H* J. Daniel* 

24. J* R* Davidson 
24-A ABC— TV Bound Film 

*5. R* T. Davie 
24. H* Demon 

27. P* T, Dean 

28. Helen Dement 
29* C, a* Dhority 

30 . J« B* English 

31 . D. A. Enin 

32. H* S, Farris 

33. barren Furgeeon 

34. Bob Fenley 

35. L. L* Fox 

36. W. a. Frailer 

37. J* W, Frit* 

38. C, Goolsby 

39. Eva Grant 

39-A Bound Tape of Eva Grant 

40. L. C. Grave* 

41* C* A. Grave on 
42. T, R# Gregory 
43* *. Henkel 

43-A KRLD-T? Bound Film 
43-B KfUJ^Tf Still Plot urea 
44* 0. >f. Herr lean 


Elm k Field 













B operate Exhibit 




B& moment 








Com roe 4 Central 




Be* omerrt 


Ccmirei Street Sidewalk 








Commerce Street Ramp 








Outside Rain Street Remp 



Separate Exhibit 


Commerce 4 Harwood 






Commerce St. -Outside City 
















Comeeree 4 Pearl Expressway 

Elm 4 Lerar 



Harwood 4 Elm 
Hot et City HaU 



Hot present 
Separate Exhibit 

G mitral 4 Elm 


Separate Exhibit 
Separata Exhibit 
Comm roe Street Hemp 


e* J* iiarrison 

Acting Detective 

Las ament 


H. H* iiat lay 


Houston u -la 


tf* C. nibba 


Akard ** 41a 


H* 6. Holly 


nain it iiftrwood-aTter shooting 


J. H. ho jkina 


Commerce btrvet Jimp 


ft. j* Huff&ker 




David Hughes 


Hot Present 


J. C. hunt 


±lm & Houston 


J. E, Hutchinson 

:>at*»atl va 



Hobart Jacks on 




it 111 Pictures by Hobart Jacks on 

Separate uchibit 


L. c*. Jet 

i atrolman 



F. B. Johnston 

Caine man 



Still Pictures by Johnston 

Separate jct.ibit 


0. A, Jonas 




i. ft. Jonas 


*.ain .it.liamp i arking uot 


Hath Ranter 

He porter 

! a fj en.en t of Cot amerce 


J. hasten 


jldewalk*.CoM5eroe Ct. 


G* 0. King 




H. M. Fries 




F, Ruler 


Hot present 


J. n* Leaville 




0. G. Levis 

'at rolnan 

Jail IGLevator 


J 09 Long 


Rot o resent 


. L. Lowery 

Cat active 



j, L* j-uiapkin 




ft, H. Lunday 


Not .‘resent 


F. K. Kartin 



69 . 

B. J. Ksk*x 


Car on L-ain u iiarvood 


H, l, > r ayo 


Co maerc a Lt . ( -ou th oiae ) 


J. G. KcCeln 


ConHaeree it.(Korth ^ide) 


B* C. McCoy 




H. f* JfcGee 


Ha ament 


T . b. Heilillon 




b. Harrell 


Assembly iloom 


L, D. Killer 


ban merit 


L. D. Montgomery 




ft* C. kelson 


Outside Jail Office window 


'rf. J. lisweian 


bas ament 


J. F* Newton 


Jail Of lice 


Ike Kappas 

Reporter (Mot Interviewed) 



J. L. Fata 




B* G. Patt arson 



8 2- A 

Darwin Fayne 


Mot Present 


Franco !■ Pelou 




Tom Petit 

Reporter {Mot interviewed} 



Gaorga rhenix 




Silent Film by ’ftianix 

Da iterate Exhibit 


Still Shota from Fhanix Film 

separate Exhibit 


ft. S* FI area 


Car - Fain fit harwood 


J. A, Jutnam 


Car - *«ain i Harwood 


J. K* lintnaay 



00 * J* r** 


&l* k stom 

8?. M* B. iayrtold* 



89 -A *arran f doh*y 

w Tiirrr 

Truck on Coward* J treat 

90* Jack Tnjbjr 


Bataan nt 

91. W, B»Jlkek 


Jail ffio# 

92. J. D, dioaun 


Jail Of flea 

93* V* 5. oi»*ri 



93-^A Mka Bndth 

Raportar (Dot intarviawad) 


93-8 Johnny -mith 


Truck on Goraa»rca 

94* 0. F* dtaal* 


aim li houaton 

95* 1, R* Btaphan* 



95-A :<* W. itavanaon 



96 * h. r>. dw&in 



97 C, b* T*lb*rt 


Baa ament 

97- A John Tankaraly 


Jj&a ament 

98* i* C» Taylor 

i mtrulraan 


99 Robart Thornton 



99-A iound Tap* by R* 


Baperat* Exhibit 

99-B Tr^nacrlption of 

Jound Tap* 

99~C David TiMons 



100 G. L* To lb art 


ivl m k Paarl 

100-A Unknown Japan*** 

ttaportar (Not Interviewed) 

Baa an* nt 

IOO-& Unknown 

kapartwr (Not intarvlawad) 


X0O-G Jij»*y Tumor 



101 1* F. VanClaav* 



102 ft, ** Vaughn 

Pat Hainan 

Main Btraat iamp 

102- A Homer Vtnao 



103* H. J. Jag** 


Jiain & Cant r*U 

104- A* C, Atgnar 



105* ft* A, Vi’atkin* 


Baa meant 

106. J* C. Jation 



107. 'HiKgin* 



108. K. L* Wiaa 


Eln 4 Ot. Paul 

109* 0, d m Oorlay 



110* Tony Loppi 

it apart *r 

Mot Praaant 

111, inhibit AA-1 

Tronaorlpt of Chiaf Curry 1 * Tina of Tranafar dtatomant 

Exhibit AA 

Tap* of Chief Curiy 1 * btatawani 

dapurat* Exhibit 

112. Exhibit m 

Mr* Loyal Lana (tfaatam Union) 

Tl»a falagrtn bant 

113* Timing of walk fr 

on Bantam Union and of Lt. Piama 1 * dquad Gar. 


ujthiblt UD 

Hap of U&aenant 

separata exhibit 

114. Radio Call ahaafc for ambulan** 

115. ^*w* Ladia prasant in ba**«*mt but not intarviewwd 

Exhibit 00 

•Mural Fil* fron WUAP-TV 

^aparat# exhibit 

Exhibit HH 

jound Filo fro* W3AP-TV 

0 spa rat* Exhibit 


December 2, 1?63 

iiTATiiMfcliT OF h. K* ANDhK^is 

I left the basement of the City Hall about IQilS A, h. for 117 
traffic assignment, and did not return prior to the shooting* 

1 do not know Jack Ruby. 


Novenfcer 26, 1963 

Mr. J, E. Cur ry 
Chief of Police 

Subject* Assignment of Officer 

K, K. Anderson, #1336 
Sunday, Novenber 2l*, 1963 

Sir j 

At approximately 9:00 A,M, f November 21*> 1963/ I received a Radio call 
to report to Patrol office * I arrived at about 9tl5 A.M, I was instructed 
to remain there until I received other instructions. At about 9:1 j5 A*M* 

I was instructed to report to Sgt* Dean in the basement. 

I was then assigned to Elm Street and Field Street by Sgt. P. T* Dean 
for traffic assignment. I went immediately to my assignment. 

At approximately 11*35 A.M., I received a Radio call to report to 
Parkland Hospital, 1 arrived at 5200 block of Hairy Hinee Blvd. and - 
worked traffic at this location. 

Respectfully submitted. 

Kenneth K. Anderson 
Patrolman #1336 
f^trol Division 

KKA/oh'- y 


J* ^ * Curry 

Chief of Folio# 

Hot ^hooting of Lee ^arvey Oswald 
Interview of * ft* Archer 


D. ft* Archer was interviewed by lieutenant • C. C* &11ao« end f * a* 
MoCaghren at JlOO pm Kovembor 50# 19d5* The interview wee essen- 
tially the same «i hie original report dated November 27# 196>. The 
following van added by a* A. Archer i 

1 hare been asked if I know Jask Baby# and I do not. He was pointed 
out to me by another of finer* 

After as aietlng in apprehending thie sub Jo e t and carrying him directly 
to the 5® floor along with Certain King# Detect ire e C lardy and Me 
Lilian# where we immediately took him back to an investigative seat ion 
of the jail# wo very oare fully searched the subject for any weapons t 
not necessarily personal property# turning it over to the jailer which 
was Hanky# as we vent* Then w# removed all the clothing# leaving the 
subject only in hi*, shorts with the thought of keeping him from harm- 
ing himself or oonoealln another weapon* Shortly after we had com* 
pie ted this procedure# iigt, P* T. Deajr brought Mr* Sorrels# who I be- 
lieve is in charge of Secret Service# into the room to interview thie 
subject* At this tine P* T* Dean asked the suspect Huby# "Jack how 
did yoj get into the basement*" Huby replied# "Ton guys 1 11 never be- 
lieve this# but a little girl who work# for me had called me and ackod 
that i send her son# money to Ft. Worth* 1 had left ay apartment# 
gone to Western niou at Main and the iixprcesvay# and wired her 525*00* 

I left there# and noticed the crowd around City Hall* I walked up 
that way# thinking X might get a chance to see Oswald* As X reached 
the ramp that leads to the basement# 1 noticed San Fierce pull up 
from the ramp in a black oar* The off toe r standing there turned to 
either answer a question or say some thing to Sam# X don 1 ! know* As 
he did thick I walked down the ramf." Thie is to the best of my know- 
ledge and nemory of the exact conversation that took place at that tine. 

After seeing this cuspeot u; in the Jail after hie initial arrest# I 
do know that I did not see this suspect in the area prior to this shoot- 
ing or any other time in the City Hall* 

This was several years ago* 

Respectfully submitted 

&4L U/tM&z- 

Burglary * Theft Bureau 





a Notary Public In ond for told Courtly, State of Tevai, on thii day per tana fly appeared. 

Who, after being by mo duly twom, on oath depose! ond tayis ^ ^ 

^Icy^ytyC/ , 

*SJ C>£<f>x!>->>^'. r-»-W^ 

_y^£y -?yyyt~aS ^ 

JU£yrfZz d£aS 

^jU^Lcy {?y j^Aj^yr^e^fc* ^ 'Vr&Ut/ gdyte^U ^ * 1 *— ' 

yS^C^t CaC-R^-c^j Jy y^'H&rrtf' <S^-~'"' 

CJ^^^^y^yZyC^C-- #yuJ^-Zt>^ey 



, '■' -’!■* , ^ ., -• . ■ ; :U; ? . 3 :*-\ 

,; , ■ i. ■ \%Mm I -{/■ -•:];{ 

.->■ H-A-" .-■ tii i l/hiilit 

-■•i. #i!if 

■ i j l*«iJ ' i i “■ • ► ■iJ 1 ■ *T, - I 

iiili!ii«.;-';E ; c :. ■ . . A 


. 2 - 

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a Notary Pubffc In end for told County , Stats of Texot, oni (fill doy person oJly appeorsd. 



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o Notary Pub Ik fn and for told County, Stale of Tsxai r on Chit day personally appeared! 

Who, after being by me duly »wom f on oath depot?} and toys* 



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a Notary Public In and for i*rtd Coynty, Star# of T**ai r an %hb day portonally oppaartdL 

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' ■ !* ; l! :y.«? :u;;; .y - . ; \oi 

Novenfrer 27, 1963 

Mr. J* E. Curry 

Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 

Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty* 9:00 A* H* 

2* X reported to Lt. Morrell in Assembly Room* 

3. I was assigned to - Hy first act was to request transportation for 

five Reserves to the Elm-Houston Area* Request was through Chief 
Lunday and Lt* Wiggins* A s^uad transferred those men, %t. Dean 
requested some men to assist in searching the basement, I summoned 
all the men we had on call in the assembly room at this time (approxi- 
mately 10 men) and went with Sgt* Dean to the basement* Dean 

and Sgt* Putnam directed the Reserves to other regular officers that 
were in process of searching the basement, *.hen the search was com- 
pleted and men assigned to a post, I took a position where the cars 
would enter the parking area from the ramp* 

I remained in this position until Reserve J, 0. Hunt took this position, 

I then took a position at the base of the North ramp where it levels 
off, I remained at this position until after the shooting* Persons 
who were at this same position just prior to and at the time of the 
shooting were: A newsman with a microphone next to the west wall, then 
myself, then another newsman with a pencil and paper, then Capt. King, 
then another person to the east of Capt, King, Officer Black ie Harrison 
along with others I did not know the names of were directly ahead of the 
group I was with. 

After men had been assigned. Police Supervisors were requesting men, if 
we could spare them, and several were taken to other positions outside 
the basement* Some Reserve Supervisors who had no particular assignment 
took these positions that were being vacated;, 

I saw Gapt* Fritz entering the basement from the jail office, approximately 
four or five feet behind were the detectives with Oswald. Just as they 
entered the driveway 1 saw a man lunge (from beside the TV Camera that was 
on the east side of the drive where you enter the parking area) twward 
Oswald, I did not see the gun until after the shooting, 

4. Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Capt. King, Sgt, Dean & Putnam, Capt, Talbert, Dst, Beaty, Harrison, 

Lt. Wiggins, Officer Slack, Chief Batchelor. 

Reserves - Lts. McCoy, Kriss, Suits, Sgt, Croy, J* C. Hunt, H. H. Hatley, 

R, A. Cox, J, R* Hopkins, G. B. Worley, Kasten, 

Statement of Reserve Captain C* 0, Arnett 

Page 2 

5* Did you know Ruby? Not my name - but by sight as a night olub operator# 
6# ifrten and under what eircusnstancee did you see Ruby? 

See statement in body of report. 


£_ <p 

G. 0, Arnett j Reserve Captain 

December 9 , 1963 

Mr* J* £. Cur^ 
Chief of Polio* 

Re: Interview of Heeenre Off leer 

Captain G. 0. Arnett - #955 


On December 9, 1963# Hesarve Officer, Captain C. 0. Arnett 
wee interviewed by the undwraifned of fie ere as to any 
information he might have concerning the shooting of *-ee 
Harvey Oswald not covered in his original report dated 
Sovmaber 24 # 1963» After having read hie original report 
Arnett stated that he recalls observing lieutenant Pierce 1 # 
driving a police squad car out of the basement of the City 
Hall via the Main Street ramp. This occurred Just prior 
to the shooting of Oswald* He recalls assisting in moving 
members of the news media out of the path of the vehicle 
so it could exit from the City Hall. After the police 
vehicle drove off, a group of the news media and police 
officers regrouped at the foot of the Main street remp* 
Captain Arnett also recalls the white police vehicle being 
moved into line at the base of the ramp of the City Hall. 
This was algo prior to the shooting* 

In his original report, Captain Arnett stated that he 
knew of Kuby as a night club operator but that he did not 
know him by eight. 

Captain Arnett stated that he has been interviewed by the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Respectfully submitted, 

FTi* Cornwall 

H bervioe Bureau 

Jack Revill 

lieutenant, Special Service Bureau 


December 12, 1963 

Inspector J, H, Sawyer talked to Assistant Chief of Follot, 
hr. Chas. Batchelor and received the following statemKiti 

" I wont to the ba«fD«ni am of the City Hall at about lit 00 
a»*. cm the morning of Movmaber 24, 1963, to help In the 
transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald to the County Jail. 

At the time of the shooting, 1 wee standing about half way 
between the 2 detective's oars that were parked on the 
ramp, I was £ast of these 2 care. 1 did not eee the 
shooting. I heard eons one call out "Here he cases", and 
I started up the ramp toward! Commerce Street to close a 
door on the armored trunk when I heard a shot. 

I turned end went back and eaw several officers struggling 
with someone on the floor. 1 didn't see who it wae that 
had dons the shooting until 1 went into the Jail Office 
where they had taken Jack Buby* While in the Jail Office 
X watched the detectives struggling with Jack Suby on the 
floor putting handcuffe on him. 

I did not know Jack ftuby prior to his shooting of Lee harvey 


J. H. Sawyer 
Inspector of Police 


flimlcr 29 * 1963 

Hr* J* fc. Curry 
Cbiof of HUtt 

Air i 

Ail Iitirviiv of SiIhUti 1* Lt Booty, 63 ? 

Oo Baroobor 29i 19*3 Do too tiro B* l* Booty woo 
lftltniivfl By tho *n44ralyno4 olfliin 00 to ooy 
lofonotioo bo might koto imiriiif tho iAmIUi 
of Loo Horooy Uomo14 nfciofc * 0 * not oooor#4 is 
Booty *0 origin! royort 4*to4 linaWr 27, 1963* 

Bo too tiro Booty etotod, of tor roofing kxo original 
ropert, that ho ho4 nothing of nlgnlflonnoo to o44* 
Bo oto cod tKot ho h*4 Boom Jon* Jtoby for 00 00 ml 
yooro* hut thot 00 tbo goto of 0ownl4’m hMtting 
ho hn4 not o boo rood Rufcy la tho hnonoat of City 

Do too tiro Booty a tot *4 tho ho boo not Boon totor- 
v1«h« 4 by nay fodorol ngonoy *t thin tiot> 

HooyootfnUy oatmlttod 

Atoll 1* LlMtoooot 

ol fiorvloo Boron 

r* I* Cornwall « Uittii 
Byoo&ol Barrio# Boron 


November 27, 1963 

Hr* J* E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

SUBJECT: Shooting of lee Harvey Oswald 


On Sunday, November 24, 1963, about II; CO JUH*> I Has in the baaement 
of the City Hall, Police Court© Building* Captain 0. A* Jones walked 
by and told me that some detectives from the third floor would be down 
shortly and for me to remain there and tell them to wait for him in 
front of the jail office window, 

We were assigned to the basement hallway of the jail office by Captain 
0* a« Jones, evenly divided on each side of the hallway* Our instruc- 
tions were to keep the hallway clear all the way to the armored car, 

R- L, Lowery, B* H. Gombest, Jerry Hutchinson, and myself and possibly 
some more, were assigned to the South aide of the hallway directly 
across from the outside entrance to the jail office* On the other 
aids of the hall were Charles Goolsby, James Watson, W* E, Chqpiber& J 
W, J, Harrison and W. J. Cutshaw, I am not sure of the order of their 

About ten minutes passed when Captain Jones came over with Sergeant 
Putnam and they both told the people of the press to clear the hallway 
completely and to move out into the drive North of the hallway and to 
the East of the ramp drive where the armored car was parked. They then 
told them not to ask Oswald any questions as he was leaving the building. 

About 11:30 A.M. lieutenant K* E* Swain came out of the door of the 
Jail office followed by Captain Frits:. The li^ite from the many cameras 
came on immediately. Following Captain Frit* was J. R* Lea veil©, Lae 
Harvey Oswald and L. C, Graves, Following these was L» D. Ifontgcreery, 

( v 


About half way out of the hallway the press began to reach at Oswald 
with microphones asking him to make a statement* 

1 took one step into the hall anticipating following Oswald, Graves and 
Leavelle to the armored car* I heard a shot and looked over to flee 
many police officers subduing Jack Ruby* I saw L* G* Graves take a 
snub-nose pistol from Ruby r s hand as ho was forced to the floor* 

From where I was stationed., just inside the jail office hallway* I could 
see one police office and a reserve officer. They wore stationed at the 
windows of the jail office and were checking everyone that came in and 
out of this entrance, I recall that either one or both had been there 
since 9:30 A*K., this date* and that on one occasion Melba Espinosa, an 
employee at the Information Desk, was refused admittance to the basement* 

Never during the entire operation did I see anyone enter or leave the 
basement without being properly identified and in many instances 
searched, I never did see Ruby until after I heard the shot* 

The following is a list of the officers 1 remember seeing close fcyr 

Bm H. Gombest 
J, H, Hutchinson 
W. J, Karri son 
Wilbur Cutshaw 
James Watson 
R, L, Xowery 

Charles Goolsby 
W* E* Chambers 
Captain Frank Kartin 
lieutenant W, VcLggins 
L* D. Miller 
R* C. Wagoner 

Respect fully submitted. 

B* L, Beaty, Detective 
Special Service Bureau 
Narcotic Section 


refopt on officer** nm r ™ f -gaffs to owalt 1 ^ wara© 

*. p, ffcp - /,li5 

On Sunday, November 21, X5?63, X pot to the office at 6;3Q AF. 

At shout AT*, Dot, L ecvello, Craves, and Ehority wont to the Jail 
to brinp Oswald to Capt. Fritz's office, Bet, Frown, llontpomery and my- 
self waited at the third floor Jail elevator door and helped get Oswald 
to our office. 

At about 11*10 AI% Capt, Fritz told TVts, Ehcrity, Brown, and mvself to go 
to the basement and get tbs cars sot ir> for Oswald ■a transfer, He told Dei, 
Dhority to put bis car by the Jail door, end for re to drive tha lead car* 

Capt. Fritz told me that we would so to Commerce, East on Commerce to Preston, 
North to If din, then tfest on Fain, and when we rot to the entrance of the Jail 
on Main, T was to drive part the entrance, so that they could drive into the 
Jail entrance* 

When wo pot to the basenant, we bad soira trout le llninp up the cars becaurso 
of tho TV cameras and the press, Bbtcctivo E'rority was tacking Capt, Fritz's 
car into position. I was standing Juot to the roar of tho lead car tolling 
Dot, Brown to back ur Just a little more, when a s v ot was fired, and I ran 
bach and helped Lt* Swain pet the crowd back. I wont into the Jail office, 
and Oswald was lyinp on the floor on the North side of tho office and several 
officers had a man on the floor that I later found out was Jack Ruby. 

An ambulance arrived and Oswald was placed in the arfrulance, and Det. 
Graves, Dhority, and Lea voile went in the ambulance to Parkland. I got my 

E, E. vrm - Paj*8 2 - (Oswald Kurdcr) 

car and Capt, Frits pot in the front s^at, md ^et, *!rrrvt p^ery and Brown in 
the hack, and vo went to ^crkland Posrital, k r o vent to Ercerrency From, end 
the doctors and nurres were on Oswald. fTortly after ve arrived, 

Oswald was taken frpin the Ere r* oner Pooa to tho Operating F ocm on the fecond 
floor. Capt. Kilts and I left the second floor and returned to our office, 
alon^ with Let. Kont^orceiy, 

After vo had gotten hack to the office, Jscfc Puhy wan brought to Capt. 
Frits' s office at 3:?£ m 9 and I helped other officers fet hiai fron the Jail 
Elevator door to our office. After Capt, Frits talked to Jock Ruhy t I helped 
other officer? pet hire tack to the elevator door. 

Kr. J. £. Curry 
Chief of Folio* 

OM«b «r 5, 19^3 

fiei Interview with Jack B#*r« 

Photographer - Da 11a* rioming New* 

air I 

Hr* Boer* wai interviewed at approximately JiQG p.s* oo 
December k 9 1963* H* had taken the position os the railing 
to the left of the 2 mounted camera*. Hr. Beer* firat 
picture show* rtubj a* he lunged toward* Oswald and fired 
the abet. he immediately took 7 other picture* in quick 
succession that recounts moat of the activity following the 
•hooting* These picture* will also enable u* to establish 
the positions at many detective* a* the prisoner was being 
brought from the Jail office# 

Hr. Beer* is well acquainted with Jack Ruby but does not 
recall seeing him In the crowd prior to the shooting. 

Ue are in possession of all of Bear's photographs. 

F. J. HCCaghren r 

Lieutenant, Burglary & Theft Bureau 

C. G. Wallace 

Lieutenant, Juvenile Bureau 


Iowib«r JO* 1963 

J, E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

fie i Shooting of Lot Harvey Oswald 
B* 0* Brantley 

Sir i 

B, G. Brantley was interviewed by Lieutenants o* C. Wallace and P. G. 
KCaghren at 9 i 35 am on November 30, 1963* The interview was essen- 
tially the same as his original report dated November 27 p 1963* The 
following was added by D. G* Brantley i 

I have been asked If I know Jack Ruby* and I do* I did not see him 
in the basement of the City ^all prior to the shooting* I never have 
seen him in the City ^all* The first time I saw him after the shoot* 
lug was when they were taking him to the Jail of floe* 

I have no Idea how this person Jack Baby got into the basement of the 
City Hall* 

On my original report dated November 27 » 1963* 1 stated that I was 
accompanied on the elevator by Beteotive McGee. I also re call that 
Detectives Burgess and Tan Cleave were on the elevator* Detective 
McGee and 1 helped two Whip television cameramen push their camera 
off the elevator* 

I have not been Interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
or anyone else regarding this incident* 

He spedt fully submitted. 

($L O^i'cULi a- 

C. C* Wallace, Lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 



ifov&gfeir 27 p 

J# ti# Curry 
Chief of rolled 

SEBJ^CTi Information regarding tbs 
nurd a r of to# Oswald 


On :iovo®bor 2A V 1963 at ab ut 11 j13u» 1 was told by Lt* Swain to re- 
port to th* lobby of the busc*:unt of City doll, sal station ay- 
solf ft : t^vhvro in tto breo=e;~t lobby sad stand by* a# Oswald was to l»n£ 
trAi.sfarreti to tbs County Jill* 

I rjio down on tr,u « lows tor with Satwctlvu HoCos# *e wore saeosyinltd 
b/ two o^eranen &ni ih>>ir osiers fr&B wiui* TV# a* ttot tins Jaok Huby 
not vith than* i saw thoa &* they pushed th# oarers through tbs 
lobby into tne crowd of neweaon# 

I went lesnediatsly to the lobby and stationed oysclf In front of tbs 
first window of the jail o. floe an, proceeded to watch far anythin# 
out of ti"» ordinary in ay area* at that tins %M l.bby was oro*dad 
with^on iu* rape* ter*# 1 saw Oswald as he was escorted fro® 
the o Is r fetor by several o ' flours across tbs jail office to the rasp door 
at which point I lost siftbt of him* 

. j 

ilpsiants lfetor I bear! s shot ssd loc^d out in the rasp t/oa end saw 
o&vural officer? gtru{&*lift£ with a whit* le# I immediately ran out 
into the rany area and observed several of floors carrying soseoas took 
lata* ti,e Jail office# 

1 was toll ut that t-&o by Os, tain Jones to £uard Ins door to the 
J.*il of lie a* 1 reunited at fch« door until later X was told by Certain 
Joues to go with Lt« Siolinney to Larklund* 1 was stationed at the door 
of tat lutes site Care Ward by It* Moiian^y, and reaslaed si that Iocs* 
tion until told to re turn to th* City * > ali# 

as spa et fully autoittedf 

Hovnbvr 29, 1963 

of a. tt, Brocki 

At approxlJMttil^ 1 Qi 45 A* M, f 1 left th# City Hall B&amant and 
wee assigned to traffic at Elm and Ervay. 

1 know Jack ituby by eight, but 1 did not saa him at the City Kail 
on tMi data. 


November 26, 1963 

Mr. J, E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject! Assignment of Officer 

Alvis E. Brock.#166l 
Sunday, November 2k, 1 963 


On November 2U, 1^63 at about 9 A.M* I was advised to report to 511* 

At approximate ly 9t25 A„M, Lt, Pierce told me to report to Sgt. Dean 
in the Basement. 

Sgt, Putnam assigned me to the ©levators on the East side of the Basement, 
instructions were to let no one but Police Officers and Newsmen into 
the basement and to check I*D, on everyone, There were several city 
employees standing in this area looking. I told these people to leave 
and advised the elevator operator to keep the elevator on the first floor* 
The only person using the elevator after this was a T<?. man who went to 
the fifth floor and returned. The elevator operator was told not to 
answer the buzzer to the Basement again, I remained at this assignment 
until about 2£t\£> when Sgt* Dean and Sgt. Putnam called several of us 
together for traffic assignments, 

I was assigned to Elm and Ervay to stop traffic and reported immediately to 
this location, I remained there until about Hi 3D A*M,, when my partner 
picked me up and we reported to Parkland Hospital for assignment. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Alvis R. Brock 
Patrolman, #1661 
Patrol BLvision 


floveaber >* 19&3 

r’!r* Jp E, Curry 

Chief of j'olice 


- •i Interview of deserve Uffliir, 

retro la an ^laay D. nroekway, 39& 

Hove her 30, 19 y *ee#rve if floor, tatrol- 
*n Jins y D, Sroekwey won interviewed by the 
undersigned of fleers mm %o may Inf ration he 
night hi'^T* a seeming the of too Harvey 

m*ml4 whteh hm ot severed in hi* origin*! re- 
port doted Nave* bar 27, l?b>* 

The only eiiaerftosn oy found in hi* original 
report la that h« reported on duty At apprex- 
i ately IXilO a, a, instead of lit 2$ a. a# a* 
originally reported* lie further abated that 
he entered the Folio# and Court* 9a 11 din# via 
the baaeaent door* on the Conserve street aide 
and that there we* no one on duty at these 
doors* However, he stated that there was a 
reserve officer on duty on the sidewalk Juat 
outside ti.eae doors* Broekvey does net reaer* 
oer who this re tree officer was* 

dreekwsy further eta tea itat he has not been 
contacted by any federal agency at th a tie*. 

Ueapect fully smbaitted, 

F* I* Cornwall i Lieutenant 
dpeeial oervise Bureau 

November 27, 1963 

lb:. J. E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

This io a otatement of faoto ro!U.tlng to ny activity aa & Reserve Officer 

Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection. 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty. 11:23 A. K. 

2. I reported to Assembly Room - Lt. Morrell. 

3* Assignment - Lt. Merrell told me every one was busy searching and 
guarding the basement, that Oswald was about to be brought down. I 
went from the Assembly Room to the area and just as I was about to 
open the doors that lead into the parking area, it happened. I heard 
the shot. I had caught a glimpse of them bringing Oswald from the 
elevator. Then, I joined a group of Reserves in sealing off the area 
leading into the jail office where they took Oswald and Kuby. I don*t 
beliove any regular officer was there with us, but we sensed that the 
reporters and cameras should not be allowed to push their way into the 
jail office. 

4* Names of other officers in the sara area that I can recollect are: 

Lt. Kerrcll, A. B. Craig, and others I do not know their names. 

5. Did you know Ruby? No. 

6. When and under what circumstance did you see Kuby? 

Never could see him. 

°i . 

c. V'. rr-^i - ? 7$9 

On th« 2)ith of No verb er, If 63 , I report ed to *o rV at 7i00 am driving -quad 
Car ,t376* After an interview of Vro siu^cct, Leo ^arvey ugwgld, by Captain Frits, 

T was told to t my car and pet in position in front of the other sound that wan 
to carry O si; a Id to the bounty Jail. At a rp roxi is a la ly ll:hC am, I went to the 
City Wan basement and drove my car a tout b*lf way tip the south ramp, which 
lead* out to ^o^merce Street, and *y partner, Ehority, moved the other squad car 
up behind tse. ' e both started attempting to heck uo to the iail office door 
when T beard a Aot, I immediately pit the emergency brake on and ran back 
to t>o oth^r car. T hr this tire, oth^r off* car® *ad removed Toe Harvey Oswald and 
Jack Fuby into the iai 1 offl ce. T went back to ry car end moved it back into the 
rarkirr area so the ambulance could act through, then the ambulance arrived, 

Captain Frits, TVts. ■'* R. “Heck, L. P. >'ontrorery and I proceeded behind the ambulance 
to Parkland hospital and set up security, first In the tJtmcMcy Hoorn, thrn to 
the fourth floor, where Oswald unr erven t surgery. After Oswald died at lt07 pin, 
the body war removed to the jf-ray room on the ground floor. Judre Pierce FcFride 
was contacted via telephone, and he reported to the morgue desk and pave authorization 
for a most mortem to he performed by ?r, Pp r e of the Fork land Ftaff, Dr. ^ose took 
charge of the body, and T vent with Mm and c*ot the wife and mother of Oswald from 
the waiting room and let them view t^e hofh f in the f-roy room, After the relatives 
viewed the bodv, T accompanied it alone with my partner, C B Ttf* Fhcrlty, end Pr* 
p o flr e to tho M orj=uo. At the T'orgue, Phority and T witnessed the preliirdnary 
^otos taken of tho bodjy by ^r. Pose and Ms *taff. After thin, T returned to 
* v e office and continued our investigative work there. 

l«nat«r 30. 1963 

J* £• Gurry 
Chief of Polios 

Bet Shooting of Lee Harvey Qewald 
Interview of 5* L* Burgees 

Sir t 

B« L* Burge as vac Interviewed By Lieutenants C* C » Wallace and F* 0# 
MoCaghren at 3*35p» on November 29, 1963* The Interview was essen- 
tially the same as hie original report dated November 27 f 19^5* The 
following wae added by D» L. Burgeeei 

I have been asked if 1 know Jack Euby* I do not know this man* I 
did not eee this eubjeot in the basement prior to the shooting' and 
have not eeen him around City Hall* 

I do not know how the eubjeot got into the basement ef the City Hall# 

I have not been interviewed by anyone regarding this incident prior 
to this date# 

Respectfully submitted* 

0, C. Wallace 

Lieutenant of Juvenile Bureau 
Balias Police Department 

Lieutenant of Burglary & Theft Bureau 
Balias Police Department 


Nove;<fcer 30, 1963 

JTATLMli'T OF PAThulilAfc T. it. ulhTOk : 

I left the City Hall baseroent for uy traffic assignment, Cocmerce 
and Central hxpresawfcy , at approximately lltUO A. id. , and did not 
return prior to the shooting. 

1 net Jack ituby about 1936, when he was operating the Vegas Club, 
and 1 was working that district. 

1 did not see ituby in or about the City Hall. 1 have not seen 
Kuby in two or three years. 

November 26, 1963 

Mr, J, E, Curiy 
Chief of Police 

Subject! Assignment of Officer 

T, Hi Burton, #130d 
Sunday, November 2i*, 1963 


On Sunday, November 2ii, 1963 at approximately 9i2Q A*M, I was instructed 
to report to Station £11* alxmg with my partner D,K. Emin* X arrived 
at Station 511 about ?tl*0 A.M* 

I stayed on Station 511 until approximately 10*15 A.M., when I was advised 
to report to the basement, 

Sgt* F. T.Dean assigned me to Commerce and Central Expressway as my traffic 
assignment. I left immediately and stayed on my traffic assignment until 
Captain Talbert stopped, with my partner, and advised us to report to 
Parkland Memorial floe pita 1, Code 2 « 

Respectfully submitted* 

T, R. Burton 
Patrolman #1300 
Patrol Division 


Hr* J* £, Curry 

chuf or MUt 

KoTOuto* jo, 1**3 


3o^itlit anttii Hi 00 k* ft. on lofMltr 24 1 194 J Captain Frank Karlin 
•u# Into tho Juromilo iKTfia and aokod that Bo toot 1*0* Uvifjf 
Goolohy, KlUili Cutohohav* ■arrioon ai my** It follow hia to tho 
City Soil haoaaont* Vo 414 00 * ft* tuomt vu orowdod with off! tors, 
movopapor, radio and tolowloioo poo pi 0 . Vo proooo 4«4 to tho tr«« Juot 
outoldo tho ttioivnt door that tijfllu tho parklay aroa# Vo repertod 
to Captain 0. k* Jon*# who aealyaod the Botootiw## whore h# vut*4 

Shortly of tor our arrival am uooi»4 oar banked port lolly on to tho 
kiMifil renp Oh tho Oomono St root ili«* Chief klcbiUr, Sergeant 
?. T, Bonn tad aye elf pro se eded to tonroh tho uto»4 oar* Sethlay 
woo found* 2 la# trusted of floor# on tho Owuueroe Street salt not to 
lot anyone in or oat of tho bas em e n t until 00 advised that otherwise* 

floryonnt Bonn nnd Chi of lot oh# lor thorn loft no with tho armored ear* 
Seryeant Bonn returned nnd onld hio too# told hi* to ride inside tho 
trmsk with tho pr loo nor* 

Shortly nftorwnrdi u unonrkod poll## onr 4 tot# on to tho renp fm 
tho basement area# Thlo onr pnrhod moor tho Jail door ontmuno on 
tho reap* I vno nwnro fro# tho oreiteneni of tho orovt that loo 
Oswald woo in oltfht but oonld not 000 anythin* for tho polio# onr 
hotwoon mm* lout n ohot m hoard* I run down, yell lay to tho 
of floor# not to lot any on# out of tho basement 

1 va# advised hr eoneeao that last Ruby had ohot Oswald* la a Tory 
short tin# an oabulanoo oaao and removed Oswald* 

Jut prior to ay tafclny ay position on th# snored oar, 1 had looked 
over th# orovd oar# fully that wao ym tho rod noar tho door* I haw# 
known Jack Kuhy for yoarn hut did not 00 # hla at that tine* fhio 
observation undo approximately ton nintoo before tho oheetlsy* 


Decteber 1 § 1963 

arAT^iarr of lt, geohge sutlers 

I did aee Jack Ruby In the City Hall, Friday; but, I did not tee 
him in or near the City Hall on Sunday prior to the shooting* 

Dmem ter 2% 1963 

Hr* J» S* Cuny 
Chi of of Pol loo 

duhjooti Sttpplmit Uporl regarding tb* 
Shooting of boo Bamy Oowmld* 

31 r* 

I horeby vlob to oupploaoat *y report of Boraute? 24, 1963 
oonooraiag mf aotioitioo at tho tint boo Horror Oowold woo 
otet in tho UtlURt of tho City Boll# 

In ooarohlng tha omored oor Hut day, Ho root or 24 t 196}, 
vtiiat «u ported 00 tbt Qounoreo Streot baoouont reap, 
with Aaoiotaat Ghiof Charlo* Bo tote lor, wo found on oapty 
tdda wo tor Vottlo which foil out of tb« truck and b»k«, 

Tblo oupplouoat undo at tho ouggootioa of Captain 0* A# 

Q o argo 1# Bailor 

btatfonant of folio# 

JuTonilo Bureau 

a S3 MOOT 

Nov ember 50, 19*3 

J* E. Curry 
Chief of Polio# 

Bet Shooting of L## Harvey Oswald 
T. C. Campbell 



V. C. Campbell was interviewed by Lieutenants C. C. Wallace and P# G« 
MoCaghren at 111 30 am on November 30, 1963 * interview was essen- 

tially the same as hie original report dated November 27, 19*3« The 
following was added by V# C. Campbell t 

I have known Jadlc Ruby for about 3 years « I did not see him in the 
basement of the City Hall prior to the shooting, and do not recall 
seeing him in the City Hall before* 

I have no idea how he got into the basement of the City Hall# 

I have not been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation# 

Respectfully submitted, 

C. C# Wallace, Lieutenant 

Jnvanl 1 a 


P. 0. KoCaghren, Lieutenant 
Burglary & Theft Bureau 


Koronber 27 , l$ 6 } 

J. £* Curry 
3: dor or rolls* 

SUBJ >OTi Information r 0 |rardinff the 
murder of Loo ^ewald 


On ITovenber 2^, 1363 at ap. roxiaat^Iy lliOtinm, I was assigned by 
Lt* Swain to the biMjoeant h Always around the 4aaord3 Burova* 

I vaa stand -.a^ by the last willow on the left of the Jail o fioo 
observing tho people gathwr&i taura, whan Oswald vao brought down* 

^ust co?ondo after ha van taftcu out tbo J^il office door loading to 
the driva , I htf&ri what coun ted liko 1 &hot* 

I then aav SotecUvoo Coabast, Or arce, and Lavflllo attesting to got 
Oswald, who wae down, bae^ into tbo Jail off loo* 

as I attempted t assist with rvald v,* nch of ilvo others brin£iu>: 
in t .e 8'dOpeCt carried S..a Jt.ll 0:Vi3«, 

1 then attempted to assist with Oswald until v* pl«o*d hi a on the 
ambulance atratc^ar* 

After the ambulance loft Lt. iclCinney ordered ** to Parkland Hospital. 
X stood guard at th^ £ast end of t ux soconi floor operating room the 
re,. )a-ttder of the day* 

Respect fully submitted, 

detect I t# 

Burglary 4 Theft ferreau 


tfoveaber >0, 1^3 

tor. J* 3* Carry 

Chief of r r oiice 


timi Interview of tf*««rve Off leer, 
latrol.?*a Art bar W* Capps, 25& 

Scvesber JU, 19G> assures of ft oar, ratr^l- 
uan Arthur a# lapps vaa interviewed bjr tbs 
undaraigned offic«n as to any la format ion ha 
sight htiv« concerning the shooting of Lao 
dar*ej Os* Id net covered in hla original re- 
port dated h'oveaber £6 f 196 3* Cappa stated that at hia place of 
assignment no on« vaa allowed to pas* except 
pel loo off loam* rvo nan in civilian ires a 
vara stopped by hia a* they vara walking to* 
ward the City Hall* /»• of these men we* 
identified aa a Police darg# nt and the other 
as a Patrol- an assigned to the Accident Fro- 
veation Bureau* but ha could n^t identify 
bin self as he hod left his idem if 1 cat! on 
at bone. Da fore this officer was allowed le 
pass ha vaa identified na being a Pciicaaac 
by Officer Patterson* These vers the only 
tvo people dressed In civilian clothes who 
were al lowed to peas through rollce 14 use at 
bis location* 

Capps further state** that ho has not been 
contacted by any federal age nay St this tiae* 

Has pact fully submitted. 

Fi lm Cornwall | Lie* tenant 

dposial Carries Bureau 


November 26 * 1963 

Mr, J, E, Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday r November 24* 1963* to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1, Approximate time 1 reported to duty, 9:45 A, M, 

2, I reported to Asaembly Room, 

3* I was assigned to North side of Conmerce Street in front of City Hall 
and Credit Union to keep side walk clear, I was at thjs location at the 
time of the shooting, 

4, Names of other officers In the same area that I cm recollect are: 
Reserve Officer "Wayne Harrison, 

5, Did you know Rub}? No, 

6, When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

Did not see Ruby at all. 

tfovouber 27# 19^5 

c* * 

Nr* J* £* Curry 
Chi of of 1 el ice 


:>ubjooti Incident involving l»e ilervey 

On tfovebbor 2** r 19^5# at approuinaioly 11 tl^ 4* H«# 1 

vae steading in tha baaeaent of th* Folic* building as 
part of a scurlty guard* I who a tending about fiv* 
foot froct th* door of th* jail* Hr* Osti^ld vas Lod by 
u and 1 vbi atteuptiag to keep people away fro* his* 

I woo standing just bo hind Hr* 0 avoid and saw a flesh 
and hoard a shot* I sou Hr* Gerald fall and this non 
van than feeing mm but ho woo ereuehsd ov^r* 1 caught 
a gliupsa of a pistol ho had in hit right hand* X 
attempted to got tho platol and grabbed hi* an* At 
that instant oonoono olao grabbed tho pistol and saveral 
other officer* ware helping to aubdue bln* 

-a then took the suspect Into tbs jail office and searched 
his* :ioue other officers plated bin on tho jail si water 
and I vm ordered to go to Purblind Hospital to holp 
tho officer* there* 


Datsstiv* IDA? 
Forger? Bureau 


heeenker 1* 19*3 

J* f£, Curvy 
chief of PoliM 

Ee* hooting of Lee HtrYty Oswald 
Interview of » >;» Phnb#ri 


* a# GbiiWn was interviewed kjr IdiuttQtnti C* C* allase and P* O* 
HeCaghren at ki 05 pc cm HowkWr 29* 19*3* i'h^ interview vaa eeeea- 
HtUl the sftRV as him origin*! report dated fio vector ?7* 19^5* rhu 
following was added ky E* Chambers* 

1 hare keen asked if I know Jack huby* 1 do not know hie* 1 v*a 
standing beside the Jail oifioe door and waa guarding It# There v*e 
a large group of pom la seeing and going* 1 wo. told hy Captain Jonmm 
to keep the pros** po ceonael away fro* tbo prisoner# I was thoro 
approximately 15 ainutes before Oswald vae kro igbt down# 

After the shot wa firod« 1 helped subdue the suspeef, who 1 later 
found out to W Jaok tmky* 1 aooiatod la rostering ituky to the jail 
of floe* Later I helped flurry and omd Oswald in the ncbulasse# 

1 over heard Detest iv* Cutdhshaw talking, to two TV easera .*n# Cut oho haw 
was saying that three of the eaaemnen ease in with the eanera and 
there were only two at the present tine* The question was* where was 
the other nan* I related this lnfenatioa to Captain King* 

1 have not keen Interviewed ky the Federal Bureau of investigation* 

Keep*et fully submitted* 

Juvenile Bureau 

Burglary fr Theft Bureau 

/ c? 

fleoen ber if 1969 

J# 2. Qwcrf 
Chief ef Poll©* 

ft* I hooting of Lee Hamj oewait 

Interview of B* \j* Clerd j 


B# • 0 lardy we* inierri*v«d by Lieutenant* C* C* &U4«# ah r * 3* 
MeCaghrsn at 9*20 as an Kovoaihcr J©* 19 M# Hlo w .i is eiw 

t icily %h« Bmmm a* Kin original report dated Ifoirealir 27* 1^6% fh 
following mm eadao b y B* CloTtyi 

After the shot was fired* 1 vent to the 5* floor with the ^riaoner* 

So mm being questioned by several officers, end ao I rooll, the 
officer* wore Glenn Kin,; t ft* F* P. Jean, on Fir# . orrela of the 
caret erviec* hen asked why be did it, be replied f * 0 * 0 body 
had to Jo it f ya'H couldn't** 

hen naked how he got In, ho said that he velkud by the officer on 
the re^p vher, ha turned to talk to *tio Pieros, who drevo out the en- 
t ranoe* Me an! he hoard e one body yell , f *Bo7 yon*'* Me didn't 
know where it n*ae froa 9 *0 he ducked hie hood end kept walking* 

Me *l*o tol ' ue that he went 129*00 by wire to * girl in Ft# arth* 

He eeid alee that it wee a spur of the noaent thlnK end it wee a 
million to oH‘» o hence that he got town there et the actual tine Oswald 
w*e brought down* 

I hare been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Invest ifetioa* Vhejr 
talked to a# Monday around 2*30* I fare then th# aaao info mat ion 
1 hare firm here* 

respectfully submitted, 


Jure nil# Bureau 

Burglary & T*heft Burean 


November 27* 19^3 

Mr* J* E* Carry 
Chief of Police 


I would like to submit the following report regarding the incident 
occurring in the basement on November 24, 1963* 

On the morning of November 24, 1963 while on duty in the Auto Theft 
Bureau, Lieutenant Smart advised me not to leave the City Hall as 
I was to be available when the prisoner vras escorted from the City 
Jail, About 10 5 GO a.m. Lieutenant Smart advised me and the other 
officers in the bureau to report to the jail office. Upon arrival 
I took a position near the southwest corner near the driveway, 

A couple of minutes before the prisoner was brought down, I had 
looked over the crowd, and, at this time, I did not see Jack Ruby 
in the crowd, I have known Jack Ruby for eight to ten years, and 
if I had seen him I would have recognized him. 

As word was heard that the subject was being brought down, I was 
watching the driveway to the basement and to the driveway to Commerce 
Street where the armored truck was, I saw a fast blur of movement 
out of the corner of my left eye, and, before I could turn, I heard 
a shot. As I turned I partly lost my footing and was bumped by peo- 
ple from both sides at the same time. Before I could get balanced, 
the subject, Jack Ruby, was under a pile of officers, 

I helped others try to keep the press back until both the prisoner 
and Jack Ruby were taken inside the jail office- I then went to the 
jail office, and at that time Detective J.C, Watson was at the door 
keeping other people from entering. Detective McMillan, Detective 
Archer, Detective Blackie Harrison, and Lieutenant Smart, and another 
officer were holding Jack Ruby on the floor, I took Detective Me Mill on *s 
gun and placed his gun and my gun in the locker. Then Detective 
McMillon, Detective Archer, Detective Blackie Harrison, and myself took 
Jack Ruby directly to the fifth floor where we searched him. Then I 
took the handcuffs off and gave them to Detective McMillon as they 
were hie cuffs. We then stripped Jack Ruby to his skin and searched 
his clothing completely. 

Lieutenant Baker of homicide had been contacted and requested that we 
stay with the prisoner until the arrival of officers from the Homicide 
Bureau. Detective Harrison had left after helping take the prisoner 
up. Detective McMillon, Detective Archer, and myself were with the 
prisoner, Mr. Sorelle of the Secret Service came to the jail office 
and talked to him briefly and left. Then Agent Hall came up 

and talked to Jack Ruby for some time, probably two hours or better. 

A jailer came back and told us that a lawyer was to see Jack Ruby 
and it had been okayed by the Homicide Bureau. X am not sure which 
jailer this was. We took the prisoner to the fourth floor. Detective 
Archer, Detective McMillon, F.B,I. Agent Hall, one of the jailers. 


Fir. J. E* Curry 


November 2? t 1963 

ana myself- He talked to a lawyer for about two minutes- Before 
he was returned to the fifth floor, he was checked by a city 
doctor who was on duty at this time- We returned to the fifth floor 
and F. B. I. Agent Hall continued to question Ruby until Homicide 
Detective E* L, Boyd, Detective M. G. Hall, and Detective Montgomery 
arrived on the fifth floor at about 2; 30 p.m. Along with the three 
Homicide officers and Agent Hall we escorted the prisoner to the 
Homicide Bureau* 

Respect fully submitted, 

B* S* Clardy f 

Criminal Investigation Division 

On T he morning of Nov 3I1 1963 whn » . .. _ 

r . , . . , . 7 • wmie Dndufcy In the auto theft Bureau, 

- i-w raa , ad^tsed not to leave the city hall as we was to be abavile when 

a prisoner w&a escorted from the ^tty Jail* at abotit 10a.m Lo Smart advised 
me an other officers in the B ureau to report to the jail office. Upon 
arrial X took a psfction near the South West corner near the driveway. Ab eu fc 
. * C0U P^° of mlhutes before the Prisoner was brought down ^ had looked aver 
the crowds an at this time I did not see Jack Ruby in the crowd, I have known 
Jack «uby for U to 10 years an if I had seen h'm X would have recognised him 
As word was heard that subject was being brought down I was watching to the Mn 
driveway to the basement an to driveway to Commerce St where the armered truck 

- was. I saw a fast blur of movement out of corner of my left eye,an before X coud 
turn hear a shot. As X turned 1 partly lost mu footing an was bumped by people 

irom bot sides at the same time. Befor I could get balanced , the subject Jack 
uoy was under a pile of of fleer a. I helped other others try an keep the press 
hade, untlll bot the prisoner an Jock Ruby was taken inside' the jailaffice. I 
then went Into thee Jail office, an at Time Det J.^.Watson was at door keeping 
P 00 P^ e from entering* Det ^cMillion J L 'et Archer ,^et Slackie Harrison 
m an an °kh ftr officer Was holding Jack Ruby on the floor* I took Det 

McMilli©n |3 gun an placed his gtn an ray gun In locked. Then Det Momillton 
et Archer ,^et Black! e Harrison an myself took Jack Ruby dircetly to the 5 tt 
^here we searched him an then 1 took the handcuffs off an gave to to Det 
Me Mil low as they were his cuffs. Wo then stripped Jack Ruby to h* s skin an 
searched clothing complotly.Lt Baker of Homicide had been contacted an request 
we stay with the prisoner till avtlal of officers from the Homocide ^ureau, 
et Harrison had left after helping take the prisoner up, Det McMIlllon ,Det 
rc ne r an myself was with the prisoner, an Mr Sorella of the Secret Severice 
came t0 Ja *! office an talked to him briefly an left. Then FBI Agent Halt 
came up an had talked to Jack Ruby for some time, proha ly 2 hours or better .A 
jailer came back an told us that a lawer was to see Jack Ruby ,an It had been ” 
okeyed by the Hompcide Bureau.! am not sure which jailer this was. We took the 
“ prisoner to the i*th floor D et A Pc her f et M c Milli #n ,xkXx FBI Agent Ball one" 
of the Jailiers an my self* He talked to a lawer for about 2 minutes .Before 
-he was returned to the 5th floor ,he was checked by a city Aggfcjco doctor who was 
on duty at this time, We returned to the 5 th floor an FBI Agent Hall contlued fc# 

~ ^ueiton Ruby until! Homicide DeH E.L.Boyd ,Det M.O.%ll,an Det Montgomery 

avried on the 5th floor at about 2*30 PM/ Along with the three H*mooide officer 
an Agent Hall we escorbed-the- prisoner- to “the Homfeoide Bureau* — 

" Bii 


*"Y K ' ^ -h 

* ■■ :i. .• 

* . ■ \ , . , j 1 l 

' : 'E ^ ' 


/ . 

; M: 

41 . • <•-. i 

!' .*K - .I 

' •! M ' * \ i \ t •? 

: '4 

. - - ' M 1 ■. - 

:■ : 

■ -i ■ t i : * ; .. 


‘ * -f r t •*)< * : 

- . . ■ ■ T - £- 

i : y * . 

* ■ 

l-J 1 ■ ■ 

( . . * . * * t] 

i TtT'rTT-* - 


| f ....... ... 

! \\i l K ■ -r ’ 

' [ i ^ »: H * 

iliyS *i . ■ : 

■ . «i; i II i 

•* • j Jrtji 


. -j.; ;.j j U | : ! 

M ' /... :: . 1 i 

. : .’j: ;• !i fi. 

J : ii * n 

: '=.'|r* 3 ft!v 


J 1 I * 1 1 -V - : f 

: ' ■ : 
i l'r 


rioter** r 29* 


Qnimt of i’dilct 

Kei Interne* of Detective B. ii«Crobaet t l\k$ 

Urn ttoveabr 29 * X963 Detective B. *1. Ceabeat wo* 
interviewed by the tmd*r«i|n «4 officer* ae to * y 
information ho eight have concerned the ahootifig 
of Lee jiarvey cewuld vhieh me* not covered la 
Ceubeet** original report doted November ^6, 196.1* 

Detective Conbeat stated, alter r adlng hi* original 
report* tfcut be h -*4 lotblag of algal f leant* to add* 

He elated that he bad known kuby for several ye are * 
but that he did sot **• hi* la the baaeaest prior 
to the ehoeting. 

Le tec tire Combe* t eta tee that he ha* not been inter- 
viewed by a*y federal agency -. t thl* tine. 

Reepect fully *u balked, 

Fa I* Cornwall, Lieut enant 
Spool al Service Bureau 


November 26 , 196 3 

Hr. J. E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject) Shooting of Lee 

Harvey Oswald 


On Sunday, November 24, 1963 , I was working regular hours 
of 6:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. in the Special Service Bureau, Vice 

At approximately 10:50 A.M., I was in the basement of City 
Hall near the jail office* 1 was engaged in conversation with 
Detective B. L* Beaty and Officer J. D. Hutchinson* We were 
approached by Captain 0. A, Jones. Captain Jones told ue to 
remain in the basement near the jail office. He further stated 
that all the other available officers in City Hall would be down 
into the basement soon. 

I overheard Sergeant J. A. Putnam reiterate his orders to the 
officer and the reserve officer working the passageway leading out 
of the basement into the parking basement. He stated very emphati- 
cally to the officer that no one but police and press members with 
press passes were to be admitted to the parking basement* 

A short time later several officers and detectives came down 
from upstairs. Captain Jones took all officers out into the pass- 
ageway just outside the jail office. He told all of us that we 
were to form a line on each side of the passageway in order to 
make a lane for the prisoner Oswald to be escorted* He told 
some officers to get all the newsmen out of the jail office booking 
room. He then cleared the passageway immediately outside the jail 
office. At this time Sergeant J. A. Putnam asked all the newsmen 
to move to the far side of the driveway, this being the side across 
from the jail office* Captain Jones then told officers to keep the 
lines that we had and for officers to fall in behind and to keep 
newsmen from rushing in. 

Besides the above listed officers, other officers that I 
remember to be in the basement were: 

H. L. Lowery #1081, Chief M. W. Stevenson 916, T. D. 

McMillon *1349. W. E. Chambers #1087, Sgt. P. T. Dean #882, 

L* D. Montgomery #1047, J. H. Leavelle #736, L* C. Graves 

#702, C. N. Dhority # 476, Charles Goolsby #1141, W. J. 

Harrison #579, L. D. Hiller #123*, Capt. T. M. Martin #397, 


W* J. Cutchshaw #1111, Capt* C* E* Talbert #465* I»t* V* 1* 
Wiggins #454* Chief Ghas* Batchelor #L1* Lt* G. E. Butler #51* 
Lt. Hu E* Swain #551* C. W. Brown #759* Capt* J* W* Frits #9* 

I did not observe anyone that I knew who did not belong in the 
basement* Everyone that I saw were either police or people I thought 
to be newsmen* I did not observe Jack Ruby until juet seconds before 
the shooting* 

Respectfully submitted* 

j} j'f fV>,t 

B* H* Combest #1148 
Detective, Vice Section 
Special Service Bureau 

November jU, 

nr. J. ii. Curry 
Chief cf 1**1 let 


«•; lii tor view of HOoorve Officer, 

Jergeant Poland A.Gox, ti0> 

>*n Nut ran her JO, 196J Heserve Officer, sergeant 
Hole ad a * Coat wa« lnUr^lt^ad by trio under-* 
limned t f fleer* ifl to any information he «i£ht 
lave none*?*!' g the obooting of Loo Harvey 
Cowold r.ot covered in hi* original report 
dated NuTaaber 26, i^6j. 

if tor moving rood hi* original report, Cox 
tinted that ho could .%ot tod anything of 
Olgnifleaaco to thia firut report. 

Cox fur t bar *ta»ee that he ha* not too on 
contacted toy oaf federal agency at ttol* tin*# 

Hoopoe t fully onto* it tod. 

F, I. Cornwall, Lieutenant 
apodal ierviee Bureau 


Z' Ja#k Herlll, Lion ta nan t 
( Ppoeial Jervloo Bureau 

November 26* 1963 

Mr* J* E* Curry 

Chief of Police /. 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday, Novonber 24 , 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1* Approximate time I reported to duty* 10:00 A* M. 

2m I reported to Lt* Ben ifcCoy 

3m I was assigned to Comnerce Street on South side to keep cmwd under 
control, and on the South sidewalk. 

4, Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 
Reserve Sergeants J* R* Hopkins and Mayo* 

5. Did you know Ruby? 

lee, I worked at Vegas Club for Special Service about nine years ago. 
6* When and under what circumstance did ycu see Ruby? 

November 27, 1963 

Mr. J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 


This la a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1« Approximate time I reported to duty* 9 = 30 A, M # 

2* I reported to Lt. Merrell in Assembly doom, 

3* I was assigned to the portion of the driveway that leads from the ramp© 
to the parking area* I was at this post as guard from about 9:45 to 
10:00 A, M. I was then assigned to assist Officer Nelson in the corri- 
dor where the barred windows open into the jail office* I was at this 
place till about 30 minutes after the shooting* 

4- Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Capt* Talbert, two detectives (names unknown), and Reserve Lt. Merrell. 

5, Bid you know Ruby? No* 

6* 'When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

I t a glimpse of him in the jail office, but kept my eyes on the people 
in the basement* 

flovonhor 30, 19$ 3 

Mr* J* E* Currgr 
Chi af of i*oii«o 


Hot Jntarviao of i*aaarva Of finer t 
Patrol* on Alvin B» Craig, 285 

CM Hovanbor 30, 1963 Hoaorvo uffittr, Fatrolua 
Alvin It* CF'ig v«i in torv lowed hy th« undoraignad 
off la# 1 « ui to mtij information ho night havo 
«n terming th« shooting of Loo Horroy Oswald 
whith von not covtrod In h:n original roport 
d^tad Novtibtr 27, lf63. 

After having rood bio original roport, Craig 
stats* that thoro in no thing of aigaif liana# 
which ho aould add to th:a first roport* 

Cr*lg fnrt hor a tat as that at thjg lino ho baa 
not boon son too tod hj and federal aganaj* 

Ms spa at fully onto! tie d< 

r* I, Cornwall, nontenant 
A postal Horvlao Bnroau 

(til, Lieutenant 
iorriaa Idreau 

Decsnber 3, 1*3 

Hr, J. ft. Curry 
Chlof of Polite 

ft* i In terrleir of Reserve Foil** Officer 
Serg east Kenneth Grey 


On Diiwfcw l v 1*3, Reserve Sergeant Croy mi Interviewed by 
the undersigned of flour* as to any Information be night Haro 
concerning the * hoot lug of Leo Harvey Onald ehloJi ess not 
severed in hi* original rep or t dated Jfovunber 26, 1963* 

During thl* interview pertinent foots were unoevured and an 
affidavit was given by Hr, Cray seas sm log thin, thin affi- 
davit In atteehed to thl* report* 

iooorv* Officer Sergeant Cray stated that ha had not boon 
interviewed by any Federal ageney at thin tins. 

R os poo t fully ertadtted, 

F. I. Comall 

Lie utenan t, Special Ssrvloe Bureau 

J itk Refill 

lieutenant, Spoolal Borvioo Bureau 

bmloourei Affidavit 




□ Notary Public In and for said County, Stale of Texas, oft this day personally appeared JiUdftiJil ■ fojf, 

;4d#aftfti St A lUljiol ti ^ 

Who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says: ^ ** ft fcftftarvS i £114* #t*tje *nt It 

.'■> x«« ^ n •atm »r rA 9 OfcJ ‘ rm^rtm t I?,# oixmm 

iMMbij from mt ftp rusi^ataiy fci .5 ft* * to -iaftt#-*^t #rr#il «o waft :--*«Kvs cat#* 1 tftftn ta^k ©var aftal* :~ants froo bit. I -rats tfrft a#a 

uy t*to tU» rsatar at t a 11*9# they arra «4 a»j a* 4 a ftftal*n^n& ti* t.-ftt un t *. X 

ftp Fttftt atftijr ICt .O tt^« A that t imm I mat to the IsttteMt *fi J vr d 

frt?' tna baa# an* of ti v Citj -Ift), as 1c* ntf cfrUars « o ^rc it» t> 

a rlftifift* rad ftlftft ftftftftftia^ -ft - hare »y an flirt fcftftr* iMl^ntd* rier to 

ftp aarana# i*it fcba ftaav'serfit of tr.ft City iimXl I atatJOftad yftftir -1 
vha foot cf tbft n^rt:. *o 4 of 16 a rasp is tnm ba ao- m ai* I mu u.«r« f r ,uit« 
6’,-w tii*ft mtftijlii# tta r<'pfl*fct onaofta had ^ftdft tba r ft ftftg A t.i -fttftj-i the 
i t -jrturft* and to -ft* it»«o bftftir «,"iiD0t %fw rail* . b^ra *«ra a*a* ml i 
*ro in front of ftft* Ci^tiifi rnett -aft Btnnilni fcc fc ft rif t o-f e* a 
ap fBsiiaiily in tUft sudiilft of tna raeip bftwfla tha mil laftd tha P*i * ift aftU rily instruct it** t© mv« tha pram boo* a^aitto t ttft 

mil* At th<vt Un« 1 tur^ftd ftft4 t«I* two **an ft t audio* to Juft t*> ■ f e 

bftftji ftftftiftfti tilft mil * m cf t'*D4 ma had a aolion piilaf* ciM^ rs, t a 
■ Ui*r #ws marin* a 4~-r ouat ^th bmcs thread wvais . nto it. d« 

as# ** oaring « ±>rom ttftt* £^jf frtfwr haa a coat anavIMni *i*ii r t- t a a* 

Lba »ft am ^air^ftf % at i i»xkft toi i ? aft Umad ft? ftttant: ft rno« t^a 
re ^rtara *ki«b *ar* uta&A **c ift IftYr t if at • 1 ball am th ft fta th-*t . u^oas 
t& tw ftava Wtft ^ «k dybjr* Tba Mith tbft action vlct ra c msmrm £ t Oft 
tna rtiU tH ifft V h -t 4 m wt/rt a oat mtm $m 4 tw v ft littla* i baa- nr and ftad ^ rr tm o tic hr*- «<t<# out cf tka j*il a* flea *iA 
% mn aptMiu frits* «ad tftft tbty tr . ft bt >#e4d wtl* Mftft andcuffad 
to 9 M ftf the offiaara rad t heft ms ft mm <m tiah alda of frist I^UiRa b a 
m> Thar# m* a ra porter taadifi^ l am witfc ft mtmrm^nm *n Ala hard* 

Ifea Mpri^ri «*ftt«rgel on vaaaU* n>a rv^ftUr with lift micro, ft* na 

stufta it ap ift aw-ftld’a f^aa *sd aak< 4 tla* jfoa ft *> any wubI* 1 " 

%t th ft lift# 1 oftaerrad ft ftlsr rae from ^ l^ft a 4 d§« I w*t off bhlmi. 


a ■ m i iiiijuncuiuixiaxixjtjuuu 

. A i i -r ;«t* ma^Ki 






a Notary Public in and for said County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared i ujf 9 

Ht UUiftit f alap h a a a fta *i 7. \ % 

I w • f 

Who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says: I a ra* run lfttc 1 • errmd *n 

rn croucHe 1 thit l raaohad for ti» * Individual an* towdfcaU hi© COvt 

tail • tv 4 ting tc, top tola# 1 ti«ae ran right up to ■ ••aid ami l ^cnr^o 
abe t* *t th# ti£i 2 * a«rd tha mhot 9 thara <?tr« *>avoral off<itrt uh 
hia ecd rrei^UI ax %. t a pm:r«nt» 1 ala© trlei^^^rab held of ia &mi v 
but tharg -eft too aimy cr» he .♦ for <*« to hr mi <?•'. Srg. <»i that , s;i**t »n 
offiegr did tii: and to k ha * out* didn • t ^ot tc ihk to on tfgjr 

>r*ct:in6 t tha flor»r beceu • too o*n> » ff ic« rr. t»w -r* ad hi*;* t th a 

4 . altit « rdar ^er~ *van to ».ha b^a^-ant. i run a t rtdli* oly 

•*r tha o rth f au t ito-;*od ra^rt^rc tryx^ t%> la va tta ba e.gnt* urlb # 

tftv intvrvi-* -*4t: iouttn^ %»*»•: *mwi' and lautanant • «• rn .t) . % ,o .«• 

tui «tt* oaaii <tb. *.t .-wt ruttfauMU laavfag t « b*r>a^cnt via t a rtl 

rar„p’ to the ‘uin trout. ; r^eal an autcr.ob la drlv. u o..t t but 2 ca'.’t 
< * 0*11 t- a tioa n r c^t'. re .11 uct'* l uiijf >e*i «»arc in t:. a »ut<^ hj*e* 2 
av+^ to r gall t.;\a «ut*m bi.® am baltig a 2 l^ftt blu* ojuid t*f«2i)l2x S? \\A 
A fU.t U .1 JUUJUiJUU .XH XXJUaAJUju.1Z1a 1X12(X« v.* . X* 

„>\X.A A 
















November 26, 19&3 

Mr* J, E* Gurry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty. 8:35 A* M« 

2, I reported to Lt* Merrell (Assembly Room) 

3* I was assigned to the basement and Jail Office entrance, and mj 
assignment was that of a guard. 

4. Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Res. Capt. C. 0. Arnett, Res. Lt. B* C, McCoy, Res. Lt. D, T. Suits, 
Res. Lt, H, M* Kriss, Res, Officer Cano Worley. 

5. Lid you know Ruby? les and no (see next statement) 

6. When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

Approximately three years ago. Jack Ruby bought myself and two other 
officers breakfast at Lucas B&S Cafe on Oak Lawn at 3*00 A. M. I have 
not seen this man since, however I have been in his club on several 
occasions when riding observation. 

HomW r 50 , 196) 

J* Am Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

itet hooting of L** Kerrey Omld 
Interview of w. J, Cutohthav 

V. J, Cutehehav vis interflowed at 2 >00 pa date by Lieutenants 
C* C* Vallaee and P. G. KeCegfaren* This interview wot essentially 
the taae at hit original report dated tfoeember 27, 196)# - J* 

Cut ah thaw added the following i 

I hare been a eked if X know Jack ft ufcy* I have mot uuby, but I do 
not recognise him by >igfet« After assisting in the arrest, 1 vat 
told that thin nan was Jack ^Hiby and that he owned the Caro eel Club, 

I have not teen the person who shot Oswald In the City tt&ll before 
or prior to the shooting* 

I was interflowed in Jurenile Bureau at approximately 7>0O by The 
Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Bookout* 

Respectfully submitted. 

C« C* walla#* I Lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 

Burglary * Theft Bureau 


Kg T ea bar Zk f 

Mr* J. E, Curiy 
Chief of Police 

Subject i Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald* 

Sir i 

At the time that Oswald was being brought down from the Jail, I 
waa stationed next to the door leading to the Jail office* Prior 
to Oswald coming out, a T. Y. Camera vae pushed out of the base- 
ment lobby into the basement* There were three men pushing the 
Camera* The man with the green shirt was on the right and the 
man with the black rain coat was on the left* The third person 
was in the oenter and had on a dark suit. He was bent orer low 
behind the camera pushing on the base* The camera was pushed 
down the ramp into the parking area hut was not hooked up* After 
the shooting the camera was being pushed up the ramp by two men. 
The man in the dark suit was not one of them* I stopped the two 
men and asked them where the other man was that helped them push 
the camera out* They stated that no one was with them. 

After the shot, I Jumped on the man and had him by the left ana. 

I held thie position till we reached the jail office door where 
I had to release my hold so they could get inside the jail off lot* 
After they got inside I stood guard on the door* 


Mr. J. 8. Gurry 
Chief of Police 

Dto«^r 3» 1963 

Rot Interview with Mr. f. J . Daniels 
2229 Suitor 


On ilovmber 29, 1963, Mr. V. J. Daniels woo interviewed by tho 
undersigned offlooro a* to on y info motion bo night boro con- 
coming tbo o hoot lag of Loo Harvey Oswald and if bo could giro 
any Info mat! on ao to how Jock Ruby gained entrance to tho 
hismcnt of tbo City Hall. 

A lengt h y into rr low wag bold with Mr. Danlolo and an aff ldavit- 
la-faot taken - copy attached. 

Mr. II. J. Danlolo stated at the tine of this interview that ho 
had not boon contacted by any Federal agency. 

Respectfully oubnlttod. 

F. I. Cornwall 

Lieutenant, Special Service Bureau 


f Jack Revill 
( Lieutenant, 

it. Special Service Bureau 

Site Insure t 




BEFORE ME,_Ann Schrsiber 

a Notary Public in and for said County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared P<nl6l8| 

2229 Sutter, Dallas Texas, FR J^-6l79. _ 

Who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deooses and says- 0** Sunday , November 2l± t & t 

approximately ll:00 A.M., I came up to the ‘lain Street ramp to t he 
baaement of the city hall. I was standing on the Western Union side 
of the ramp and I spoke to Offioer Vaughn, he was on duty at that 
location. Officer Vaughn was standing in the center of the ramp 
keeping people from entering the basement of the oity hall. I had been 
standing there several minutes when a squad car drove up the ramp with 
three officers inside, they drove on to Main Street and turned west 
on Main. At this time Officer Vaughn stepped out into the middle of 
Main Street and stopped the west bound traffic on Main ao this squad 
car oould make its turn on Main Street. For a brief moment while 
Officer Vaughn was blocking traffic, the ramp entrance at this location 
was left unguarded. I was standing at the east corner of the ramp 
and turned to watch Offioer Vaughn atop the traffic. From the position 
where I was standing it was impossible for anyone to walk behind me 
and gain entrance into the basement. I did not notice anyone walk in 
front of me and go into the basement. At this time I was thinking to 
myself that if I saw anyone go in I would so advise Offioer Vaughn. 
After stopping traffic for this squad oar Offioer Vaughn took up his 
duties in the middle of the ramp. Several minutes later I stepped 
out towards the street so that I oould have a better view down the 
ramp. As I did so I notioed a white male, approximately 50 years of 
age, 5'10" 9 weighing about 155-1&0#, wearing a dark(blue or brown) 
single breasted suit, white shirt, and d w?k colored tie, this man was 
not wearing a hat, he had light colored nlr thinning on top, round 
faoe, kind of small head, fair complexion, he was not wearing an over- 
coat nor was ha carrying one but he did have his right hand inside of 
his right suit coat pocket, approaohing the ramp from the direction 
of the Western Union. This person walked in the ramp and into the 
basement going between Offioer Vaughn and the east side of the build- 
ing. Officer Vaughn at this time was w^tding at the top of the ramp 
in the middle of it facing towards Mein. I did not see Offioer Vaughn 
challenge this person nor did he shew a n y s ign s of reco g nising him, 


Notary Public, Dallo* County, Texat 




(page two) 

BEFORE ME, Aim SChreiber 


(continued frompsge one) 

Who, after being by mo dufy sworn, on oath deposes and sayS; 

nor even being aware that he was 

passing, but I know that he saw him. It struck me odd at the time 
that Officer Vaughn did not say something to this man. Approximately 
two minutes after this man had walked down the ramp I saw quite a 
bit of movement in the basement outside the Jail office and then I 
heard a shot. Prom the time that I first spoke to Officer Vaughn 
until X heard the shot, which was approximately a period of twenty- 
five minutes, at no time did I see anyone leave or enter the basement 
of the city hall from the ramp entrance on Ha in Street except one 
squad car which contained three officers and this one unknown white 
man who entered. On Monday, November 25, 1963# at approximately 
9*00 a*M* f tiff leer Vaughn called me on the telephone at home and asked 
me If X had noticed anyone going into the basement while Lieutenant 
Pierce was coming out, I told him "no' 1 X did not* He told me ha was 
fro the red about the possibility that someone could have gone in there 
while Lieutenant Pierce and the other two off leers 8 were Coming out 
in the squad car* I told him "no, I did not.' 1 But I did not mention 
the other fellow X saw go in because I was sure he had seen him. 


-A.D, 1963 

. l r.sii i.ifei* 


Jeoembar X?, 196? 

nr. j. is. Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

Cub j acts Polygraph examination given to 
H. J. Daniels C/ri/32 


At JtlO I.K., December 11, 196?, a polygraph examination was given 
to H. J* Daniel*. 

This examination woe given to determine if nr. Daniels was telling 
the truth in the str- tenant be had given. 

During the pre-tee t interview with nr. Daniels, he stated that be 
was sure tho person he stated he had seen enter the city hall base— 
sent was not <7ack Suby, Be stated that he was shown a picture of 
Jack Huby and that Ruby did not look like the person he stated that 
he had seen. He was very confused during this Interview and stated 
he was not sure of anything in his statement. Ha also stated that 
be felt like the squad he saw come out of the basement had enough 
tine to get to the county jail before this person entered the base- 
sent of the city ball. 

He was then placed on the polygraph and the following pertinent ques- 
tions were staked sad answers given. 

1. Have you told the complete truth im the statement you gave? 
Answers Tea Indications Pals* 

?.* Have you delibcratly made up any of this story? 

Answers Ho Indications Pals* 

3. Do you think the person you stated you saw enter tba base- 
ment at that time wee deck Ruby? 

Answers So Indication: True 

4. Did you actually sec tb- person you described come from tho 
direction of the astern Union? 

Answer; Tee Indications Falsa 

5. Do you think this person entered the basement of the city 
hall after the squad drove out? Old not answer this ques- 

- 1 - 


SoY«itw 29, 1963 


I left the City Kali at approximately 10*50 &ti< for 
mj traffic assignment at Central and ila Streets. 

I do not know Jack Ruby and never hoard of hla until 
tbi* incident. 

November 27 , 1963 

tift* J* E. Curry 
Chief of police 

Subject: Special Assignment Of Officer 

T* R* Gregory j70_84£ On 
Sunday, November *24, 19&3 


At 9:00 A*M* , Sunday , November 24, I 963 I was working Squad 93 
with Officer H* J# Wages* We received a call to report to 
Station 511 > We arrived at Station 511 at 9*^5 A#K* and 
remained there until 9:^0 A.K, 

At that tine we were told to go to the basement of the 
City Halit {There X was assigned to the comer of Central and 
Sim Streets* I was to stop all traffic at that comer when the 
Special Detail flashed its lights at me t and then follow behind to 
the County Jail to help with the crowd control- 

At apprc:dmiately 11; 50 A.M* we were told to report to Parkland 
Hospital for an assignment there* 

Respectfully subaitted, 

»-j ? i-Q- ^ 

Thomas E, Gregory 
Patrolman $1848 

Patrol Division 


Mr. 3» Guriy 
Chiftf of Folia* 

Daoaabar S # 1965 

Rai Intarvlaw with Hobart Hajtkal 
4235 , Aptrtaaat 214 



Mr* Rottkal mi intarriawad at oppraxlmatalj 4*20 p.*«, 
Doaaabar 4 # 1963* Ha mi oputtinf with CBS-Uti Cmra 
on tha Sut aldo of th« drlvuuay. Hr. Hoakal lUUd ha 
414 not know Jock fefcy and boll* haj with tha aaaart, ha 
had no opportunity to aoa hi* until tha tin* tha a hot Mi 
ha lag firod. Mr. Mankul fWtad hla idantifi cation tat 
boon ahaahai whan ha anfcarad tha baaaant. 

Wa eon toot ad Hr. Frits Kulor of IRL&-T? and aoda orrango- 
■onto to obtain tha platurao tofcan by Hobart Nanfcal. 

Tha y should ha ready aoMtlua today. 

ftaapaatfully outwitted. 

Lieutenant , Burglary 4 Theft Bureau 

C. C. Hallaae 

Uiid«»t| Jvranila Buraau 

(3 £ 

Varenber >O t 19 ^> 

Mr* J. £* Currjr 
Chi f of Polio# 


fiai interview #f Hooerre Officer. 

Patrol*#* Oiir»r N# Mar risen, 413 

o# HiTMtir 10, lfi3 B**#rve offllvr, Patrol### 
OliTor *. SAffiNi 1 ru UimltvH bjr ikt wrftf- 
slgae4 of floor* aa li emy iafflraitiM he «4ht lit* 
coaeeralag th« it«oli»| of Loo ler*ey Oewel* which 
Ma sot covered 1* hi# eriglnal report dated 
Hovemb mr 27 , 1943* 

Patrolman H*r r l**n ntated that th* anly 41** 

«r«pu«j In bio origin#! rtport lo that h* van 
assigned to t:*o Kuaieipal loll ding and not to tb# 
Polio* Mid Booordo landing aa bio original re part 
abated* in thin first report was given by telephone, 
Harrison feel# that ha was probably aiauadoratood 
by tb# p« roan taking the report* 

Barr loon further at* tea that ho ha* act bean eoa- 
tan tad by any federal ago##/ at thia time* 

Heaps* tf ally submitted* 

November 27* 1963 

Kr, J. £• Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963 , to the best of my knowledge and recollection, 

1* Approximate time I reported to duty, 10:00 A, H, 

2, I reported to Lt, Merrell in Assembly Hoorn, 

3, I was assigned 

Shortly after I arrived I was assigned to the sidewalk on the south 
side of the City Hall near the ramp exit. Some regular officers 
were guarding the ramp exit. After a few minutes a man who I recog- 
nized to be a detective asked me to see that the glass doors at the 
top of the steps of the police and courts building were kept closed, 
and no on© to leave or enter, I remained in this position for about 
30 minutes after the shooting, 

4, Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Rea* Lt, Suits, Montgomery, A, W, Capps, and several I do not know 
names of, 

5* Did you know Ruby? No. 

6, Vtfien and under what circumstance ** ^ EitW? 

bcvaakar > 0 * 1965 

J • E* Curry 
Ahiaf of Kollo# 

tie* -hosting of l*?o Jtarroy Aev&ld 
Interview of . J» Harrison 


f J* Barrison vao interview**! by Lieufcfc^hr fca .* ailaco and K* 0. 
iigCaghraa at 12 nonti on Kovanbor 2;* lf/6?# interview was saton* 

t tally the a&o# at M origin *J report dated ffnv^bar 27 # 1 £J* Aha 

following vat added bj V. J, Harrlaoni 

I was aoolgncd to the basement of the Cit Kali by Captain art in • X 
was there approximately X * in tea fc*for* fcf.a f rieionar uswald was 
brought out onto the rasp, trior to thifc I to, it p a pool between the 
wait vail of the drive wav and tho ra**p« a . ro#all| the television 
lights were to loft a^d tharc was a report #r with a Elks* vlo la 
•hewn in th# picture t-f the rhcatlngi et/sndin^ tc y right* t 
Oewaid and the oaoertr cure t on tho rajerpi J&ok t>y f w* ~ I brivo 
known for nav^ra! y*are In^ed aet ^0 on * y left 1" ' and waa , 
lag hi a g-.m at the tim#* I in.^adiately rcc - ^ i -o - 1 i' c- ahoMtod p 
"Jack*" I triod to grab him at ho ;-*nr«4 n# # 

duty war not in th& crowd ri. r t' til- t . -a. 

As t'e tho tin{: vk*2 over* 1 hold ub> ovr- lie* u- Ui r f ' tear 
•earehed him* 1 M« vtn v&* itaptain trig* J recOl uby 

•ay lug v “Yna all know ao, A^c^ ‘vby** no 5 i r-c r aaV A fci» vtj 

ha did tt, = n fo nrewurot* *T hope 1 killo '' t> c * » ?. rt 

*£utoy was t&k'm tc the J^il of fie# ar,^ tfrers plae«ti or* th# Jail ele- 
vator which was run by Officer Lewis* Captain 'ing, ^yeelf, an* a- 
n other officer, 1 do not recall who* took the prisoner to ths 5J& floor 
I raaall *uity a mating on the alavato r ( w 3o yo\, tr,ink i f m going to lat 
the nan who a/iot our President gat away vi|i it? n 

I hnrm pravlouaiy talkad to tha ftdaial Buraau of Invest *gatios regard* 
lag this aattar* 

Ae»^ aub'-itfeadf 

L— ^ *■ ^ r. CrC--C^ . _* — 

Cm 0* Aallaaa* Llaato] 
Juwnlla Buraaa 

S.S-^9 -feett. 

r A^jL^ 


Tt c* K#Jaghr#o # i* -ta-.ant 

Burglary & ^haft Bureau 


December 7 , 1963 

Hr, J* £■ Curry 
Ghlflf of Polioi 

Her Second Interview of 

Officer *• J. Hajvia<*\ 

This Interview mss on December 1, 19&3, Further Info naat ion 
obtained froa Officer tlarriaon during thi* Interview brought 
out other Inf creation that we considered to bo iaportant. 

Ho stated he could not rtawibor exactly where any of the 
of floors tfir« that were standing hlo. Ho moiban 

2 automobiles going out the Ml n 1st root mop and believes 
that the loot autoiaoLd lo to leave the bae«a«ii nos oc- 
cupied by Lieutenant fierce and other of fleers . H* eald 
the auto a to pod at the K&ln street an trace and stayed 
there a very short tine. He aald he glanced up the reap 
several times and wea looking toward the Main Street reap 
when lieutenant Pierce 1 « auto Bade a luft turn Into Kain 
Street. He also said he did not observe anyone cooing 
down the reap on Pain Street. 

Heepectfuily submitted. 

i $ ii'&UdtL 

C, C. VtUui 

Lieutenant, Juvenile Bureau 



About sevao or eight ainutes before the shooting, 1 as si® tod a 
patrolman driving a squad car to go out the Main street fu«p 
because the Goamarc# Street Heap was blocked. 

About four or five id nut e a after this, Lt* Fierce drove a squad oar out the 
Main Street Ramp* I a&aleted hi* In getting through the croud* This 
wii about tw or four minutes before the shooting* 

Bovember 24, 19 6 5 

Mr. J. B. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject i Shooting of Leo Earvey Oswald* 


I was standing about half-way between the West wall of the 
driveway and the rail* As the detectives brought the prisoner 
out, Jack Buby cams by mo from my left side with the gun in 
hie hand* As he came by me the gun was about a foot from me 
in Jack 1 & right hand* As he shot I made a move to get him 
and went to the floor with him as there were about sir (6) of 
us on him at one time. X tried to grab the hand that held the 
pistol and the pistol was knocked out of Jack's hand after we 
were on the floor. 1 remember Detectives Cutchshaw and Lowery 
being on him as well as other officers. I could not say where 
he (Jack) came from. All I know Is that he oame from the rear 
and left of us. 

After we took him in the Jail Office and was putting the hand- 
cuff a on him, he (jack) said, "I hope I killed the S. 0. B* H * 
That is all he said until I left him on the fifth floor jail 
with some of the detect Ives. 

Bespectfully submitted, 

Patrolman, 11^579 

Juvenile Bureau 

Criminal Investigation Division 

December 16, 1963 

Hr* J. S» Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject i 

examination gi Tea to 

» Harriaotu 


At 4i25 P-H. , December 15, 196J, a polygraph examination was given to 
Hr* William J* Harrison* 

fill* examination was given to determine if Hr* Harrison vma telling the 
truth In the statement he had given. Also to determine if he saw Jack 
Buhj cone into the basement of the City Hell prior to the shooting of 
I/Oe Harvey Donald. 

During the pre-teat interview with Hr* Harrison, he stated that he was 
not sure that he saw the Police squad actually make a left tun on Hein 
Street* He also stated that he did not recognise Jack Ruby until about 
the tine the shot was fired* 

the anamination indicated that Hr* Harrison did not see Jack Ruby until 

shout the time the shot vss firsd* 

the following is a list of the pertinent questions asked and answers 

1* Did you actually see Jack Ruby enter the basement of the City 


Answer i Ho Indication i True 

2* Did you recognize this nan te be Jack Ruby at the tine of the 

Answer i Tea Indication! True 

5* Did you see Jack Ruby that day before he brushed beside you? 
Answer! Ho Indication! True 

4* Did you see Jack Ruby come down the Halm Street ramp just before 
the shooting? 

An swart Ho Indication! True 

5* Did you see Jack Ruby anywhere In the basement of the City Hall 
before the shooting? 

Answer i Ho Indication i True 

December 16, 1969 

Page 2 

6* Sid you grab »t Jaok Ruby about tba tine of the shooting? 
Anawari Ton Indication; Trua 

7* Did you spook to J aok Ruby that day before the shooting? 
Answer t Vo Indication! True 

All of the above Questions were repeated during this examination with 
the suae answers given and sane indications noted* 

Respectfully submitted. 

Detective of Polios 
Identification Bureau 


November 2?, 19&3 

Mr. J. E* Curry 

Chief of Folio a 


This is a statement of facts relating to ny activity as a Reserve Officer 

Sunday* November 24* 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty. 9:00 A, M. f 

2 m I reported to It. Merrell in Assembly room, 

3* I was in a group of five Reserves assigned to assist in the Houston- 
ETlm area. While we were waiting for transportation (30 or 40 minutes) 
in the basement parking area* I assisted in holding and placing the 
TV Camera cables that were being set up. We were taken to the Houston- 
Elm area by a police squad. 

4, Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

L. ft* Bridges* T, D m Clinkscales. 

5# Did you know Ruby? No, 

6« Whan and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

Never did see him* 

December 12, 1963 

Paga 2 

6. Have you seen tile person you described la your statement 
around the city hall before? Did not answer this question. 

7. Have you given s true description of the person you stated 
you sew enter the basenent of the olty bell? 

Answer « Tea Xndloatlont false 

8. Did you actually see the person you described enter the beso- 
aent of the city hall? 

Answer! Too Indies ti on ■ False 

9. Did yon get a good look at this person? 

Answer i Yes Indication* False 

Host of the shove questions were repeated on other cherts with the 
ease answers given end sane lnd lotions noted. 


Respectfully submitted. 



THd ST AT it Of TKIA5 




a Notary Public in and for said 

•aid Cotinty, State of Texae, on this day personally 


anpaarad Juti &. PaTidioa - ATM Wadsswood. Bslalrs, 7^ - no L-ra6 

Who, aft or being by ne duly sworn, on oath deposes and aayat 

I was in Dallas to cover tha assess i ration of President Kennedy. I was cal lad 
by ABC of Now York on Friday afternoon, November 22 to represent than. 1 
arrived in Dallas shot* 7*15 p.n. Friday, Novanbar 22, 1963* My crow and I 
warn a at up an tha third floor of tha Polio a and Courts Building noat tha tins. 
Warran Ferguson - fraa la no a - sound nan - 5406 Windswept, Houston, MO 5-6461, 
was tha sound am and Bill Lord, Staff Reporter for ABC - Maw lark, 7 West 
66th Street, Naw York, 36, was in control. Wa worked from tha third floor of 
tha Police and Courts Building Friday night, all day Saturday and sort of 
Saturday night. Since tha shooting of Oswald Sunday noming, November 24, 1963, 

Z hare seen Ruby personally while photographing his and her# also seen pictures 
of his. To the best of ay knowledge, I never saw Jack Ruby prior to the shooting 
of Oswald on Sunday, November 24, 1963. 

On Sunday mo ruing, Bill Lord aoved vs to the jail of flea to cover tha transfer 
of Oswald to tha County Jail. This waa abend. gi30 a. a. From 8i30 a. a. until 
about 10 1 00 a.n. I spent moat of tha tljai standing on a shelf with a oanera 
waiting far Oswald to sows out of tha elevator. This shelf la on tha last wall 
ef tha jail effloe. 

Warran Ferguses was with mm as tha sound nan. Bill Lord had bean called to one 
of tha pay phonos Just outside tha jail office and ha ransinod on this phone to 
New York to keep tha line open before and during tha sheeting of Oswald. 

At about LOiOO a.n. an officer ease idto tha jail effiee and stated wa would 
have to alnar the roan. Everyone but tha police personnel were moored. 


Janes ft. Drridton - A70i Wedgewood, Bela ire, T«u« - HO 4-320* 

ViWfi Fergus an and I then stt up in the ball just out aide the jell office 
where I could gti a picture of Oswald through the Jail office window M ha 
loft tha ml orator, Me stayed hart until tha officers brought Oswald off 
the ilffiWr and through tha Jail office door into the ifAmrac to tha 
parking araa. I got ten* novie flln of Oswald and tha officer# leaving tha 
elevator and going through th# jail office, I than followed through tha 
double doors into tha entry araa to tha parking araa. I wee out aid a tha 
double doora taking sound aorta at tha tiaa tha shot was find. There wars 
a nuuber of people between ns and Os^ld and thass people block ad my lino 
of vision as 1 did not gat a good shot of Oswald. Matin Ferguson was with 
mm during this tins* A cluster of officers r s e n tered th* Jail offies and X 
basked into tha hallwaj Just outside the Jail office and took shots of tha 
activity in tha jail office through tha jell office window* After the jail 
office wee cleared, X want Inside and received perwlealon trm a lieutenant 
to photograph tha Ineide of tha jail office. 

Either a UPX or a CBS eaaeraasn wee in the Jail office prior to IQtOO a.n. 
on Sunday naming, Uov«ber 2k, 1963- Hie sewd crew was with him, but at 
about 10»3Q a, a* tha sound crew was cent to cover an Interview with Mare. 
Carnally at Parkland, Tha U?I or CBS Meranan had a Boles hand canare 
and until we ware cleared from the jail office, ha stood at the hast counter 
inside the jail office* A two nan BBC craw was alec in tha Jail office 
standing at tha sans counter with the UPI or CBS nan. tfhsn the jail office 
was cleared the IK crew sal the UPI or CBS mm waved to the corridor outside 
the Jail office with m and all of us were taking pictures through the seat 

Ac coon sc the JUG crew bad photographed Oswald leaving the elevator, they 
teak their eqalpMBt and ran down th# corridas inside the falls# and Courts 
B ui l d i n g toward Cose roe Street to attsapt to obtain a picture of Oswald being 
driven to the County Jail. 

The UPI or CBS nan after photographing Oswald iff the elevator ran out 

tha doubla do are ottering the beccasnt jerking area ahead of Oswald. 1 
understand he got pictures of the shooting and that ha got knoekad down 
during tha uclcc. 


Jumi ft* DaTldaon - 4708 ^*dg*w>od f EeUire, Tax** * MO 4*3204 

I don't r*c*ll *nj of th* oih*r prm I* r#pr*#*nt*tiT** that war* uraoent in 
®r *rwu*d th* ar*a wh*r* Oowald waa *h«4. 

Wh*n I entered th* b&**»*nt on Sunday no ruing, ibv*d>tr 24, 1963, «y aredantiala 
war* *h«k*d by a polic • of floor 4« wt l*ft th* el*r*tor. I did not tan any 
ld*ntlfi*atlon pinnad on ay clothe* • I wae In and out of th* t»**wit 2 or 3 
tiw* during th* woralftg of Hmreabor 24, 1963. My orodantlaia w*r* ebaekad 
***h tiiM I r*tum*d to th* jail office 

I bar* been interviewed by an agent of th* Federal Bureau of Investigation. 


Hovember 26, 196? 

V t -w 

Captain J* M. Solomon 

Dallas Police Be serve Coordinator 

Dallas Police Department 

2828 Shorecreot Drive 

Dallai 35, Texas 

Dear Captain Solomon I 

X reported for duty in the Assembly Boom, Sunday, November 24, 
I963, at approximately 8:30 AM* I waited in the Assembly Boom until 
I was assigned to help search the basement garage* I searched care in 
spaces one through 16 and the two cars beside the outbound ramp* I 
also crawled behind the air conditioning machinery beside the 
outbound ramp to make sure no one was there. X was then assigned to 
the corner of Commerce and Harwood with Reserve Officer Harold Jacobs 
and was instructed to allow no one to pass down the north sidewalk of 
Commerce unless they were police officers or had a "press card*" 

I stopped traffic at this intersection to allow the armored car 
turn from Harwood on to Commerce * I was standing on the northeast 
corner of Commerce and Harwood when the shooting took place* 

A few seconds after the shot was fired, a detective ran out and 
~ T instructed us to seal off all exits* X proceeded to the Harwood exit 

and there Sgt. Putman and I apprehended a suspect who was running 
down the hall on the Court's floor of City Hall* I put my handcuffs 
on him, took him to the Homicide Bureau and stayed with him for about 
30 minutes* Detectives then released the suspect and me and X returned 
to the Assembly Boom* -'“"""I 

X did not see Buby until about 6;00 JM when I reported to the . 
?th floor Jail to guard him with Reserve Officer D* J* McDonald* 
Until that time X had never met Hr* Ruby* 

tfoTuabar Ijfci 

frr* 3* Zm Curry 

Chief of io la* 
i*tr t 

*Ci Interview of AmerT« Officer i 
I’airoltmfi Cohort T* Darla, 937 

cn Ho yam kit r >j a 1963 keearra Oft icor, fatrolnsn 
Robert t 9 Darla wee istirvLtrid by the under- 
*lgn*d officers ae to any in for .atio- h# flight 
ii»r» concerning the afcooiing of Lee tiarrcy 
•eruld which ea* not covered in hi* original re* 
port dated kerreoi or P£, I96j># 

J itr haring rvad him original report* Deris 
stated that tnere la nothing of significance 
which ha could add to tbia firnt re ort* 

Daria further states that a* this tins ha hoi; 
not boon contacted by nay federal agency* 

Respect fully submitted. 

t* lm Cornwall, Lieut* 
dpecial derrice Aar ecu 


IIqv ember Z7 % 19&3 

It. J# £+ Curry 
Chi : f of Police 

I should like to submit the following report of the 
events occurring in the bao.v.ent cn ,i cv ember 2A- f 19 o 3 * 

I was on duty in th© ku to Thoft Bureau beginning at 3; 00 a,::i. 

I vac told to stand bj in the office until further notice* 
it approximately llshj a.;:;* all members of our bureau on duty, 
except the desk man , went to the b; of the City hall 

and waited in the corridor juit outsiao the jail office* 

About fifteen minutes later the prisoner was brought do^ to 
the jail office and wo heard he vrss ba^ng brought thr ugh 
the office* At this ti .e I closed the double doors and held 
then, not allow lag anyone throu ;h these doors as he was es- 
corted out the door of the booking office* 

X could see the prisoner for a few seconds through the doors 
glass partition* At this tiac I heard a shot f but could not 
coo the prisoner cr the person who fired the shot* The photo- 
grap hers in the corridor behind me had to make their pictures 
through the glass* Then t..e prisoner was token back 
tie booking office until the a, . balance arrived and he was 
placed in it with officers escorting him. 

I did not seo lb© man who fired the shot because he was L stled 
out of sight into the jail office and elevator. I did ni>t see 
the man before or after the shot was fired, but heard the name 
Jock Ruby colled out as the nan who shot the prisoner* 

X was told by Captain Jones to remain cn this door until 
relieved and check everyone who entered or exited for their 
credentials, as Press Photographers, Irons Reporters, and 
authorised Police and City of Pallas civilian personnel on 
duty* X was relieved about thirty minutes later by Lieutenant 
E. 3* Pierce who said I could return to my office* 

Yim L# Dawson 

Criminal Investigation Division 

flovoatar >o t 1965 

J • Cujriy 
Chlof of rollon 

Ho 1 ^hooting of Loo iiarowy Oovnld 
infeirrltv of Harold Jaw non 


Harold ^avoon wan i&tirvimd at l itOp* on Kovonbor 29 * 1965 by 
Houtonanto '* U* *allaeo an 4 I . ft, MoC aghron* Onoaon addod tho 
following to hie original nt-orti 

1 taro rt*rtftd the atit«3«nt 2 Mdi 27 , 1965* *ho only 

aornotlM 1 wo ild like to oak# la In tho tin* oloaent* vhiob 
ooourod approxloatoly 50 or ko ni&utoo earlier than 1 originally 
ota tod* 

At approalaatoiy Ilil5 2 woo ■ilopatoi.od to tho bate ant of tho City 
Hall t; Lt# haart to act aa security Tor Loo Oswald* vhon vo got to 

tho taoo oat, wo waited in thu Jail oorricor up pronina tely 15 einutoo# 

^o than hoard that ^ avoid vmo on hi# way down* >*nd v ore voro aowm 
photograph* ro 1 oad re tor tor* on the phonos* 1 0 lotted the oora and 
wouldn't lot tbon ooae onto tho oorridor, eo taat ho ono could eono 
in boMn-i no* So ami tola ran to clone tho core# 

*hoii tm woo abot, ± non at too wane r l«oe* 1 hear^ the abet, but 

X couldn't ooo hint or tho nan who hot tila* 

1 vc,. Id also like to add that I know Jack Ji uby by aigut iiaJ wo -Id 
rooogniao him if X oav hint but X have not aeon kin in tho City .-*11* 

hnvf? talk fd to Federal Bttroau of InTOetignfcio® Agent Carlson, and 
I explained to him that I had guooood at the tino la ny original re- 
port, and wan probably in error* 

doopootfUly outaittodf 

C* Cm allaoop Lieutenant 

Juvenile Bureau 


November 26 , 19&3 

Kr. J* E. Curry 
Chief of Polio « 

Subject: Assignment Of Sergeant 

Patrick T* Dean On 
Sunday i November 24, 1963 


On Sunday t November 24, 1963 at approximately 91OO A*M, f I 
was advised by Lieutenant R* S. Fierce to take a group of 
men and thoroughly search the garage portion of the basement* 

This assignment was in preparation and security purposes in 
the transfer of Harvey Lee Oswald* U/M/24, to the County Jail 
from the City Jail* 

v * 

I then obtained thirteen (13) Reserve Officers from the Detail 
Room and with the aid of Sergeant J* A* Putnam, Officers L* E* 

Jez, and A* R* Brook we conducted a systematic search of the 
basement* The man were advised to check very carefully the 
oars, trucks, and the overhanging pipes, and air conditioning 
ducts* Before the search was started at the northern side of 
the basement*, the following men were assigned at these locational 

B* 0* Patterson Top of ramp on Commerce 

R* E* Vaughn Top of ramp on Main 

A* R* Brook Basement Elevators 

R* C* Nelson Basement Entrance Prom City Hall 

Reserve Officer South Portion Of Basement At The 

Engine Room Entrance 

These men were advised to permit no one In the basement other than 
properly Identified pressmen or law-- enforcement officers, and not 
to leave these assignments for any reason until relieved, by either 
myself or Sergeant Putnam, 

The above assignments were later supplemented by the officers as 

L* E* Jen Top Commerce Street Ramp 

L* C* Taylor Top Commerce Street Ramp 

In addition numerous reserve officers (names of which I did not 
retain) were assigned to these locations* 

At approximately 11:00 A*M* an armored oar was backed into the Commerce 
Street Exit to the basement, ^ 

6 ? 

Page 2 

Shortly after* approximately lit If? A+M* , Lieutenant Pierce 
approached me just outside the Jail Of floe and advised me 
to ride in the Armored Oar and to give him two (2) officers 
to go with him in hi a oar* I advised Sergeant Putnam to get 
an unused gned man (Sergeant Maxey) and go with Lieutenant 

I then went to the Armored Gar and remained approximately 
five minutes until I heard the shot and saw the commotion 
at the hot tom of the ramp which was approximately fifty ( 50 ) 
feet from me* 

I immediately ran to the location to assist the officer* with the 

It was then, while the doteotivoe had the suspeot on the floor, 
that I recognised him (the suspect) as Jack Ruby* 


I knew Jack Ruby as the manager of the Carousel Club located in 
the 1500 block of Gommeroe. 1 met him while I was assigned as 
a sergeant on Zone 100 which Includes the location of the Carousel 

t * 

At no time during the day had I seen Jack Ruby either in nor 
around the City Hall* In fact I have not seen him for several 

At approximately 12; 00 Noon Chief Gurry contacted me just outside 
his office and instructed me to escort Mr* Forrest V* Sorrells, 

Agent in oharge of the local Secret Service, to the Fifth Floor 
Jail for Mr* Sorrells to interview Mr. Ruby . 

After Mr* Sorrells Interrogated the- subject I questioned Ruby as 
to how he had entered the basement and the length of time he had 
been there* Ruby thbn stated to me in the presence of Sorrells that 
he had entered the basement through the ramp entering on Main Street* 
He further stated that he would estimate his total time as about three 
minutes before the detectives brought Oswald into his view, then he 
immediately shot him (Oswald)* 

Patrick T# Dean • 
Sergeant of Police 
Patrol Division 


December 3, 1963 

aTATiMOfl OF f. T. QBAhs 

1 know Jack Ruby would reoofnlae him on aifht. 

1 did not mo him in or about tho City hall prior to tho ahoetiaf . 
All other facta are core red la ay report of hovembor 26, 1963* 

D«d«b<i 8 , 1963 

Hr* J* £« Curv 7 
C hlmf ©f Poll** 

&U£JfcC?i Infarmatlom oobovibJai artlelm 
jmblinhmd Dmmonbmr 8, 19&3* 

Dmilmm TiMm Harold# 


On ON«ib«f 7 , 1963 i mt mpproMnmttly Ii 30 P.H#* 1 rNiivid a 
tolopbmn* ©all at my tan Iron m pmromn idmntlfyimc hinmolf 
mm Donrln Fmymm, r«pr«»mntmtlT* •! Uw Dallam Timmm Hcrtld* 

Hr* Piyii mtmtod him rommorn fmr idliii warn it ytrlfy otmtm- 
Kt&kt mad* by mm to thm Eadim mod Tolmvlmlmm low* Hodlm om 
Novmmhmr 24* JL96J shortly mftor thm nmnmmoimmtloa of Loo Horroy 
Omld (aocummd mmMmminmtor of Promidomf John fit&gormld 

Hr* Pmyno thmrn mmkod moiorml qoomtiono portmining to that 
UtinrlM of Rovonbor 2% 1943* Hr* fiyu's qua* t loom •*«#d 
to bm ymoliWg of thm UtorHtw 1m qmostlon* 

I mill qnoto thorn mo moor mm yommihlo mm tfcoy wora mmfcod* in 
tholr moqumeco mad mloo my mmovoro, whlmh voro noorly mlwmym 
In thm ftffiraiti?* or nogntlro# 

Hr* Pmynoi - n Umrm you at tha immrod Car Mhmm the mhofc worn firodT" 




Pay mot 


"Sid yau aaa tlM )inw that find th« ahot at tha 
tlM it wa flnit* 




"Sid you aaa tha farm that find tha ahat akartly 
aftar it w* find?" 




Par 001 


"Wharal *a» ha laaida tha jail afflaa aad oa tha 
flaar at that tlaaf" 



1 m - ha aaa a* tha flaw aad tala* natralaad and 
haadaaffad 1 * aavaral plaiaalathaa affloara." 

Pay am i 


"Sid yaa naagaiaa tha aubjaat at that tin aa a 
paraoa yaa kam fey alghtt" 




6 ? 7 


Pi|* 2 

Fapnat - "M2 you or ki 2 |*a mm tkU ptrui prior to this 
tine la or tmi2 tti City Eilit" 

laowert - "Bo." 

Papaei - "And 7*u didn't mo this poroon enter fra the Mala 
street reap?" 

Anewera - "Definetelp not." 

Pupnei - "Did pen ooo u/tklai at tkt tlao of the oliootlasf" 

I unowned ky tklo qweotiea that bo aooat o flank f rm tko gun- 
fire and X aakod kin wan tklo what ho noont and ho oald /os. 

Z than odflood Ua that X oaw awoke fro* tko bloat, and X ran 
lanedlatelp to tko Mono to eantrol tko orowd. 

Tklo tonilnatad klo qaostlono and X waited Nr. Papne tko raoooo 
for bln a ailing an all tklo woo old mown. Bo than otatod ko 
wan Jwat verifping tklo interview and that ka didn't really know 
what tko tinea Harold woo going to do with tklo Information, 

I nado vmM »rj oloar to Hr . Foma that X hod not Mon dwbp 
ot oajrtlno before tko ahtirtl og In or around tko Clip Hall. 

On Bandar wkan I arrived at ng kMO X aotlood tko oukjoot artlolo 
and road anno with nook Intoroat and raanhod tko oonolualon that 
tklo artlolo peeaiblp had evolved froa tko telephone eeuveroatloa _ 
on tko previeaa dor* 

1 lanodlatolr oollod an oogaalatanoo and frlond that la employed 
tgr tko Tlnoo Harold to aooortala tko ldoatlt/ of tko roportor 
and into poroon otatod that ka did not know who had wrlttoa tko 
artlolo. X than aotlood tko anno of a roportor in tko ano 
edition. Hr. Hob fenlep, and X oollod kin, idoatlflod v**lf and 
aakod kin if ho would advloe no who had writ too tko artlolo. Hr. 
Bonier otatod that ho didn't know for ware and related ooveral 
aonoo of po ra o n o that would hare boon on dot/ and motioned tko 
nano of tklo Darwin Pome. I rooogniaad thin an the poroon that 
had oollod no. 

X than oollod Hr. Pupae at bio hone, telep h one WH £- 5892 , and 
aakod kin if ho had wrlttoa the artlolo and ho otatod that ko 

The following are qweotleao and aaoworo I aakod of Hr. Pupae 
daring tklo telephone eon vernation. 

'iweotloni • "Wkp did pan print that X hod mow Bnhp enter the 

Hr. Papno than anoworodt • "well, X thought that pan had aeon 


pm* 5. 

^HiUtU - "What I*d t« halloas UdaT* 

umwi - "TkU mi a tat *4 ia ;nr fitvlN* iatsrwiaw. " (tiolating 

to tha arietta UttrUt* of Kavwbw 2h, 1963.) 

I thaa ototod to Rr. P«|M that Z had as war aado «ul a atataaoat to 
hla or l»|on to oahotaatlato thla aanaluados. Nr* myaa than otatod 
that ha had road to ao ay arigianl latandw and X had oaafliaad all 
tho atataaoat a la tha ortialo aad that ho ouuld provs thaa. X adalood 
Ub again that I had aot • aad thaa a Aad him who ra ho had obtain ad a 
t«|) of ay lntarrlaw. 

Hr. P«|M thaa asaasd to or ado thld qaaatloa aad aakod aa to lot hla 
ooll tho paraoa that had giran hla thlo aaaliaaaat aad that ho would 
haro hla a all ao. X again aakod hla froa whoa ha hod raoalaod tho 
aaalgaaoat aad ha ovadod again aad thaa otatod that ho had aot wrlttaa 
tho at nay, that ho had only oarlflod ay prawlaaa lot oral aw. Thlo wao 
ooatradlotory to hla original atataaoat, that ho had wilttoa tho otary . 
■o thaa aakod ao aot to ooll tho City editor a* ha world ooataot hla 
aad ad vino hla that X waa protesting tho artlola. 

Aftnr a A lag hla tho third tlao Hr. p«yao than otatod Hr. Ian Smart 
{la X rooolloot, had aaalgaod hla tha job.) 

X thaa aAad Hr. Payao If ho dlda't thlah aooh a atataaoat aa ay 
part would jeopardise ay jot. Bo aaovorod, "J would ." 

X thaa thanked Hr. Payne aad taimlaatad tha laTtmuaa. 

It this tlaa Z ooataotod 0 apt ala 0. I, Tnlhart aad adoiaad hla that 
tha artlola waa relative to ay aoaoaraatiaa tha previous day. Captuia 
Tnlhart auggaotad X call Ohlof flahor at homo. 

1 triad to call Chiaf Flahor. alao Ohlof Bo tabs lor, aad Chlof Carry. 

X aado ao ooatoat with oayoao of thoaa Chlof a. Thlo waa appraatantoly 
10 i 30 A.X. 

X thaa aallad tho Chief * a offiaoo dowatoaa la aa offort to looato 
oao of thaa. Captaia G. a. Joaaa oaa w a r od and whoa X idoatlflod ay- 
oolf ha (Oaptoln Joaaa) advland ao to ooaa dowatoaa, that ha waatad 
ta talk to aa* 1 aakod hla waa It ragardlag tha artlala la tho papor 
•ad ho atatod yoa. 

dt ao tlao dwrlag ay annvarnati aao with Hr, Fnyae sr aayoaa froa tho 
Maoo Booald wao thora may verbal ahaao ar altars ntlaa. 

gaopaatfully antalttad. 




Mr, J, S, Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

December 5, 1963 

Ami ^nterriew with Nolan Daeent 
White Hal* - 19 year* old 

3301 Worth St, 

TA *-U90 

Sir I 

Kr, Dsne n t was interviewed at hie plaee of eaploynent. 
Colonial Western Insurance Company, at approxlaatelj 
Is JO p,it, December 5 f 1963, to detomine if he had 
been in the bn assent of the City Hall on the warning of 
the Oswald shooting and to knew and dot era in e If tie had 
taken any pie turns while there, 

Hr, Resent stated ho had not altered the basweift of the 
City Hall j that he was on the GoMeree Street side of the 
City Hall on the aomlng of the shooting; did not take any 
pictures and could not add anything of value to the 

lieutenant. Burglary A Theft Bureau 

C, C* Wallas e 

Lieutenant, Juvenile Bureau 

Bnrr->T o'? cm.TT’ 1 ? pTTrr-p r> ?~c,n ns ?n d^/at-cp vtippph 

C. 1. F r fj BTTT - 






Sunday, tfovcsber ?t, 1963, about 900 Ai: t Ccrpt, Fritz directed Feta. J. R, 
Leave lie, L, C, Graves and myself to go to the fifth floor jail and trine 
Farwey Qavald to hie office. tta brought Oswald to Captain Frits * 3 office f 
KYare ha was interrelated by Capt*. Frits* 1'r. Kelly of the Secret Service! 

Ivr* Sorrels of the Secret Service* end Hr. Holmes of the Postal department* 
They talked to Oswald until el out lit 10 AM. Chief Guriy came into Capt. 
Fritz's office when the interrogation was goin£ on. At the end of the in- 
terrogation, Cant. Frits rave re t*e keys to Ilia car, end told rs€ to part: 
it the door fror the jail office in the hascr ,L fit. X vent to the base- 

rent and unlocked Cept, T *rits*e car and proceeded to drive tha csr into tic 
driveway. There vsb a plain black police car In front of mo, and the officers 
who T could not recognize, drove this car up the rat!^ to Fain Street erlt, I 
vas backing Capt. Fritz's car In front of the jail office* and was having 
trouble petting through the nawe reporters that had jammed the rsnp driveway, 
rfhlle I vas backing up, I was turned around in the seat looking back to keep 
from running over the reporters. Cert. Fritz cama out of the jail door, 
followed by tet, J. K. Leavclle handcuffed to Oswald. Tot. 1# C. Graves 
von to Oswald 1 0 left. They ware walking to tfrs csr while I was still moving 
the car back. Capt. Frits opened the right roar doer of the car I was driving, 
and X noticed a man novo quickly across tho right rear of the car# This man 
moved to Oswald and shot# T recognized this man so Jack Ruby, a ran I had 
seen a few times before in previous years. When Futy shot, Tet. Graves grabbed 
tho pistol Ruby had in bis hand. The crowd of reporters closed in with the 
police officers, and T jumped out of the car, and vent into the jail office. 


C. WCF1TY - (Oswald Murder) - Pare 2 

The officers had Ruby* and Det, Las veil© vas bcin«: unhandcuffed from Oswald. 
C*pt, Frits directed ne to return to the basement and have the Supervisor 
Officer to obtain the nemos of evuryo -e in the ha cement* I vent to Capt, C. E. 
Talbert and f^ve him Cept. Frits 1 s message . I then moved Capt, Frits 1 a car 
out of the driveway where the ambulance eoi'ld f*et to the jail office. V/ben 
the ambulance came* I rode in the ambulance with Oswald to Parkland Hospital. 

T stayed at Parkland Hospital until Oswald was pronounced dead. Pet. C. If* 
Frown and T went with Oswald* a body to the mo r rue where we waited until Dr. 

Farl Tore made his preliminary pictures of the body prior to the autopsy. 

I turned over Oswald 1 s dothinr to Dr. Earl Rose, and returned to the Homicide 
Office in th* City Fall approximately T". I stayed in the Homicide 
Office with Mr, Stewart and went through t v e proper tv of Oswald, T made 
coulee of letters and identification from Oswald 1 a uroyertv for Mr* Stewart. 

I also made copies of all the affidavits t**at had been taken by the Homicide 
Office end Sheriff's Office for Mr, Sorrell? of the Secret Service, 


Dtdubtr 9* 19*3 

Mr* J* &• Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

Subject* Telephone Interview with Mr* J* B« Stilish 
ILELD-T? Cmiiiift, 45 09 Lin Onk f TAl-5554 


it approximately Jt50 p*n«, Deceofeer 9> 19djf X oontftottd 
Mr. J* 1* English, hy telephone, regarding his knowledge of 
the incident (Oswald shoot log) which oceurred Sunday earning, 
HotmIi? 24, 1965* 

Mr* Sngilsh stated ho was talcing continuous pictures in the 
feasnaeut of tho City Boll end start sd taking film at tho 
tins they backed tho armored oar into tho Coaaorot Street 
reap* Ms was working with Channel 4 Camera behind tho 
railing* this would ho tho ditm on tho Berth side, and 
that ho wao "feeding all tho tint 1 ** 

Mr* English stated ho did not know Jack duty and did not 
soo Jack :iuhy prior to tho shooting* 

Hr* English also statod ho did not taka any shots toward 
tho Main 3 1 root reap* I aokod him if ho could toll no If 
this wan one continuous filn that vo viewed on wideo tapo 
at tho BdLB-TT Station* Bo statod that ho would haws no 
way of knowing vhothor tho control no alto rod all of his 
continuous pictures* 

Mr* English statod ho had boon i at orris wed by Agents of 
tho Federal Bureau of Investigation* 

Inspect fully euheltted* 

^ C. C. V*11m« 

Lion tenant of felloe 
Juvenile Bureau 

Jkrr«b mr 30, 1963 


1 lift thaCity Hall at approxlut *ly lit 00 A, H, for agr traffic 
aaslgiMat at Qotnaaroa and Paarl Expraeaw^* and did not raturn 
pilar to tha shooting* 

1 do not know Jack Ruby* 

November 26, 1963 

Mr* J* E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjects Assignment of Officer 

D« K. Erwin, #181*? 

Sunday, November 21*, 1?63 


At approximately ?|2Q A.M., November 21*, 1%3 , my partner, T, R* 
Burton #1308 and myself, received a radio call to report to 511. 

We arrived at 511 a few minutes later and were advised to report 
to the basement of city hall to Sgt* Dean* 

Sgt* Dean assigned me to report to the corner of Commerce Street 
and Pearl Expressway to work traffic* I left immediately for this 
assignment* I worked this assignment for approximately 30 minutes, 
then Captain Talbert told me to report to command post at Parkland 
Hospital Code 2, which I did. 

D* K* Erwin 
patrolman, #18ii? 
Patrol Division 

KovMBbar 29, 1963 

3t«tg wa at m, a, y»rrtf> 

1 loft the City Hell at 10t45 A, M» # for A traffic MelipiBont 
At Elm end Labat* end did not return prior to the shooting. 

1 do not know Jack Kuby 

November 26, 1?63 

Mr* J. E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject i Assignment of Officer 

M, E, Farris #1832 
Sunday, November 2h, 1963 


On November 2k, 1963* at approximately 10 s 00 A«M*, I reported to 
the Patrol Captain’s office* At the direction of Captain Talbert 
I reported to the basement paHtilng area to receive assignment* 

At approximately l0tU6 A-M, I -was assigned to the intersection of 
Elm and Lamar, with instructions from Sgt. Bean to clear the inter- 
section of all traffic upon the approach of the vehicle bearing the 
prisoner* I immediately left the basement and proceeded to my 

At approximately 11:30 A.M., Officer G. L, Tolbert drove up in a 
squad car and advised that we were to report to Farkland Hospital. 
W© immediately proceeded to Farkland and reported to Sgt. Steel for 

Respectfully submitted. 

M* E* Farris 

PI* C-* raixie, 
Patrolman #lo>2 
Patrol Division 

3 - 2 . 

fir, J. S. Gurry 
Chief of Police 

DeoeeW 9, 1963 

a* i Interview Kith Hr, Marron F erguaon 
5406 Ulrtawvpt 
Houston, To*#* 

Ham Phone i MQ5-6461 
Business Phonal &U1-1141 


On December 5, 1963, lieutenant F, I, Co rawaH and Lieutenant Jack 
ftevill interviewed Warren Ferguaon In Houston, Tuii, at the Houston 
Polio# Department. 

Mr. Ferguson states that on Sunday, November 2k, 1963, that ha wu 
working for ABC Television a# a soundmen for Mr- Jana# A, Davidson, who 
ia a owwa&ii for ABC, Hi* assignment was to cover tha trenafer of 
Qiweld fro# th# City Jail to tha County Jail, at about 8tjk0 a. a. Hr, 
Ferguson, along with tha root of tha arm, want to tha basement of tha 
Polio# and Court# Building and Into tha Jail Office. Thay atayad inside 
tha Jail Off la a until approximately lOtOO a.m. At that tin* an officer 
aa me Into tha room and stated that all perwons except polio# officers 
would have to eloar tha araa. Hr, Ferguson and hi# cameraman than moved 
into tha hallway directly In front of tha Jail Office ao that thay night 
gat picture# of Lae Harvey Oswald through tha Jail Office window, Thi# 
location ia in front of where you pay your fine# in# id a of th* double 
door#, Thay atayad at thi* loeatlan until Oswald waa brought down on tha 
elevator for tha tranafar. 

Whan Oswald waa broutfit down on tha a lava tors and walked through tha Jail 
Of flea Into tha basement, thay atayad at thi* earns location taking pictures, 
and aa Oawald entered the b&asnmt from tha Jail Qffiae, their view we a 
blocked by Oswald 1 # escort and tha double door#, and thay were wahle to 
gat any picture# of tha shooting. 

Mr* Ferguson further atatad that free tha time tdian ha f irat arrived at 
the Police and Court# Building, which waa Friday afternoon, November 22, 
1963, and until tha tims of tha shooting, November 2k, 1961, at no tin# 
did ha ever sea Jack Ruby 

Tha film that was abet during the i no id ant of Uowmbmr 24, 1961, 

Dire# tor, American Irfmdcastlmg 
7 *e*t 66th Stroat, Maw Tork Q f Mew lark. 

Mr, Fergus on further atatad that ha had be« interviewed hy aa agent 
of tha Federal Bureau of Investigation. 


Mr* J* S, Curry 
Chiaf of Polio# 

HtSMbcr 9 f lf*J 

ft#) Intarrlaw with Bob Finlay - R i l l# # 
Tinaa Htrald 


Mr# Finlay w*a intarrUwad at approxLnataiy 4i45 p.>#i 
D##«ib#r 4* 19 63 * Mr* Finloj at* tad that ha anlfid at 
th# City Hall Hormbmr 24, 1963, at appro xinataly $tl$ a*#* 
idth hi# ho 1 par. Bob J&akson and that hi* identification 
waa actual lj not chaakad but ha paraoaally kn*w thoaa 
off tear# whan ha antarad. 

Mr* Finlay actually didn't taka any plat nr aa but waa standing 
in tha araa whara th* car* would tom to go into tba baaaeaiit 
parking with Bob Jackson standing to hla laft. 

Kr. Finlay atatad ha did not know Jaak Buby and would hat# 

had a ahanaa to at laaat aaa mm% of tha paopla praasnt 
bafora tha « hooting, but doaa not rw atoar sating thla «ui 

Ba a po a tfully suhaltted, 

Liauiaaatit, Burglary * Tha ft Bureau 

a* C. Uallsat 

it Jwrmila 


29 , 1963 

animmt gf Li fa, Tm 

1 l*ft tha City Hall at 10*45 A. K* to work traffic at Harwood 
and H», and did not return to th« City Hall* 

1 do not know Jack Kuby, 

November 26, 196 } 

Mr* J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject i Assignment of Officer 

Leon L# Ebx, #1?6£ 

Sunday, November 2i*, 1963 

Sir i 

On Sunday, November 2l|, 1963, shortly after 9tOO A.M. X received 
an order to report to station 5H-* On my arrival I was told to 
stand by at this location for further instructions # At approximately 
10*15 A*M*, I -was told, along with other officers, to report to the 
City Hall basement* These instructions were relayed to us by Patrolman 
L* C* Taylor* After we reported to the basement we were advised to 
bring our shot guns from our cars for safe keeping* The cars ware 
parked on the street* 

I was given a corner assignment by Sergeant P» T* Dean at Harwood and 
Elm Street and left the City Hall about ID: l|5 A,M, to report to this 
location* I stayed at this location until I heard over another officer's 
radio, stopped near my corner, that all officers working corner assignments 
were to report to Parkland Hospital, I then left my corner and reported 
to the entrance of Parkland Hospital, where I was given the assignment 
of checking identification of each person entering the hospital. 

Respectfully submitted. 

Leon 1* Fox 
Patrolman, #1562 
Patrol Division 


December 6 f 1963 

Mr. J.E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjects Threatening Call 
Regarding Oswald 

Sir : 

At about 3^45 A.M. November 24, 1963 Mr. Newsome of the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation called this office and stated his office 
had received an anonymous call from a male individual indicating 
that a group was going to kill Oswald that day, that night or the 
following day. Caller stated that he did not want any officer hurt, 
that was the reason for the call, but they were going to kill 
Oswald and there was nothing anyone could do about it. 

Subsequently about 5-00 A.M. or 50^ A.M, I called Captain Fritz 
at home and related substance of the threatening call. Captain 
Frits told me Chief Curry was handling the transfer of Oswald and 
suggested X call him* 

Between 500 A.M* and 5:45 A.M. Deputy Cox or Coy, exact name 
unknown, of the Dallas Sheriff's Office called this office and 
stated that Sheriff Decker had instructed him to call the Dallas 
Police Department and request that Chief Curry call him about the 
transfer of Oswald. The Deputy Sheriff indicated Sheriff Decker 
wanted Oswald moved as soon as possible. 

As I recall I had a second conversation with Captain Fritz regarding 
Decker wanting to move Oswald as soon as possible* Fritz stated 
that I should call Chief Curry* 

About 6:00 A.M. I attempted to call Chief Curry at hone* The 
telephone was busy, and after about fifteen minutes, I asked the 
operator to check the line for conversation. She reported trouble 
on the line. 

By this time it was approximately 6:15 A.M. , and Captain C.£. Talbert 
relieved me. I told Talbert of the threat, of the Deputy Sheriff's 
call, and my attempt to contact Chief Curry. Captain Talbert said 
he would 3 end a ©quad by the residence of Chief Curry and have him 
call the office# 

Respectfully submitted, 





December 8, 1963 

Mr* J* 3. Curry 
Chief of Police 


I vd^h to submit the following report relative to the transfer of 
Lee Oswald. 

In the early afternoon of November 23 5 19^3 Chief Curry called me by tele- 
phone and asked m when we would be ready to transfer Oswald* Either this con- 
versation or a later conversation I made some remark that I didn' t know whether 
we were to transfer him or whether someone else was going to transfer him, and 
the Chief made some remark about talking uo the Sheriff and that we were to 
transfer him. I told the Chief we were still talking to him, and he asked roe 
if we could be ready to transfer him by IjtOO pro. X told him I didn't think we 
could finish our questioning by that time* snc he asked roe if we could be finished 
by 10:00 am the next morning. Chief 1 Curry said, "I need to tell these people 
something definite." hho he was referring to I do not know. I told him I 
thought we could be ready by that time. 

During the night or early morning hours of November 23 , I received a teleohone 
call from Captain VJ. B. Frazier, who told me that they were going to have to trans- 
fer Oswald as some threat had been received and that someone was going to try to 
kill him. I told Captain Frazier that no security had been sat up for his trans- 
fer at that time end that he had better check with the Chief, as he was making 
some arrangements for the transfer. hater. Captain Frasier called roe back and 
said that he was unable to reach the Chief and he was going to leave hiro where he was. 

hhile interviewing Oswald on November 2h in conjunction with Harry D. Holmes, 
Post Office Inspector, Forrest Sorrels and Tom Kelly of the Secret Service, and 
in the presence of L. B* Montgomery, L. C. Graves, J. E. Deavelle and C, N* 

Dhority of the Homicide end Robbery Bureau, Chief Curry came to the office and 

Captain ^rlts - Transfer of Oswald 


asked if I was ready to transfer tw* prisoner to the Pallas County Jail* 

Jaros Bcokhoutj F. B, I. and possibly other officers, who were assisting in 
the investigation and questioning, *era standing in or just outside my office 
door. I told b±rn I -was ready to start any time the Security was completed. 
Chief Curry advisee me that the large cameras had been moved away from the 
jail office and that everything was prepared and that the people had teen moved 
back across Commerce and that some newsmen would be in the basement, but would 
be well back in the garage. 

Someone had ordered an armorer 1 truck, and it was agreed that we let a 
nolice car lead the armored truck as if the prisoner was in it, and when he 
turned to the left off Commerce where he w^s to mo to Elm and turn left, while 
we would actually have the prisoner in an unmarked oolice car and turn to the 
left on >*ain Street followed by another group of officers in another police 
car and take him to the County Jail, 

Security had been set up, we were told, at the County Jail, and I 
instructed the officers in the car that did not have the prisoner to drive 
just past the back entrance to the bounty Jail, and we would drive in the 
passageway made for unloading prisoners where a steel door could be dropped 
down behind us* 

Chief Curry then told me that he and Chief Stevenson, who was with him, 
would go on to the County Jail and meet us there. 

I instructed James F., Leavelle to handcuff his left hand to the prisoner’s 
right hand. The orisoner was already handcuffed, I instructed L. G, Graves 
to walk to his left and L, 1% Kontgomery directly behind him, and T told them 
that I would walk in front of the prisoner out of the door to the car, Ve 
decided that the best route would be through the jail and out of the left door 

Captain Fritz - Transfer of Oswald 

Pare 3 

of the jail and thai to the basement "ivint? us hut a few feet to the car. 

As w* vera leaving to go to the Jail elevator, I told Bat. T* L* Baker to 
call dovjistairs and tell thorn we were on the way down and have the car ready. 

Bet. Baker called and It. biggins said all was clear* 

Before taking the man out of the jail office I asked one of the uniform 
officers who was standing to my ri^ht if evei*y thing was secure. I believe that 
two officers answered me that everything was all right. I then advised the 
officers following me to come on, and at tMs moment Officer Bbority, who was 
driving the colics car for the prisoner, was hacking into rosition with the 
rolice car we were to rut the prisoner in* As I reached for the car door 
and told the officer to out him in the car, T heard a shot. On my left I 
saw Officer Graves and a number of officers grab this man and pull him to 
the pavement* Det. Graves twisted the pun from his hand and handed it to 
tne. The prisoner was carried into the jail office and a doctor was summoned 
and arrived almost immediately and went to work with the prisoner until an 
ambulance arrived. Some of the other officers took the man that 1 found was 
Jack Ruby up into the jail* 

I instructed Officers Dhority, Leave lie and Graves to ride with the prisoner 
in the ambulance* Rets. R. R* Beck, L. D. Montgomery, C. L, Brown and njyself 
followed the ambulance to the hospital, where security was kept until he was 
released to an undertaker. 

Immediately after the shooting, I asked detective Dhority to contact the 
caufcain of the Uniform Division to secure the names of all of the people in 
the basement at the time of the shooting. 

fmnmbar jo t I96J 

J< 1# Curry 
w hi«f of lalioa 

Mi hooting of La* fiarray uavald 
c# aooiatgr 


v* /oolaby yho itit* rvlav*? bv Mautanuta fl« J# allMoa and 4* 

r# at 10 1 25 an on ffonnbar fO p 196% TOm latarria* *aa aasan- 
tl*lly *Hty aan* -ta hta original mport datart Soranbar 27* 19*% T h* 
following v*a addai by £. Goolalyt 

T hove feaan aakad If I knov Jaafc uby* and H»* baan ah awn a plot ir# 
of bio. I do not ^now thin n&n. I ban no l*aa boa ha got Into tba 
b/ii *nt of tha :i',y 

Xariadls taly aftar tha shooting* I hoard noaaoM nay it v*» Jaok fiuby 
vfco did tha thorn ting, 

I hiiY« not bc^n Intorrlavad by tha fodarol Buraaxi of ImvaatlgatlMt 

Mapaa t folly anbalttadp 

Burglary * Shaft Burn** 


November 24, 19&3 

Mr* J* E* Cuny 
Chief of Polio# 

Subject i Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. 


At the time Lee Harvey Oswald was shot, X was stationed by 
the double doors leading from the jail lobby to our base- 
meat parking area, just opposite the door going into the 
jail booking office. I observed some members of the pres# 
standing opposite my position. They had been directed 
against the opposite wall, leaving a corridor between the 
group on my side and the group on that side* 

As Captain Fritz, Detective Leavell© and Detective Graves 
emerged with the prisoner, a group of reporters fell in 
back of them as they walked. I overheard one of them ask, 
"What have you got to say now? 11 . At this exact moment, I 
heard the shot. Due to the crowd having closed behind the 
men, I was unable to see anything. Immediately after the 
shot, so many officers grabbed the suspect and completely 
engulfed him that It was Impossible to see who he was* 
Almost immediately, Lieutenant McKinney told me to go Into 
the jail lobby and stop incoming people. X was assisted 
by Detective B* L* Beaty and two uniform officers, whose 
identity I cannot recall* 

Respectfully submitted. 

Detective, ID#ll4l 
Juvenile Bureau 

Criminal Investigation Division 

Deo<»isber 4, 196 3 

Hr* J . .. Curry 

Chief of I'ollo* 

St i Interr.ev of ra Croat by r# Joe 
long of iiadio Station &LJF 


Tho follovin. It a ta, Interview with r . i r at, eieter of Jack 
duby. ?hie Interview v»s jonduoted by i r. Joe Lon# o. .-tad o sta- 
tion &&.I. on /.unday, «ov ifcbcr .?4 f 1963a 

"I w nt it known by everyon th-t I do not blnae the jallae . olice 

Ju r :.rl- at o wa«t happened Sunday &orain#* C icf Curry an. his 

Bor; did not net'l^ol th^lr uty. I hon* atly believe c y brot cr had 

tfot hold of a paea w.iloh **ot hiu Into the iolloc Jap rtne^t* 

?uis orltioiua of th. *oli g p^rtne t it unc.liea . o.* .nd they 

tt.a» t not b« h Id in blaae. /.y brother was &riev ng * 0 , >-»nd I feel 

it ^ot the beet of Aim. I knou| he wao with Be a great -eal riday 
an i .turday. ue wae very upect ub / it tae death of the /resident. 

he., he o ave fao* to faoo w t Oewal i , ho auat hire thought thin nan 

had done aitti uon personal ban, and I believe my brother bee ae in* 
s/.ne nuddenly. Otherwiee thie newer could hare been done* rl*ese f 
please, don't blame th * roil .e hep: rtaent * n 

heaps otfully submitted, 

J. 11. Sawyer 

Dallas rolioe Depart* ent 


HTPCKT 0?l GFFlzm*' EVTIi-tr I 

f ; r FGAsrr to o&;ald*c xbriot 
L. C* OF A VI F - *702 

Sunday, November 2|«, 1943* was the day ret .Tor the* transfer of Lee 
Karvey Oswald tc tbs County Jril, The tiro sot fer the transfer was IGiOO 
AM* Portly before 9:30 AM, J* p, Lcavulle, C* N* Dbority, end I brought 
Oswald dpiTM frer the fifth finer Jail for f*nal auesrtionlng by Capt* Fritz, 
Agent* ^orrsl rmd fellr from t*-e r ecret Service* nt'-ers rresont during the 
questier’ng v^ere **r* Hollos fr^vn the n # S, Office Denartnent, Detec- 

tives L* T\ v ontf»orrory, 0. IT, F^ority, *T. E* La ^ voile , and I* Chief Curry 
was present onlv n few minutes at the be nl mine of the questioning ant) ot 
the end Just nrlcr to Oswald’ t* removal t ^ the basement. Eefcre leaving our 
office with n^old, Capt, Fritz instructed *T. K, Leave lie to handcuff hie 
left am to the right am of Oswald* I was to walk by Or^ald'e left side, 
holding his left arm# Oswald’s hands ware handcuffed together ir> front of 
him. Det* Leave Ho, Oswald, and I vere escorted fror this office via the 
Jail elevator to the Jail office by Copt. Fritz, Lt, Swain, and Det* L a D* 
Montgomery. At the Jail office door that loads into the hell, ve stopped 
for a few seconds until Gapt, Fritz and Lt. Svoin made sure the hall -way vse 
clear. We got the all clear *ign and mado our way through the hall to the 
edge of the r^irr* Mhcre ve had paused morontsrily awaiting the arrival of 
our car, suddenly out of the surging line of conera aon and glaring 

ear-era lights, Jock Fuhj sprsnr forward and fired one round from a niatol 
into the ^lomach of Lee Harvey Oswald before I could grab bis pistol and 
disarm Mia* 

Oswald was immediately placed in an O’Neal ambulance and ru^ed to 
Parkland Hospital, where he underwent surgery within 10 minutes after his 

L* C, Graves - Pa po 2 (Osvald 1 5 TVrder) 

arrival* Oswald \ros prono^ne-rd d^?o at 1:07 >"c voider Fit, 1963, fcy Fr* 

To^ SMtab, Parkland ^rrtectivsa J* Lr&volle, Purposs, and T, 

alon^ vith Tt* PlGterdorf, rcoe the oni nlnnco with Oriole to Parkland# 
At i>o hospital I cr*£ftr^f: 1 vt- onsaxtlm' roon cloth -nr a no accompanied 
Oswald to the Operating Foorj and stood puard until ho was pronounced dead. 

The pistol I took fro:' Jack was tnrncd over to Capt, Frits at 

Parkland Hospital. 

40 . 

Nowaber Ju p 

J* Curry 

Of roll** 

lit l h^otin^ cif Lee M*rr»y Otvald 

Interview of C, .1, Orftiot 


c, , dr?** on no inltrviavffj by lieutenants c# e,ll*e* *nd r# a. 
I'eCa^rtn at 2t5C $to sn tfowiber ?9| 1963* Tto iatarri&v vac steen* 
iln.ll/ the tanst aw hi-. report dat'jd ?‘t $ 19 ^ 3 * Tfc# 

rollo^lRtr **** a toy C* a* Sr*e»en* 

I fcaTo Inmm i cit# i if I know Jfttk huby « 1 bellow t «ov the per eon oat 
tir* in 1957 1 1 n:t r.;M* 1 did ir>t ot# t it pt t&n la in* city 
L eli prior to ib* thaotln** 

The firet tiae I heard the an* a nano In tha bao*:wit of the City 
Rmi: vat when I overheard eo** detectives tint* that tit port® n vha 
that Oswald vac Jack l:u V • 1 haw no l ta how ha grfc into the hat** 

neat oT ^ity Hall* 

I have been Interviewed by Federal bureau law t illation a<r«nt oott* 

leaped fully iubnltted. 

C< _ t 

Juvenile Bureau 

Burflery * Theft Buriu 


November 27 , I963 

Kr. Jfc £* Curty 
Chief of Police 


1 should like to submit the following report concerning the 
events occurring on November 24 f 1963. 

About 10:30 a*m* on November 24, 19^3* I was ae signed to 
go dowustairs to help guard the departure of Oswald* X was 
following a group of fifteen or twenty detectives* I was 
standing in the doorway by the telephone booths directly 
across from the jail office windows* Captain Jones was 
giving instructions to keep an aisle open from the jail 
office tc the ramp* There were a lot of newsmen and camera- 
men moving in and out. I was flanked by detective Chambers 
on my right and Detectives Dawson and Archer on my left. 

About 11 £25 a.ra* when Captain Fritz cams out of the jail 
office, ho was followed by two detectives from his bureau who 
had Oswald between thoia* We started closing up the rear and 
there was the sound of a gunshot. I had momentarily lost 
sight of Oswald and the officers escorting him because other 
detectives were closing in behind them. I did see a man 
holding a gun and detectives diving at him attempting to 
wrest the gun frm him and subdue him. 

I jumped toward the man trying to grab the gun but was blocked 
out by other detectives. X didn't see where the man with the 
gun came frem or see the shot fired. 

Eight or ten detectives wrestled the man to the floor and I 
heard Captain Talbert yell to block of; all exits and en- 
trances to the basement. I went to the doors leading out of 
the basement by the information desk and wouldn't let anyone 
in or out. 

I remained hero until Captain Jones sent me to Parkland Hos- 
pital with a group of eight other detectives and Lieutenant 
McKinley to guard exits and entrances to the third floor where 
Oswald had been taken. I remained on this assignment until 
relieved at about 0 p.m* 

Respectfully submitted. 

Cm km Greeson 

Criminal Investigation Division 




Q Notary Public In and for toid County, State of Texas, on thl* day personally appeared 

Who, after being by itto duty sworn, on oalh deposes and says? 




);*{ M 1 

ii'! !‘; 

,! ! • 

; V T ■ 



: ::!• 

v-t '•if:! 

5 ini jj[ 

■ L s r ■ P Si 

Hatary PvMk. C a n ty, T«n*a 

*•* i t;l *, ‘ * * 

'-V! •• 

',1 •' .-- I - - : • 

i-.V S / ; . 

ad , m 



, - l '■ 


I b 




o Notary Public In end ter said County, State of Texas* ojHMi day personally appeared— _ — 

r Wbo, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and sayjt 

^ ^ jf j 2T 



„ _ *£^6. 



rf^L^d i 


- -v*‘ 

- ‘ ■ ?f ! 

i • ' 

< ■ . f ... 

J : 



- A ' 
* r r 

'-: f-; .44 


.1 S^.'fJrf 

!■> ^ F 4 1 . 

i - * ' * 

* i 


_A*D. 196 

. No torf KbAc, Polfei Ci i rtj , T«i 

Crs-OMU . ■ - • : ;. 

•'■ • / u:.-.. ..n -f !• -'••■■.■ '• , . ;• : 

r - ' ‘ T : 7 .,;’•••►*' ' " ,: ■ " . • ’ 

• ■ •. . •'•'■ ' ••' f « • ‘. )'■• • ••• • 

I ■ *»• 1 ' T 5. • I. - • * - 1 • -•,• , I, 

: - •• ■ ?: r! •" v • . . - • ■ • . .• 


Jltfraaba r > v 196 > 

K*,J* A* Curry 
Chit f of ^oliot 


dai Intarvia* of tit««rv* Offlnar, 

-iargaant JlOttJ R* tiopklrt#* SS^ 

Ca tfava.-bar >0, l^u> H«««rvt officer, Jargsaat 
Jiaay Kopkin* was inUr?ieir«4 by tha undar- 
aignad officer* ma to any information km night 
havn cons arsing tkm shooting of La* d array 
Cswald no I osvarad la hlj original ra port 
data! tfovawbar 2fc t 19&3- 

Af Lai* having r<‘*4 big original rap rt , iiopkina 
a tat ad that ha aould o t add anything of algal* 
floaaea to thi# flrat r a port* 

uopklna furthar a tat ad that ha has a *t baas 
aontactad by any fadaral aganay* 

Kaapaatfully asbaittad. 

r* I. Cornwall, Claataa^at 
dpaalal ^arviaa Burtin 

November 26, 1963 

Mr. J* E, Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a He serve Off icer 

Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection. 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty. 900 A* M, 

2, X reported to Capt, Arnett* 

3* I arrived at the City Hall about 9*30 A. M. , Sunday morning. I arrived 
in the Assembly Room about 9:40 A. M. and reported to Capt. Arnett. I 
had Just checked in when Sgt. Dean, Dallas Police Department, came in and 
asked all Reserve Officers to help search the parking area in the basement 
of the City Hall* I personally searched all air conditioning ducts and 
heating ducts, above all pipes that run just under the ceiling in the 
baser, lent. I also checked the open space under north ramp* I searched 
several cars. They all belonged to the City of Dallas* 

I reported to Capt, Arnett, Police Reserve, and %t. Dean, Dallas Police 
Department, where I had searched and found clear, I was ordered to stand 
by for further assignment. At approximately 10:40 A. M*, 1 was ordered 
by Lt* Ben McCoy to check the condition on Comneree Street in regard to 
number of Police Reserves to handle sightseers and traffic. I remained 
on Commerce Street as the Reserve Supervisor in charge of the Reserve 
Officers on Commerce Street, 2000 block. 

At approximately 11:00, Police Chief Batchelor’s car vms brought out of 
the basement to the officer double parked just east of ramp exit* I 
was told by the officer that this was the Chief’s car, that he left the 
keys in it and wanted me to keep an eye on itl I placed a Reserve by 
it to work traffic around it* X was told a few minutes later by Chief 
Batchelor that an armored truck was on the wey to the City Hall* He 
said the truck would have to back down the exit ramp, I was asked to 
assist the armored truck to back down ramp. The truck arrived, tv*? other 
Reserve Officers and nyself wo rice d traffic to help tiuck driver back 
down ramp, A second armored truck was parked just ahead of the Chief’s 
car, I was working Commerce Street when the shot was fired in the 
basement, A detective came running out of the basement and said to seal 
the doors leading into City Hall* I hai one man on Commerce Street door, 
two men on Harwood Street door, one man on Haln Street door* 

These were my movements from 9*35 A, M* to 11:45 A. H., Sunday morning, 
November 24, 1963. 


Signed! J. E# Hopkine 


Page 2 

Statement of Reserve Officer J* R* Hopkins 

4# Nflaiea of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Sgt* Mayo, X« W* , Patrolman Chennault, <J, R«* and Patrolman Craig , A* B* 

5. Did you know Ruby? No. 

6. When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 


Mr, J, S, Curry 
Chief of Polio® 

Decmber 9, 1?*3 

Re: Interview of Robert S. Huf faker, Jr* 

47QC East Side Avenue - Apartment 115 
T A >726? 


On December 4, 1?63, Lieut«ant Jack Revill and Lieutenant F, 1. 
Cornwall Interviewed Robert S. Huf faker , Jr. at Ft. Hood, Texas* 
Mr, Huf faker is presently serving 2 weeks active duty with the 
U, S. A ray, 

Mr. Huf faker stated that he is employed by Radio Station KRLD-TV 
and was on duty as a newsman in the basement of the City Hall on 
Bov ember 24, 19&3> Hs stated he was operating a lire microphone 
for both radio and TV and was stationed at the foot of the Main 
Street ramp of the City Hall basement. He stated to the best of 
his knowledge he wea standing neat to the railing and was to the 
imaediate left of Police Officer W, J, Harrison, 

Huf faker stated that hs did not see the actual shooting of Lee 
Harvey Oswald as he was watching the police vehicle being backed 
toward his location. He stated that he was conscious of a move- 
ment to his looadlate right and than heard s pistol shot. He 
further stated that he could not tell who shot Oswald, He first 
observed Jack Ruby after he had been apprehended by police 

Mr, Huff aker stated that he was working with the following 
named personnel from Station KRLD, James English, Bob K inkle 
and George Phmix, These 3 individuals were also in the base- 
imt of ths City Hall at ths time of the Oswald ahobting, 

Mr, Huf faker stated that he was compelled to present his press 
credentials prior to gaining access to the basement and that he 
observed numerous members of the news media showing their press 
credentials before entering the basement* 

Hr. Huf faker stated that he did not know Jack Ruby and that ha 
has been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 

Isut enantj Special Service Bureau 

J* I* Cornwall 

Lieutenant, Special Service Bureau 

Deceo&er 11, 1^63 

Hr. J, Cuny 
Chief of Polio* 

Subject 1 Interview of Hr. David Hughe a 

31 r i 

On December 11, 19&3, lieutenant Jack Hevtil and Lieutenant 
P, I. Cornwall interviewed Hr. Lurid Hug ho® of 29411 Blnklsy, 
Apartment 3, EHJ-2S51- Hr. Hughe • la i^ployed as a reoorter 
by the Dallas Times Herald. 

Mr, Hughs* stated that he was at horns on November 24, 19^3, when 
Lmm Harvsy Oswald was shot by Jack Buby} that he was viewing 
television and saw the shootirc on television} that he inedlately 
dressed and reported to the Times Herald City Desk for assign- 
mant. He was subsequently assigned to the City Hal 1 and arrived 
there at approximately 12il5 p*m* 

Hr. Hughes stated that he wae ine trusted to interview both 
police of fie ere and other persons to gat thair react ions to 
the shooting of Oswald* 

Mr. Hughes stated that he interviewed Sergeant P. T. Dean 
and Patrolman H. I, Vaughn shortly after arriving at the 
City Hall* Hr. Hughes stated that Sergeant Dean was 
explicitly precise In what he said; that Sergeant Dean 
related that Jack fiuby cane from the Main Street entrance 
ramp. Sgt. Dean did not state that he had observed fiuby 
com# down the ramp, 

A eopy of Hr, Hughes original notes pertaining to the inter- 
view with Sergeant Dean art attached to this report. 

Mr, Hughes stated that Patrolman Vaughn related that ituby 
apparently gained access to the City Hall basement via the 
Main Street ramp, Mr* Vaughn stated that ha did not see rfuby 
pass by his duty assignment. 

A eopy of Mr. Hughes original notes pertaining to the Interview 
with Patrolman Vaughn are attached to this report. 

Special Service Bureau 


hughei* ruby notes* 

Dalles polio a sergeant P* T, Dean w®* standing by the armored oar 
which was to have taken Harvey Oswald to the county Jell when he 
was shoot* Dean said he heard saneone shout* they ere bringing him 
out," "I f caused my attention on the door where they were bringing 
him out* X didn't see the gun* but X heard the shot and saw the 





sin oka from the gun* Polio© off leers surrounding Oswald prevented 
me from seeing much else* Jack TCuby, Oswald's assassin, came from the" 

■ j 

north entranoe (Ma in St. auto entrance] down the ramp. There were 


many police officers and press represents tlver in the area* 

Ruby jumped out from the orowd as Oswald passed and fired one shot 


point blank at Oswa Id .Following the shot I ran from the armored oar ,? 


to tha spot of the abbot lag to assist In ths arrest, v.'hen I got ’ 

■ < ; 

there offloers had Ruby on the ground and .ere handoufflng him. 

I went then to Oswald* He was lying on the ground, unoonolous and 


gasping for breath - a bullet hole in his left side. Of floors removed 

r -/ 

Ruby and Oswald ms put In an ambulanoe, still unoonolous, and taken to 
Parkland hospital. (Oswald was taken to emergenosy room 2, next to 


,-n F 

the one Kennedy was In) 

Dallas police sergeant/ at the scene of ah hot lng said, "When we arrested 

Ruby Immediately after the shooting he related that he had been 
to Waste n Unlonwhere he sent a money order to Ft. Worth* Dean 


said Ruby told polloe that the mein reason he did It wbb out of 
sympathy for Jackie Kennedy and the dead poliee off leer. Ruby said 
he dln't went lira* Kennedy to here to come back to Dallas to go 
through the ordeal of a trial. Ruby told polloe he had a gun 
because he often carried large autos of money with him at times* 

Ruby Bald,"! just didn't want Jackie to be aubjeoted to the trial, 

I don't want to be a dead hero** but Z didn't want her to have to 
go through the long due process of law* although I believe in it* 

Dean said that he knew Ruby* but bad no other comment on the 

aoqualntenoe* "XmOXKXX Ruby a—Mefciiawefc said of himself efter 

# \ , 

his axxeat that he was very sentimental. Be had aloasd his buness for 
the last three days* Hs also said ha was not a political fanatic. 

Lj* 0 A 


bughea.* hooting notes 


Patrolmen R. E. Vaughn of the Pallas polioe department was sign * 


standing the the doorway of the north auto entranoe to polioe 
headquaters. Jeok Ruby, Harvey Oswaldtfs assailant, apparently 


•ntere d through this entrahoe and down thi auto ramp aooovdlng 


to polioe* Vaughn aaid he had been on duty at the entrahoe for 
two and a half houre prior to the shooting. He said no one wae 
admitted but polioe officers and press representatives* Everyone 


i • 

who was admitted was required to show Identification. Vaughn said 
that polioe paddy wagons were searohed before they were allowed 
to enter the building."I heard someone say hore he oomes and then 
the shot. I saw three polioe offioers wrestling for the gun. Xx 


Everyone in the building had been soreened olosely. There were 
offioers on the elevators and at all entranoes. Everyone, lnoludlng 
polioe and press had to show identlfioatlon. A man would have to 
be very foolish to do something like this,” Vaugih said. 

Rov«ab«r 30 t 19*3 

Mr. J. &• Curry 
Ctilof of Pol oo 


Wo 1 Interview of Neoerve Officer, 

P«tr .liM J«mU C. Hunt 1 229 

Ob Rof«ab«r 30 • 19$ 3 Weeerve Of floor, PatreJLsun 
Jcoale C. Hunt woo interviewed by tbo under- 
•l|Md offiooro 00 to 007 information ho alfht 
have concerning too cheat leg of Loo Harvey 
Oowald which woo not covered io bio original 
rofort 4oto4 Noveaber 27, 1963* 

hast atoto4, aftor reading hie original report, 
t> at thoro woo nothing of olgnlfleanoe whloh bo 
ooul4 add* 

Huat farther atoto4 that bo hoo not boon ooataol 
by aay fo4oral acoaoy at thle tine* 

Reaped trolly oabaltto4, 

ftpoolal Service bureau 

boh hoixli , Lloatooaot 
fpooial dervieo Baraaa 


November 2?, 196 3 

Mr* J, E* Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facte relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection - 

lm Approximate time I reported to duty. ?;50 A* M* 

2. I reported to Assembly Room, 

3. I was assigned to — — I was in a group of approximately ten reserves 
that was taken to the basement parking area to assist in searching the 

About 10:00 or 10; 30 A. M-, I was taken along with another group of 
reserves to the Elm-Houston area to assist in the handling the crowd 

4- Names of other officers in the same area that 1 can recollect are: 

Capt. Arnett, Lt* Merrell and several others that I do not know by name# 
3* Did you know Ruby? No# 

6, Iidien and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

Never did see him* 


Hr. 4 * £. Curry 
Chief of Pdlice 

Decenfeer 5, 19^3 

Hai Interview with ilobart Jackson 
Dallas XImi Herald 
4030 Sparry 
TA 4-7840 

Sir 1 

Hr, Jackson was Interviewed at apprajdjsitaly 5*00 p.e, on 
December 4, 1963* Mr. Jackson arrived at the City Hall 
with Bob Finley, Ha took no pictures before the shooting) 
ha took 1 plotur* about tha instant of the shooting and 
2 pictures la tar - one showing Oswald being placed In tha 
sabulanee. Thee a pictures are not available at this tisa 
and a ra In Mas fork and will probably ha aval labia soiMrtlea 
tenor row. 

lob art Jaeksoa stated ha bad seen Jack Huby at on# occasion 
at tha photo- laboratory. Tinea Kara Id, and think a ha would 
have reecgn lead hie if ha had itei hie In tha ha tenant of tha 
City Hall. Mr. Jackson was standing near tha autonobile 
that was headed out tha CoMsroa Street exit. 

Lieutenant , Burglary 4 Tha ft Bureau 

£<? ?ik cat 

G, C. Wallace 

Lieutenant, Juvenile Bureau 

November 27 1 1963 

Mr, J. E, Curry 
Chi 6/ of Felice 

Subject! Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald 


At approximately 11:00 A,«. on Sunday , November 24, 1963 , I 
was standing in the basement of the City Hall with Detective 
B, E, Combeat #il48 and Detective B* L. tie at y #637* We were 
standing next to a regular Police Officer and a reserve Police 
Officer who were checking the press for their press cards as 
they came through* Captain 0* A* Jones came up and said he 
wanted all detectives and plain -clothes officers to go to the 
outside jail entrance , and to form a line on each side of the 
hallway leading from the jail office* Our instructions were 
to keep the hallway clear all the way to the armored car, 
which was half way down the ramp of the Commerce Street exit* 

My position was directly across from the jail office entrance 
door. As Lee Harvey Oswald was brought from the jail office 
by Homicide Detectives he passed by in front of me. When he 
turned the corner at the end of the hallway he was shot. X 
did not see the actual shooting, but when 1 heard the shot X 
rushed forward as Officers were subduing Jack fiuby. 

Other Officers I saw at the scene were: 

Chief Chas. Batchelor 
Chief M,W* Stevenson 
Captain C*E, Talbert #463 
Lt* W.L* Wiggins #434 
Sgt* J,A. Putnam, #904 

Sgt* P.T, Dean #882 
Det, H*0, Wagner #1480 
Det* J .K . Ramsey #1627 
Det* h,B. Miller #1236 

X did not see any unauthorised persons In the basement area. 
The only persons I saw were Police Officers and people who X 
believed to be of the News media. 

Respect fully submitted, 

Jerry D. Hutchinson #1??8 

Special Service Bureau 
Vice Section 

JDH: or; 

{'OTffjbcr ?j 9 I9i.J 

Hr* J* Curry 
chief of JKoiico 

u*ur Siri 

flat Jntorviaw of Pat r^X*m 

Jorrjr D* Mutchlnaofi , 177& 

On >ove*ber 29* X5H>> i*troI*ui» J.i3. .utofciiiaor* 
mu iatervLuwad by ihi undorulgned of f i cor* a* to 
•*j InforMot j.azi bo night dmvi concerning the ahot-t 
log of Lot Her ray u««*ld * lob van not covered in 
hit original rtpvrt dated Hore^box 27, 19&5* 

r#trol#en Hutch noon etited* of tor rending hi# 
original report* that tha only addition ha could 
<«• it tbi t fro* epj roxiiantelj 1.U0 t.n* ulidft 
ht vu a #ign«d his (tut/ Just utaide tht jail 
office door until the tiaia La# nirvaj v.awul4 mmi 
• hot do ont entered tot ba*a*ont fr tat i olice 
and decora* Suildi g who tat not nutnoriatd* 

Itutohlneon furtner r»t~t«d that lit tcaou# Jmm*: 
hub/ tad that no did not gain entrance to ttr# 
baaaatni thrush then* double doors fro* lit 0 a*r* 
until tha tia# of th# about log, 

iatrol ran tfutchlaaon states that he has not bean 

contacted by any federal agency t 1 m* tine* 

Respect fully eubr.ittod, 

ack fceeill, Lieutenant 
pee lei lereice Bureau 

F, X. Cornwall* lieutenant 
^racial Jinru* bureau 

November 30* 1963 


1 lift tha CoaEoercs Street ramp entrance of the City Hill to 
work traTftc at Coianerce and Harwood at approximately Hi 00 A„M, 
and did not return to the basement prior to the aborting* 

I m% Jack Huby about three years ago , and know him when 1 see 
him, I did not see **iby In or near the City H&ll prior to the 
shooting. The last time 1 saw him was at the Carousel Club 
about a month ago. 

November 26, 19&3 

Mr, J, E* Curry 
Chie f of Police 

Subject; Assignment Of Officer 

1* E* Jes £1479 On 
Sunday, November 24, 19 65 


At approximately 9*00 A,M, , Sunday, November 24, 1965 I was relieved 
of my post on the Third Floor of the City Hall by Sergeant Putnam* 

I went to the basement of the City Hall where I reported to Sergeant 
Dean* I was assigned to the City Hall Doctor 1 © Office and the two 
adjacent doors, one of which was the annex stairway door* I then 
stood by the stairway door until Sergeant Putnam and Sergeant Dean 
arrived in the basement with several Reserve Police Officers at 
which time another officer was assigned to this position and I helped 
search the basement for unauthorised personnel* This assignment was 
completed at approximately 9; A*M. 

I was then assigned to Sergeant Steele and we went across Commerce 
Street to search the buildings lining the south side of the street. 

This assignment was completed at approximately 9*55 A*M* After this, 

I was posted at the Commerce Street exit ramp of the City Hall Easement, 

1 remained at this post and aliened only properly identified press and 
police personnel to enter. At approximately 11:00* two armored cars 
arrived at the ramp exit and my assignment was to assist these trucks 
backing into the ramp, 

I then went to the intersection of Commerce and Harwood to stop the flow 
of traffic until the armored trucks and escort cars could leave- the City 
Hell, X worked traffic until approximately 12:50 P,H. when I returned to 
the exit romp, 

I was relieved by Sergeant Dean at approximately 1:00 P.14, at which time 
I went to the Patrol Office (Station 5H)- 

Beapect fully submitted. 

Patrolman £l4?9 
Patrol Division 

D*o«ab»r 9, 1963 

Hr. J. S ( Curry 
Chi*f of Polls* 


Hai Interview with Mr. Prank B* Johnston 
3011 Whitie Avenue 
A part* ant 205 
Austin, Texes 
Cameraman for U.P.I, 

On December 5, 1963, Lieutenant F. 1. Cornwall amt Lieut enent 
Jack FtsTill interviewed Mr, Frank B, Johnston st bis residence 
in Austin, Texas regarding his Kiiipant in tbs beams ent of ths 
City Hill on Hov^ber 24, 1963* Hr. Johnston stated that he 1* 
employed by U.P.I* as a still cameramen and is assigned to ths 
Austin, Texas, off! os* He was called to Dallas to cover ths 
assassination of Preeldmt Kennedy* 

Hs states that on Bovember 2 A, 1963, he arrived In ths basement 
of the Polios and Courts Building at approximately 4*30 s,m. Hs 
stated that hs had moved around la ths basement and In ths Polios 
and Courts Building awaiting ths transfer of Oswald and that hs 
was checked numerous times for his preas Identification, At 
approximately lliGQ a, a, hs was standing by the cons rots post In 
ths basement Just south of the tel arris ion samara operated fay 
bBAFUXhajmel 5* Hs further stated just as they were bringing 
Oswald out of ths Jail Of floe that an automobile started backing 
in the basement area and that he looked to observe where this 
automobile was going and just at that time Ruby rushed forward 
and shot Oswald, Due to this distraction of the moving automo- 
bile, hs did not get a picture of the incident nor did hs observe 
Huby shoot Oswald* He did state further, however, that he had 
taken pictures during His assignment In the basement end they 
were all sent to Mr. Harold Bluaenfeld, Picture editor U.P.I,, 

Hew Turk City, 

At the time of this interview, Mr* Johnston had been interviewed 
fay the Pedeiel Bureau of Investigation, 

dir j 

Respectfully submitted, 

t, I, Cornwall 

T77) Sp "‘ u 

Service Bureau 

Service Bureau 


Jeoaabsr 9 * 19^5 

Mr, J, E, Curry 
Chief of Polio* 

Subject i Telephone Interview with U PI Of flu* 
Mew Tork Citj, Hew York, 


At approximately 5150 p*i. t December 5t 196 Ji 1 oontaoted 
Mr, Harold Bluaenfeld, Picture Editor, United Press Inter- 
national, lev York City, Hew fork, Telephone MU 2-0<»00 f by 
lose distance telephone and aeked that he send us all of 
the etlll ahota that their DPI Of floe had of the Oavald 
■hooting* Me told a* that they would probably hare 
approximately six (6) a till ehote and that he would send 
them to the Della* Police Department me soon as possible 
Ha Air Hail, 

Respectfully submitted 

Lieutenant of Police 
Juvenile Bureau 

Daeambar 1 , 1963 



I oan add nothing of any value that ia not covarad in tha ra port 

November 26 p 1963 

Mr* J*E# Curry t 
Chief of Police 

Subject 1 Shootl sg of Lee Oswald 


On Sunday, November 24 , 1963, at around 11 AK, Deputy Chief 
Stevenson approached me in the administration offices and 
directed me to place two officers at the Commerce Street 
entrance to the ramp leading into the basement of the City 
Hall, He said to instruct these two officers that an 
armored truck was e nr cute and for them to assist the truck 
back as far ae possible down the ramp into the City Hall, 

He also told me to take any remaining detectives that were 
available on the third floor to the basement and place them 
any place they were needed in the basement to supplement 
the officers already stationed. Most of the detectives had 
previously been sent to the basement. I entered each of 
the bureaus except Homicide and Hobbery and told the duty 
officer to have any available officers to report outside 
the jail office and went to the basement. Two or three 
detectives accompanied me and remained near the jail office, 
I went to the head of the ramp on Commerce Street and in- 
formed Patrolman Jez and one other patrolman to remain 
there and keep the way clear and to assist the armored 
truck In backing into the City Hall, I informed Captain 
Talbert of these instructions, 

I then returned to near the jail office and stationed some 
of the detectives at the doors leading into the building 
proper, and noticed the Press Media was inside the jail 
office, but outside the admitting desk* I saw Assistant 
Chief Batchelor and Deputy Chief Stevenson and called Chief 
Batchelor’s attention to the people in the jail office. I 
accompanied him inside and upon his instructions this area 
was cleared. Upon leaving the jail office we also had all 
persons except security personnel moved north of a line 
running east from the brick corner of the jail office to 
the railing on the opposite side and on a line from this 
point running east to the exit lanes for cars from the 
basement to the ramp itself. 

Deputy Chief Stevenson then approached and said there had 
been a change in plans and, as the truck could not get into 
the City Hall, they were going to use two cars. At this 
time two police cars were started and brought up onto the 
ramp. Several officers had to move to allow the cars to 
get onto the ramp. I had given instructions to (coat’d) 

all officers near the jail officeand at the doors to allow 
no one In the area from the jail to the care and on down 
the route the prisoner would take, and that the press would 
not be allowed to approach or even to attempt to converse 
with the prisoner, and that no one was to follow until 
after the cars left the basement. 

I was about midway between the corner of the jail office 
and the back of the car on the ramp, when someone shouted 
,r here he comes l 11 # I was on the east side of the ramp at \ 
at this time. 1 turned to walk to the car on the ramp to 
make sure the way was clear and that officers were station- 
ed on each side of the cars and all the way down the east 
side of the ramp to the cars* I saw officers along the 
route and officers on each side of the ramp near the cars 
and at the top of the ramp. I also saw Chief Stevenson on 

the ramp* so 1 turned to watch the parking area in the 

basement of the City Kail, when I heard a shot. This was 
sometime shortly before noon, but I don't remember the 
exact time. I turned toward the sound of the shot which 
had come from my left and to my rear. I shouted to the 
officers to bar all exits and all ramps. 1 saw the officers 
closing the exits and went toward the souffle where 
apparently officers had a man in custody. As I approached 
the center of the scuffle several voices said ir It was Jack 
Kuby ff . I do not know who said this, but as the prisoner 

was on his feet by this time I could see he was Jack Kuby, 

whom I had known 10 or 12 years before as the owner of the 
Silver Spur, a nightclub on South Ervay. I told the 
officers to take him to the jail and then had other 
officers assist Lt. Swain in keeping the crowd in the 
designated area, I assisted in this measure until after 
the ambulance left with Oswald and I then returned to the 
third floor after instructing the officers on the doors to 
let only persons with identification come to the third 
floor. After returning to the third floor, I assisted in 
the administration offices. 

X had not seen a man that I recognised as Jack Ruby in the 
City Hall during the period of the investigation, until 
after the shooting in the basement. 

tfr# J * I'-* Curry 
Chlaf of Polios 

hoi Intorriau with ►Ilford Jtay Jonas o/n 

Con©arain*i ^laying of Laa Jvarrwy Oswald 


?hla iubj«ot vaa interviewed at tha V, .\ m Hospital thin date by Lta* 
f* S* HoCaghraa a nd V. I* Cornwall* ~uhjoot f s hooe addraaa la 4311 

lllow . pringa, telephone iiA U >5?4* 

Janos stated on the late of tha * laying ha had approachad tha City 
Hall on Main -traat and walksd to tha ^ain .treat ranp ajv borrowed 
a eigarotta frosti Uffloar Vaughn* lift ralalad ho saw no othar subject 
that he waa aqua in ted with noar the ramp antrai oe at teal tin** Jon* a 

than walks d to tha Conaerco treat side of tha City Kail , aorottn tha 

atraat from where tha arraarad o«r was parked* La ratified at this lo* 
oat Ion approximately 15 minutes* Aftar tba shot war fir*d t Jon* a than 
ran fro- tha location to a near by parking lota Ba stayed In thla pool- 
lion approximately 1> alnutaa and returned to tha Cain . traat base- 
nsnt ant ranee* It vai tha; that J n*a aav If* J* ‘Daniel a* \t thic tin* 
that* war* several reporters on tha aoana interview in y Atteraey -on 
Howard* Jones recalled Howard stating that ha wan enroll* to hie hone 
when ha hoard on tha radio that fuh*- ahot Gev&ld* 

a wars not able to ascertain that Jons a saw anyone entering tha feaa*» 

sent of tha City Bail at tha time ha hod approached Taughn for a olg* 


Burglary k Tha ft Bureau 

F« I. Cornwall i Lieutenant 
pools! Servian Bora aw 




Who, offer being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes end says; 

I Mrt tmr tM Script* He wat d Coapony It Washington, B.C. 

Uu Sunday, fewmter M, IMS* I cm dam the •levator to the t in~t a f the 
Felice cad Court* SelMlqg. I «u double cheeked whaa I pot out of the 
•lav* tor io th* bwo. I was still Mulu t paper hedge ou up lapol cat 
1 pmud op Utah 1 ok too prow 1.0. to 0 wlfsrwd oTMtn tad ho still weald 
Mt allow m to poos uotil ho sailed toother of fleer, whoa I Mint w t 
plain clot be* of floor, and he allswnd as to go oo iota ths bssment area past 
the corridor lh»t to tn front of ths windows to the jolt off las. 

1 seat on into the Jail office outside of the tdattliip do As sod maalaed 
there bp ths ssst well until appmdastslp fear ulsutss prior to ths shooting 
when officer* eaua ia the Jsil office and had ua neve out stress to the east 
side of the ranp. dub dealer and I renaiaad braids the poet at the north end 
of the exit ih»t is be tw ee n the map end the baaaweot parking are*. 

1 do know Jack Ruby. I did not on Jack «akp in ths la* mart of ths dtp Hell 
until Unweld saw out of the Jail of fla*. 1 beard rraraiw sap* Km ho saws." 
tbna. while IwH^ Intently et Haw It. I did see an am with a hand holding a 
gm saw into view. I hoard an of float dart, "Jack, you *.0.8.", Jwet l m 
diately brfora the Shot. I did net ON <Tbp well enough to know who* the 
of f leers had arretted until l waa told it m Jack Ruby* This idtouttu 
ru given to Bob hairy bp son detective who appeared to to weeping. ■ MW 
Baby's hat oo the floor of ttw tesmrnt. * kn ew *sfep fairly mil wheo 1 worked 
with the Tines Herald sad 1 macaber at Hrklaad Hospital an Friday hr saw 9 
kablad at nd palled the hash «f ny coattail. I turned amend and hr called as 
bp ap nans and wa abaah hands. This waa Jest before li 90 p.a. Rebp said, "This 

(d zS d 



5 $ 





a Notary Public in and for Laid County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared 

Who, after being by me duly sworn, an oath deposes and says: 

•il Uniblt* Should I <1 ON my pi mm* for Urn Alia#” Ha a ppa a H bi 
very impact. I to 14 hUi I riomM ha should, tut did oot iootioM tha 


That «u tha Mir flat I a* Josh flat? dor loo thr pa Hod of 
12, 1H3, uatil tha Mil of tha dtot la tha 
M, HU. 


A.D. 1 96& 

Notary Puhlit, Datliai Counly, t<iat 

cpmt m 



November 19^5 

tfr* J* £« Curry 
Chief of Police 

Sir 1 

Hit of tfaaeree Of floor* 

Patrolman Jaroae riant *n t 555 

0* Horeafaer 50, 19^5 Kooirro Officer* Patrolnan 
Jeroiae Boston wa» interviewed by the under eigned 
officer* AO to any Infnmot low ho sight have 
dinet nvlng tho shooting of Loo Harvey Oswald 
which woo net covered is bio original report* 
dated November 27 * 1963* 

Hasten stated* after reading fa .» original report* 
that there who nothing of sign if leasee vhiefa he 
eoald add* 

Rentes further stated that he baa not been 
cop tic ted fay any federal agency at tfalo tine* 

Respect fully cobalt ted t 

F* 1* Cornwall) Lieu tenant 
Special Service Bureau 

November 27 , 1963 

Mr. J* E* Curry 

Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facta relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 

Sunday* November 24, 1963, to the best of icy knowledge and recollection* 

1. Approximate time 1 reported to duty. 8; 30 A* K. 

2* 1 reported to Lt. Merrell in Assembly Room* 

3* I was assigned to the basement parking area about 9:00 A. M, to 

assist Sgt. Putnam search the area* I saw a rifle taken from a car 
I guess was a detective r s car. About 10;00 A. M., an officer re- 
quested Sgt, Putnam to seni me to Commerce and Pearl to control 
traffic because of a stuck si^al light. About 10:30 I raovedback 
in front of City Hall on Commerce and assisted with crowds and 
traffic after the shooting. Then back to assembly room. 

4* Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

A. Capps, 0. to, Harrison, Sgt. Putnam, 

5* liid you know Ruby? Yes, I was with a squad several weeks ago that 
answered a call to a night club (don't recall location) regarding & 
drunk* We were unable to locate the subject and just as we were 
leaving the driveway a man was getting in a car and the officers 
paused long enough to say, "Hello, Jack", and told him they were 
looking for a drunk* The man called Jack said, "OH 11 , n I took care 
of him." The officers said this was Jack Ruby. 

6, When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

Never did see him, Sunday morning. 

December 2 r 1963 

Mr* J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject; Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald 

The following information is submitted relevant to my activities in' 
the basement of the Police and Courts Building immediately prior to p 
at the time of* and immediately fol lowing the murder of Lee Harvey 
Oswald by Jack Ruby * Alias Jack Leon Rubenstein, 

At approximately 10:45 a*m* on November 24* 1 went to the basement 
of the Police and Courts Building because of the number of newsmen 
who were assembled at that location. The newsmen were there because 
of the impending transfer of Oswald from the City to the County Jail* 

When I went into the parking area and driveway * a large number of 
newsmen were already there* I spoke briefly with Jack Beers p photographer 
for the Dallas Morning News who was, at that time* standing on the rail 
on the eastern side of the driveway* 1 stayed in the basement talking 
with newsmen and preventing then from going up the south ramp toward 
the location where the armored car was parked* 

I talked briefly with Captain 0* A* Jones* Captain C. B. Talbert and 
Captain Arnett of the Police Reserves* 

’alien the vehicle* driven by Lieutenant K* S, Pierce, was driven from 
the basement to Main Street, X was on the west side of the driveway 
near where the ramp to Commerce Street starts up* I was at this loca- 
tion when the vehicle, driven by Detective N. Dhority * was backed 
toward Main Street and i was watching this vehicle when I heard the 
shot* I yelled for the officers on the Commerce Street side to keep 
people from coming in or leaving and then went over to where Ruby was 
being held* The persons 1 remember seeing with Ruby were Officer W* J, 
Harrison of the Juvenile Bureau and Detective D. R* Archer of the Auto 
Theft Bureau* I went with these officers inside the Jail Office with 
Ruby and then up the elevator to the 5th Floor where 1 left them and 
returned to the basement* When I returned to the basement, Oswald 
had already been picked up by the ambulance* I then returned to ray 
office and talked with newsmen who continued to come into the Adminis- 
trative Office inquiring about the incident which had occurred in the 

Glen D* King y 
Captain of Police 


Jloooab r 3^* 19&J 

^r. J* Jw Curry 
Chi of of >olicn 

Sir i 

H«: Int 


Lloutonaat Harry *-U Krtaa, 905 

On ftoTonbor 50 » 19£*> Ho norm Of floor, ..Uuttncnt 
ftnrr y >■* Krltfl wka intoroiewod by tho undoroigaod 
ft* to * 0 / information ho sight h*vt 
conoornim: tho shooting of Lao itarvoy unvali 
wh.oi wots ncj t cooorod in bln original roport 
dittd Noronbor 2t # 19&3* 

*vrl*o, atatod , of tor roadlng bln original ra^ort, 
that tboro van nothing of algniftoanco vb oh be 
could add* 

Lino tenant Knan further atatoo ti nt at thin tlon 
bo ban not boon con too tod by nay fodarnl c^onoy* 

Konpoot fully an bait tod, 

T. I* Cornwall, lAoutorvoat 
■iptoial Soroieo Bureau 

Novanker 26 f 1963 

Mr* J, b, Oun-J* 

Chief of Polio# 


On Uinday, Novenfcer 24i at approximately 9*45 A, H*, 1 arrived at the 
ba-jemwit of the City Hall and reported to Captain Arnett- They had 
Just completed searching the baasanont, 1 had no sped fie assignment. 

I w&a told to eland around and keep my eyes open, to let no-one In 
the part of the b seems nt where the care come and leave unless they had 
a Frees Card. 

X noted every car that came into the basement was thoroughly searched 
by the regular officers. 

At different times I waited up both ramps to observe the crowds that 
were gathering, and talked to the officer • standing at both entrances 
to the basement . 

I was constantly bothered by reporters, asking questions and wanting 
information which I did not know* 

I was told rumors were that there were several thrests going around, 
and that was the reason for all the security. 

Prior to Oswald's arrival from the Jail Office we were told to keep the 
Press against the railing and to keep one side clear, which we did. In 
a few minutes Oswald came out of the doer and had just rounded the corner. 
1 was looking at hie face, and in just a fraction of a second later 1 saw 
a blur, ay thoughts were that some reporter was attacking him (Oswald). 

I then heard a muffled shot, and heard someone say I 11 get the Doctor*" 1 
saw (kptsin Arnett grappling in the crowd and ran to his aid, but saw he 
was 0,&» Then, heard someone holler not to let anyone out, eo I ran 
halfway up the North ramp end stood there- No-one passed. 

I did not know the subject Ruby and had never eeen him to the best of 

my knowledge* 



Dallas Police Reserve 

Deasahar 9 , 1965 

Nr. J. B. Carry 
Chief *T Folia* 

Subject 1 Iattnlw with Nr. frits lultr, of 
JUULD-TV Station, ud flavin* of 

XHUMrr Station, aad n««U| 
Video taps ( Oswald Shoot in*). 


Nr. Kular, an of fiolol of ULB-TT iUtlta, mi oontaotod 
hr tho l»Ta*tI*ntio* Of floor* owl stotod that on Sunday 
nornia*, Bovonbor 2 b, 196 ), ho voo in tho Control Boon ot 
OLB-TT Station, and woo vat ok in* miytklif that van 
wine no oi to rod at that Una. Ha otatod that tho Tldoo 
tayo viewed hf tho Invaatlfatliif Offlooro vaa a oontlwioua 
tapo. Bo aloo otatod that tho live portion o tart ad a heat 
tha tin* that tho Canaxnnon oano fron in front of tho Jail 
Offioa vlndovo Into tho haoonont nap araa Jnot prior to 
nontenant d. I. Swain and Captain J. w. frit a twain* ont 
of tho Jail Offioa. 

Tho lanati*atln* Offlooro tlnod tho vldao tapo fron tho 

tlao Uontanant K. 3 . Plana'a oar loft tho haoanont and 
otortod ont Naln stnot nntll tho tin# tho ahot vaa find, 
tha tlaa raaardad an tha video naablna and ohoohad tvioa 
«n* fifty- a lx ( 9 $) aaeoada. 

Baa poatfnlly auhalttad. 

C. 0. Walla** 

Llawtanant of Pallaa 
(lnveatl*»tia* Of floor) 

Jhvnuile Inroan 

Llantaaant of Pallaa 

(Xnv*etl*atia* Of floor) 

Burglary * Theft 


Deemaber 4* im 

Hr* J* E. Guriy 
Chlsf of Police 

Ret Telephonic Interview of Jo* Long 

Radio Station KLIf on December 1, 1963 

1 contacted th* out jest m this date and he cade arrangements 
to furnish this Departmmit with a copy of th* taped interflow 
with Hrs* Eve Grant that was broadcast on Radio Station KUK, 
Tuesday evening, November 26 and Wednesday, tioT«ib«r 27* 

Mr. Long statsd that th* entire interview which took place 
in Mr** Grant’s apartment lasted for approximately >| hours. 
He said she would not allow a record of the entire interview 
hut would allow a recording of a prepared speech which she 

I questioned Mr* Long regarding the reason Mrs. Grant gave 
for belierint her brother Jack Ruby had a press pass or 
identification card when he was In the City Hall prior to 
the shooting of Lee Oswald on Sunday, Novaabar 24* 1963* 

Mr. Long statsd Hrs* Grant told him that she had attended 
the Stats Fair of Texas with her brother in October, 1963* 
and as they went in the gats Jack Ruby told Hsr to purchase 
a ticket for hsr own admission and pointed out an "up* rati on# * 
press pass on his windshield and said this pass would admit 
the tar and ha bad his om Individual pass to procure his own 

Hr* Long also stated that sometime after midnight Friday night, 
November 22, 1963* which would be in the early hoars of Saturday 
morning, that Jack Ruby cams to the ELXF studios. Pearl Express* 
way and Jackson Street with sandwiches for corns sf the KLIF 

Hr. Long was questioned further without obtaining mors infor- 
mation that was considered pertinent but volunteered to be 
available at any future time that we might want to eontact 


Respectfully subedited, 


ffcoanbar 2, 29 6J 


Kr, J. K. Curry 
Chief of tolls* 

risi Interview of . L« i ovary 

’cmMmin^ h>>tln# of Loo Hareey Oswald 


L. Lover> was Interviewed h/ leu tenants C. 0, allnoe and F. 0. 

MoCag re* at 9*00 an on Fovoabar ?9t 1963* rv - a interview was e at sa- 
il allj th# satre ~s In original rrort ated boeeaber ??, 19d3« fi. L. 
Lovsry hnd thin to 1 di 

I would lifca to *iee In nort £Ail a rsjort of tte shooting of Laa 
i'arvey avoid. 

<..n . unda/ 9 r 2i f 106 J t approjdsately 9*0* ’ a* 9 Chief Stevomeo* 
orvno to tha Juvenile bureau &n<: told all hnraau ;*«>raonnel to ataad by# 

A proxlnataly lli09 ei» f ♦'ovanbor ?4 f Captain artlr told uo to cone 
with him, At that tlae 9 thona ; reaont varai C* loolaby, • J# Cutehehaw, 
• J# Harrison, L. *♦ KIIIoj 9 and nyuclf. a want with Captain hart In 

to tha elevator and want to tha baeanent. 

d va approachod tha i/iforastlon pay of' lea windows of tr.a Jail, I 
not lead . atrolnen Nelson and ho asked for identifier I ion froa a o aeons, 
fbaro vara othar offloa • there in uaifors, . osoibly reserves and I 
oan't raaall tha naaaa of an/ othar officers thara at tha area of tha 
Jail offloa. Captain Jonaa oat ue at thla point an: told ua to stand 
by fsr farther Inst rust Iona* Captain Jonas want out t- rough tha goubl* 
oors Into ranp antranoa and Captain Martin followed hlo. 

* few : in a tea later Ca; tain Jonas returned aaJ billed for sveryoaes 
at eat ion. Ho than told off leers to taka position* la tha reap area 
of tha eorridor. advised both of fleers nd neveaon to tak* their 

fpoltlon in the rasp area* -a eased tats ri p area and I task ap a 

position at the gw so mar of tha eorridor and map dries wsjr. 

At t2ils tins oeveral sthor offlssxs took their positions oa both sides 
sf eorridor free jail of loo door to m .p area# 

Z be 11am Captain Janos repeated his lnotrsotlons to that 

he would like of floe re to fora line on both si das of os r rider 9 end ales 
lan trusting nows porssnsll whops they should be, le told nows p sop l s 
to got on oast of map dries, froa ay position 9 beesuee sf the strong 
lights set up for tha TT esa#m f I ssuld set ol early see tbs pssltlsn 
sf all the other of risers, Js test lea Conbsst was an ay lansdiat# left. 

After taking a/ position, X locked tc my left «yan mv HitC Channel 9 
ff smarm, mounted on tri.od with roller*, it appeared chat that* wars 
tire* ttas pushing the eaoera# Una was later identified as John Alexander, 
*/*/39# I ©oul 1 not eee the fnoe* of ties* three "*n because they v*re 
stooped over with heed* downies they rolled past ns, down a alight da* 
el Ins, the eaters eat ad a* if it vented to tip over, and I steadied 
the earner* with *y left hand, fb*y stopped at the bottom or the it It 
map and 1 heard one of the aen sag "Ve ean*t get up here#" fh*y t m 
moved ti. rough th<* line of newest*; n the east aide of the Map* 

4V1 or three nlnutoe later, I heard sea* os a ineide jail of flee eej, here 
he eones#" X looked to ray loft, tovard the jail o f io* door, and ob- 
served Lt+ vain appear through jail of- loo door# -'hen a, . roxinatelj 
1 to feet behind it# -vain. Captain Frit* appeared# ?h*a approxi- 
mately 5 ft* behind Captain frits# I eba*rr*d elective J-eavelle, 
with uavald hsudonf fod to Leavel!* 1 * left ar , I also not lead a Aetee* 
live on Oswald 1 * left holding Oswald's arm, bv.& didn't no ties who the 
dates tire was at that tine# 

As leave lie end hie partner el on,; with ueuaid, appeared through the 
jail oiria* oar, tie preso , *reoxui#l bogui . to erow .1 forward, taking 
pisturs* and aching quae lions# f Did yo sheet the resident#** ate# 

a# e&, tain Frits past oe, **ed as Leave lie, hie partner, and Oswald 
apjromah* ay petition, I taw a an l^nge from the crowd of viewsaen, 

appsisltw ny position# . * thi. luagoJ forward axtOT-uing hie rinK* am, 
anc firing alines 1 si^ultaneo *eiy# 

Oswald foil b -ok a atop mid Daavelle, laid - sualtl down m the floor# 

At the a*ue instant the shot was fired, servo ral off leers, X know 
Cut oh* haw and Harrison, subdued tie aan who fired tie shot, and took 
tUe gun frea hin# 

X reaognigad t * nan that fired the shot as .Jaok Mby m X had ^iot 
not load #*uk lub, before lie fired t e shot, I do know Jaok utyr by 
eight in ha we newer seer, bins In She City ^all# 

1 assisted several tbo. t/f fleers tntko Jack .11b, in 0 Jell of toe, 
where he v.w searched# I did not help take hia upstairs# bat remained 
a* security at the jail o Tice door* 

I have talked to Federal bureau of Investigation Agent Sookeut in 

f* garde to this incident# 

Ue*pe«t fully eubaitted. 

C« 0* vallaee, Lieutenant 
Juvenile bureau 


tfovember 24, 1 96? 

Mr* J* E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjeott Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. 


Approximately three to five minutes before the prisoner was brought 
out, I observed a Channel 5 Camera mounted on tripod rollers come 
through the doors in front of the Jail office to the ramp* I observed 
three men pushing the oamera,one on each side and one man crouched down 
in rear head down as if pushing the camera. As the camera came down 
the slope from entrance to ramp, I grabbed one of the tripods to steady 
the camera* As the camera men pushed the camera into the ramp they 
turned slightly to the right, one attendant stated ,r We can't get out 
this way 1 *, they then pushed the camera into the crowd of newsmen on 
the East side of the ramp area and disappeared into the rear of the 
crowd* At this time I heard someone in the jail office door state, 
"Here he oomes* 1 . As I looked towards the jail office door, I saw 
Lieutenant Swain come out. Approximately ten to fifteen feet behind 
Lieutenant Swain, Captain Fritz came out, only six to eight feet behind 
Captain Fritz, Detective J. R. Leavelle leading Oswald (handcuffed) by 
the right arm* I could not identify the detective on Ozwald's right* 

As both Leavelle, Oswald and unknown detective approached entrance to 
the basement ramp, I saw Jack Ruby lunge from the Northeast corner of 
the ramp area. I saw what looked like a blue steel snub nose revolver, 
almost simultaneously Ruby fired* Ozvald let out a long "O-o-o-h"* 
Several officers including myself attempted to grab the suspect* The 
suspect was then wrestled to the floor by several officers. 

X know Jack Ruby and had not seen him in the crowd or building until 
I saw him lunge and fire at Oswald, 

Respectfully submitted. 

R. L, Lowery \ / 
Detective, ID#1081 ^ 
Juvenile Bureau 

Criminal Investigation Division 

Daoeabar 12, 1963 

Inspector J* H, Sawyer talked to Ceputy Chief -Jeorge L. Luwpkln 
and received the following lUtant i 

"J wit to the b**«rn«it of the City Hall on fiov enter 2 4, 19^3, 
to observe the t ran afar of Let Harvey Oswald to the Count/ Jail, 
I Arrived about 3 Minutes before they brought U« Harvey Oswald 
out of the Jail Office. 

X was standing on the flat part of the reap near t ha right front 
fancier of the oar driven by Detective C, H* Dhorlty, This was 
on the Weat aid* of the oar, 

X did not k non Jack Kuby and 1 did not tee hi* in the baaeiaent. 

I did not toe the shooting although I did hear the shot, 1 * 


J, H, Sawyer 
Inspector of Polio t 

November 27, 19 63 

Mr, J, E, Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Traffic and Security Ac simmer, ts 

on Jail Transfer of lee Oswald 


Cn November 24, 1963, tie Solo Motorcycle Section detail, consisting 
oT 10 officers, reported to Dlu rd Houston Streets at Bi^Q A ,11* Ey 
9:0C A*M ■ this detail had teen augmented by eleven Police Be serve 
officers* Supervisors present, v.'erc Captain ?* hi ^wrence. Captain 
J* I:. Solomon, lieutenant U, 7, Southard, Scrgedhi S, 5* Fellah and 
myself* Shortly before the prisoner .-'as to be transferred. Sergeant 
D, F, Steele reported to the location* 

Tuc v/c st side of Houston v:as roped off between Elm and Main Streets, 

A large number of. persons were congregated behind the ropes along 
Houston and on both sides of Elr.i Struct between Houston and the Triple 
Underpass * I would estimate the total crowd to bo between 5C0 and 600 

T..o officers were assigned at Elu and Houston and two at ISain and 
Houston* One officer vras assigned at Ulm and Record and one at Main 
and record* foU r patrol sen, srv-u Reserve officers and five super- 
visors, including itself, t i© re stationed at intervals along the west 
side of Houston between TLu and Main* Four Reserve officers were 
assigned along Elm Street between Houston and the Triple Underpass, 
ill officers were instructed to keep a close watch on the crowd and to 
be particularly alert for any signs of violence . 

bixn radio stations announced that the prisoner had been shot, most 
of the crowd dispersed and approximately one-half of the officers were 
reassigned to other locations. 


R, H- Xnnday 
Deputy Chief of Police 
Traffic Division 


TT ' IF ^TTy* ' ' * ■ ,v- * + f,T) 1 ' f'VAIir 

J. :*l - 736 

I arrives :Aud:t;; .v>r v...h,r ?- > uh t a;.70 a^. a received 

ttord fr a 

r. err;. 


ui" t f fleer t \ 

CvltjL I s — 

a th:t they 

had a erm 

check i:. ; 

.ho s i lu ho 

resent \d a munition 

ccayarr c t of 


1 went to 

the huUa 

in c capon; 


; let, c:, -horlt' 

■-v " r * * * 

aov-n* e 


v.ith Albert .. 7\-r>-t?r f *pjL **crth C;, press, r^iiforaia, a cutis :icd 

ourselves he; v/rs * j£, and returned tn ehc r Tice, 

At 9 : 3^ ai X war, instructed f *ilv y wi h . ct, t. . bravos a u Det, w ’■# 
Dhsrity to go up In tr ■■„• jail rr* \:t *taHd. I -er P t to cell and put thq 
handcuff on bln with hie hands in front of hi ru 

-e r*t >rm d to Captain -rite :>_■ flee T-ore Captain frits, ' f r. for re Ho 
and Mr. Theresa J *clly of the tocrct . ervice questioned Oswald* Also In the rocn 
wore lotectivcs L, - , ■ iont^-acar , L, c # Graves, -• Ihority and Ins -'C tor 
Loin&o of the rst ’-'ffi^c nenrtnent an/: sr cslT* 

thortl; after 11:00 an e epnn t:o transfer, thief Currv had cone to 
(kiptiin + rits h flee* * hac aade a swq gee tic n earlier to double cross the 
press end take -c.vold out on t o first floor via tfic -ain rtreot door, leaving 
the press wait! ;; in tnc fcocoaont and on Ccrnri rcc tre t. 

Also it was suggested tr ~o c .1 tie ho in tretst rrnp and west on Alia ; trect. 
To esc surges Lions wero turned down by OitcV Curry who stated that /.e hoi better 
r° ahead with the transfer as plumed, since ho had riven hie word cn it, 

-TJproxim+^oir 11:1< an we loft the third floor office with d&aald handcuffed 
to siy left an vdth Pot, u. c. Craves hold in ■ to b^nsald'e left arn, preceded to 
the jail elevator by Captain 1 rits, Lt. Xtoain, detect I vo 0. -ontytociGry. e 
reached th# Ua sen cat jiil o flee v.l ' ■ f fleer:, in front we headed to the auto^cbilc 
raujp just outside the jail iff ice dorr, To hesitated just inside the Jail door. 


c walked c :t and had just reached toe ramp 

J. it, Leavoll^i^-e ? 

then was piv$n the ill clmr ci^n, 
where* the c ar t,e cre ;o ride v; : „ hcln * V.-.ckod Into position by ^elective 
1'hcrit;' tih on cut of the maos 01 s Jiv: nit' ermn sod of all the nows media, which 
had r irpnd rorv.ard to within sly or i^ven fe t of us, the figure of 4 man 
with a f 'tn in hand. He took to ^uick stop a and double actioned a ,36 revolver 
point blank at Oswald, -l jerked back o,, -sv/ild, at the same time reaching oat and 
catching Jack ft b? on the loft sh aider, shoving back and down on hi?., bringing 
myself between Ruby and 'srald. I could sec Dot. Graven had Huby's run hand and 
gun in hi*; hands, 1 turned ny attention to ^svnld and with toe help of **et, 

Ccnbest vo took Oswald hack into the in il office and 3 ad him down. handcuffs 
were removed and the city hall dcct r, kr, " ieberdorf was summoned, ~"c also 
celled 0 r Heal rm balance, -swale? was ml ae o ' in the ambulance ar.d rutoed to 

Parkland hospital* In the ambulance besides the crew was Dr, -ioV.erdbrfj 
Dot, L, C, urnvos, ^et, C, If, Verity end Tiysolf, 

He ?nc rushed to sur eery '.here ho expired at 1:07 pm, November 21*, 1263, 
pronounced by I r j Tom Shires. Jufre 11 rce * c iri ce v. j as summoned, I fnvr him 
all the info nation needed to rccuest an autopsy* hen all necessary reports 
wore T.virie, 1 returned to the city hall where J. made the offense report on J*c© 

Harvey Oswald, 

December 1 , 1963 

OF C, G* 

I was on the Jail 1 levator ana did not soe the shooting, 

1 + *oet Jack ;4iby several years ago, and would not recognize 
hia If I saw hio. 


November 29, 19*3 


I left the City Hall et Hi 00 i v K, to work traffic at 
ikar d end Sin 3 treats end did not return to the City 
Hall prior to the a hoot tag, 

I do not know Jack ffcuby t 

Mr. J, £• Curry 
Chief of Police 

D ate : 


This is a statement of facte relating to my activity as a Reserve Officr 
Sunday, November Zk f 1963* tQ the beet of my knowledge and recollection. 

1. Approximate time I reported to duty. Q?O0 Lt , firf - 

2. I reported to (person and place). Li fflZHfttiLL 

3. I was assigned to (state place or area and who you assisted and what 
assignment consisted of such as crowd control, search, guard, etc.)* 

$ 'lAttZsC JsrJ tX. a^nr^Jp f2 yfcd- 1 a^AZa^-dj 

’fjf J&y JfoJUl ILj’- £ MjJ_ Osr-ea,. W&gjL, 

Jjj~£. 'lAh&r-t f $& ‘hr’ i/0 

Jhr0/L&vrJrT\J' 0/r-C** J- 

(laddkA Jfrkff AM&r/, , Jhtdvd SLfrf 'b'P- ^ ~*~ 

TiM^j Jr -tJU -xLLzz^-t £u™~ 4^^ 

A* rjjaj&dL, 

k. Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

/.£ &&IJ>GE$ / r &CU#KSC*LB& 

5. Did you know Ruby? Af & 

6. When and under what circumstance did you see Ruby? 

{(tfEt Dn> set rf/M. 

J!n^ n 

Print name 

djL tkikM/. 


Hove® be r 26, 1963 

Mr* J. Em Guriy 
Chief of Polio© 

Subject! Aseijpimsut of Officer 

W. E, Hibbfl #625 
Sunday, November 2!j, 1963 

Sir i 

On November 2l\ $ 1963 at approximately 9 A.M., I was given a call to 
report to 511* I arrived at the Patrol office tmd remained in the 
Sergeant's room* About 10; 15 A.M. we were instructed to report to 
the basement. After arriving in the basement Sgt. Dean told me to 
get my shot gun from my car and return to the basement. When I returned* 

I was told to place the shot gun in a squad car. 

While I was waiting for further instructions I observed Sgt. Putnam 
looking In a Detective's car and then stop the Police Patti e !vagon 
as it came into the basement. He looked in thr front and then opened 
the rear doors and looked in. 

Sgt* Putnam then directed Officer Tolbert and iqyself to take a position 
at the bottom of the North ramp* ami check all cars or trucks entering 
the basement* While we were there, approximately 20 or 30 minutes, no 
vehicles or persons came down the ramp* 

Sgt. Putnam than directed us to come to a spot in the parking area of 
the basement. We were assigned traffic corners. I reported to my corner, 
Akard and Kim, and there remained about 20 minutes when a passer-by informed 
me that Qsvold had been shot. About this time 1 betid several sirens. I 
went to my squad ear and asked the dispatcher If there were any instructions 
for the men working 12m Street. 1 was directed to remain on my corner till 
otherwise informed. 

In a vary short tijn© squads from th© other corner© began to oom South on 
Elm Street, Code 3 * One of them stopped aid told m we were to report 
to Parkland Code 3* 

Respectfully submitted, 

W. E. Hibbs 
Patrolman #625 
Patrol Division 

ecember l t 

>ir. J# Curry 
Chief of i olice 

Sir i 

Interview of i?isi:rire Officer, 
atroJinan Harold o. Molly Jr., 

vii uece«b<-r Is l f j6l fi«s#rve officer, ^ atrolaan 
Harold 3. Holly Jr. tr^< interviewed by the under- 
uigced officer* ns to any is format! oti ha night 
hive concerning the shoot in 0 of Lee nrvey 'aw iid . 
Molly had sot subsisted * report prior to tne 
interview with thee* officers. 

BirDlman Ho* ly stated t : u t he reported to the 
City Hall -t approximately lli>E) s.n. on 
Novcjr.ber /4, iy6^, he was assigned tu w*rk traf- 
fic at t e in tt reset j on of va:n and Harwood Stret/ts* 
At ftp roxiniatcly 11*45 a.>* he weft aligned to 
; arkland oepltnl to waul&t In the handling of 
traffic at tuat location. 

.‘fail * there, lolly stated that an unknown reserve 
police off leer related to hiie that he, the unknown 
reserve officer, had passu d Jack tfuhy it the 
bnernent of tne City *11 after Huby ad pr*uented 
press credent isle. 

Molly wee s own /hotograph* of iavera 1 reserve 
officers by Captain J * M. Solomon end was unable 
to identify this unknown reserve ©floor. 

Captain I'ol ^nton a > vised the undersigned officer* 
to be • optical of tbie infer rustics and n t to 
place tco nnicn credence In it. 

Holly tfiut he we* not faolliar with Jack 

Mu by and had not sm hl?t on the date of vswald’s 
shooting. At th * tie* I J oily he* not been con* 
tec ted by any federal agency. 

Aaapeetfui ly eubrrittird, 

Jrimin* I Invest, iff tion wivirion 


1 , 19&3 

Hr. um L. Curry 

Chief of inline 


Interview of fteeerv* Of floor, 
i strainer? Harold 3* Holly Jr,, 

vn uece^b^r l, I96> Reserve officer, ^utrulman 
Harold S t Holly Jr* w^s interviewed by tho under* 
aigned of floors on to *ny Information ho night 
h iv# concerning the shoot in e of Loo ■ ^rvey ‘.'(iw.ili* 
dolly hod not submitted a report prior to too 
interview with these off Icons. 

atrolman Belly etnted that tit reported to the 
City hall t approximately II OU a* a, on 
Ttovot-bor 1963 * Ho won aecigned to w->rk traf- 
fic at t « 1 m it r Motion of iain and Harwood otriotn# 
At ap. roxiwatvly 11 i43 a*. he wee aligned to 
arkioiid capital to mmslnt in the handling of 
traffic at that location. 

hile there, lolly stated that an unknown reserve 
police officer related to hlia th«t he, the unknown 
reserve officer, hod paaaud Jack iiuby int? the 
bnsefient of in# City - all after fiuby J.*id presented 

j roes credentiele, 

roily w«© a. own 4 hutograpt-o of several r*iatrv* 
of floors by Captain J* H* og } owon and waa unable 
to identify this unknown reserve o r fleer* 

Captain L'ol^moji a 1 wined the - rid e reigned officers 
to be « apt I cal of this information end n t to 
place too rtiuen credence in It* 

Solly stated tout he w«i not familiar with Jtck 
rfttby and had not uoen bin on the date of .awald'a 
shooting, At fch a tine Holly hat not bean con* 
tested by any federal agency. 

rvoflpeet ful ly submitted. 

•Ok ri.fl 11 i li.ut.nant 
pedal service Bureau 

C. C. Wallace, LI eat e nan t 

frlainal Invest, ig tion Llvidon 



(i»TiBbtr 29* 196} 

; r# J* £* Curry 
Ciuf if >ollo# 

4E14$£fi ^taktrit/ ?r*o*for of m»on *r 


Our l«Hm Off loo* t i« &. jtolljr f Jr* ia« 710 J I v JV2J a*4U1c«i 
Koo^uito* iafontd no 111* 4*4# 41*4 1* **o v*rlU| £umUjr f 
Xomntar 24* it £14/ Hall opprasi* toly t*a nlnuio* *f4or 41* 
oloo41a« *r tiotfol** noi tat* lo v*o ««! to roroloort# *llL« *4 

Is oojajod in odinfUti^l « 1 H onotlor it* oorro Of floor 
vlooo ftii*) 1* haIoool* 4a bio* 

? lo a«Hm Off loo r told Mr# folly 44*4 prior to 41 m ileotlAtf* 
to oitlrr tlMmlf or ilioolf odnittod J*e* t»lg to too fe*omo*4« 
That Hr# luby m* ntriAf t proto ttotifilit a* oord oa hi* Jmolot# 

hr# Holly ototoo lo Ot»nli moarriloo talo Oooorro Offioor if 0* 
oouid too bis ofiiu* io *lo. otoioo 40*4 tbtr* tr*o * motor 41*4 
lo liooolf not on thin no rk motor# 

i*0p004fUllr Outo|4t«4* 

&# *« ttoriiHt, Uff 

lurflui «o4 ffcift Bmrooit 


November 27. 1963 

Mr* J, £* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Jack Rti by 


On October 24 1 1963, I was stationed on the Jail Elevator, and was 
to operate it* I was assigned by Sgt, M.Q* Rogers, as It was 
felt this would enhance security, 

I had seen Jack Ruby around nine years ago, but I had never talked 
to him nor met him personally, while as an apprentice policeman, 
working the district that the Vegas Club was on, 

I did not see Jack Ruby in the basement, and I probably would not 
have recognized him had I saw him. 

I did not witness the shooting of Oswald, but I was standing by 
with the elevator in the Jail Office* 

Respectfully submitted, 

/s j / C. G, Lewis / 

o* G* Lewis, #1026 

Dallas Police Department 






V »b 

?■-. Ht * 5 

K * Guriy 

hiaf tf 1 olio* 

. 1 ** . boating fif i*« ^array o*«t!4 

7. J** haMlXan 


T* * H*J ilion vu inUrrl^ -d b, i*ut**nnti J. 'a lie* and f « C- 

tteCag 1 rer, at in on ';c¥*ah*r }G, H# hat Vis to ad i to bis 

orif ln*l re or t r 

I wo ild 111# %o nd« on* co rrtetion that I now ks«v to W tru*| that 
4t<^4T« L^aveUs was on the rislftaer , t ri*ht rather t *r an tha 
prisionsr 1 * left «i l stated cjjr origin*! ''apart* isa I « 41 Ilka 
to comet that 1* person, Jack nttbrft •»*■* fro* ay Is ft instead af 
aj right ii 1 Jtatad in ay friglttrl report# 

I Wan 4 lw : if I r.n^w J .ub | and i la icna^ hia hj I 

iia n ‘t »*to hi^i _n th* 'jaoiJM* t befor* the sho ting, and a* never 
faanll asain hi*; nr' m the ‘it -all* 

a talks ! to til* v . *r; vs g t ti tit* 5* flaar# -rv ti # floor *uh 
was asks 1 hoy h* goE t r the bnsestant* Ha repllsl that ba anas fron 

tha *sstsm nion uffioa vriore h*' wired a girl In '^rt orth *omm 
a^nay# H* sal ha saw do . is ran drive o;it of th* baaamaat# la 
walks 4 pv*s t .* poliosaan standing there* 4 said a pali#ea*& hollars* 
at hi*, but hs >lMQksd h\M h«*d ani kept going. ** said that ka knew 

ha co.l; always act Ilk* a rap or tar* 

ka also *4d r w t*«U won’t WUsvs this, but I didn’t haws this pUnna*. 1 
oauldn 1 ! hnve lined 1: so perfeat*" J la maid just as ha got thara, 

Oswald was ooning o. I, 

ia stats d ha always aarriad a gun in tha aar haafcuea ha always ha* 

•ana neasy* 

I overheard why nay that altar a aia^ *-.t »f tha astern aim efflas, 
ha aav tbs erne red aar thars and aan# ts ssa what was gei*f 

kuhy said ha figured h« to 14 gat aff at least three shots hafara ha 
would h« taught* huh/ relate* that ha knew ha was sheet! an lbs right 
perse* , «s ha had attended tha sh e w - np *ri*ay night at tty h all ■ ha 
rain tad how Henry a* a had and a amtoreng rt f i iiiisi %o tha »rga*l*a~ 
tin that Oswald belongs t ta f and that **hp hlnaslf aa- esrregte* 
leery ad# haaau^s ha didn * t want M » fa hs MhiftM ■<* In pnblie* 

L haws bean interviews j by the federal Bar saw af Investigation* 

November 27, 19&3 

Mr- J. 2. Curry 
Chief of Police 


I should like to submit the following report regarding the incident 
occurring in the baser. ent on November 24, 1963* 

On Novemb r 24, 19&3, I was assigned to the basement of the City Hall at 
ap_ t oxime tely 11:10 a.m. for the purpose of security in the transferring 
of Lee Harvey OsAvald from the City Jail to the County Jail- I was sta- 
tioned near the jail office door which exits onto the ramp leading in a 
northerly direction toward Lain Street- Detective L. D. Killer was sta- 
tioned to my immediate right and I was the second person from the door on 
the north side of the hallway which leads to the jail office do or, I do 
not know who was on my left* 

At approximately 11 : 25 a-m. Captain Frits come out of the jail office 
door and asked if everything iva s all right, and I answered, "Yes sir*" 

X do not k^ow if he was speaking directly to me* Two Homicide detectives 
were holding onto the prisoner escorting him, and X recognized Detective 
Leavelle on the prisoners left. Captain Fritz had proceeded past me and 
the two Homicide detectives with the prisoner had proceeded slightly past 
me* As the prisoner was even with me, I made a left face which caused me 
to be walking in a southeasterly direction. Just as I had taken about one 
or two steps in forcing the barrier on the north side of the prisoner, a 
man jumped from somewhere slightly to my right and in front of me* I 
heard this man yell, "You rat son-of-a-bitch , you shot the President*" 

I saw the man as he appeared to jump or lunge toward the prisoner. 1 saw 
a short barrel revolver and heard on shot* I attempted to grab this man 
by the right arm and could at ill see the revolver. But after I had gotten 
hold of this man f s right arm, several more officers were also trying to 
subdue him. At this point, I wa- on the floor just outside the jail office 
and the man said, M I hope I killed the rat son-of-a-bitch* '* I do not know 
who took the gun from this mar., but Detectives Archer, Chambers, Clardy, 
Waggoner, and some more officers took this man into the jail office and at 
the time he was on the floor and 1 recognized him as Jack Euby* We placed 
my handcuffs on this man and Detectives Clardy, Archer, and Captain King, 
and I took this man directly to the fifth floor men's jail, after a pre- 
liminary search in the jail office. 

On the fifth floor men's jail we instructed jailers to search this man and 
strip him leaving him clad in only his shorts. We also instructed the 
jailers to notify the jail doctor to come and examine this man* 

Detectives Clardy, Archer, and X stayed with this prisoner from 11:25 a.m* 
until relieved by Homicide detectives at approximately p*m. During 

the time we were with this man, he was interrogated by Mr. Sorrells of 
Secret Service ai*d Mr. Hall of the F.B.I. He was contacted by an attorney, 
Mr. Tom Howard, and he was examined by Dr. Bieberdorf when we were relieved 
by Homicide officers. 

Mr* «J ■ E. Curry 


November 2? f 1963 

Detectives Clardy, Archer, and I assisted in getting this man from the 
fifth floor jail to the Homicide and Robbery Bureau* 

Respectfully submitted, 

. - r , 1 
/ m. t-ni ^ C J ') 

?♦ B, Me Mil Ion 

Criminal Investigation Division 


<£ v /'"V- — H(k3 

ry\(\ 5..*., (LxaK (\y 

f _... <? f.__ fc ^ »'c^ 

5 /'*?•, ..... 

.... ^ 

^ u scree, r; 

„ . 5&c.\xfw'ry 

.; £>.5ujaa < D 

6> S'/- AJt.v. 1903- ^ LOrtfi. A ^'j^/vej) 75 #65 A/wfi 

- ^ — T76&... <^> Y/ , _ 7/a-^. c /*-7~ *-p Pftoti fn*r&Ay-S/i-./-°- / ^ /vu 

- fvfl, -77S4 -— /'U ft P<=> s>s. — <^r* 5' kai p/ /iv f& ft*. 

'f. /££. . ///t-n V0y/ fft.o 77 / £ _< 2 - 


— fr- 

7*? 77*/^ . "D Ar £. £, .^OL/irVTy 

AM .4 57"w-7> Cti £-~0,*. ~Trf£ <J/*-'i._. dfff'b£ 


t. . • : 

; 1 L* 

UJH>'c+/{ £■ y~i'T3 — 0 rv7~o. ~r/S£- ft #-***{> Jr & A-Tb i '/\fj — /-A' A"- — 

/V*p>~I ‘d/wz&t, 'otfj 7^ to *4« T 5 07/fi-Kfij.. _ ... 

(^5. M? C. Ta'-Y& — £-.- (& />?/ / / /2./2^ U. UJ 

.... • • •“!!*• • • ;• • ' »..l h j . . • • 


/ ! 

pAi>T yr>£ *. 

7 ~>S£. . i'$o rv'&A— -- 


UJ f\ 3 - & n/ 10 r t Sf -yyy £ — jC* m#T>£. 

p*~ A *p- t „ ^ oj/£d <^/A 

*U A u & <£*£> - /7? S . /i 

foB'- Lsowr £• M- t' ,/sj />✓ ft 7 J l / S-p.*'fi&&Tsu 

uusr. ^ s 22 /P#- 2 > 'T&te.n) . a &° mT^S ■*-- 

! ti,_ ~T?S <£ A i'£/i. <? /d ~T?if 0 . ../Jfifi,l 7 ^_ 

5 ' £> £-- <3=^ pAd *><£>/¥& /^ /? sx>* */ J w ^ p £j> -fftero.. 

5 e »*> *v vo h is e, jg. t> 4 ' ? ~ 72 > A /?■/&' S~ . rfT> -../ tJ -. fa an 

Of yng.* /y'g-A'fi T>^r^/ ? .; *9?Shs>/.. t>t- "-you . Rn.m 

A $i 'tc'H— '~'/o u.- ftf+7^.TM&~ fae'£*Qatfr- > *J3Z >> >-0_ 


TSZ' rr>Ar 4 .-.p 4 /*/&- St-ffA-fi- P&jZ „ 7 a „. .<TU *v?p. <$ /3 


^/^(Xitih^cp 7 M t$ ** 1 M iZ fi. , * ~£? fr T . 5 /^® /?J^_ 

P> 0. \yo J.V&SL. O-nSZ* a_r7&— ^^=>_77_ 

i ~S- Py 7 ^^pTZ~X> -^ 7 o-. fAfr 8 7/?/ 4 -/S’?Msy.-. 0 / y—'Z&£- — . 

- 0 -&m &nrL> ^ 77 '^^ 3 £■& ~ 7 s/£- ]?& l/oly&/ 

(tfttff .../?-A.nn .._ ..$&. Vi£.r?n c. _ <2^/^/ ‘c £./?-£ — UJfP-ft £- ... 

-7~/}y/'sr<ir ~70 $c4*0-p>i%£. /X/sYi * ..X7~ “T&'s. .5. fo t'/V- /“_ 

COA-.4 _ O.w -~T2zfj£- /vi-OflA, O"^* 7“ O UT-jr/ p 

to - j>#-sPZ> T^e. /?mpJ .$/*?■ , to " X? s/^ptz- X ^- — 

KlM6g-£> 7TH- X ff-7~— ._ _£y JV ■*£> f 1 -'* - B f 'rc^/_» jr=% 

^ - 

.ir*T. fa— UD- W/V® T3 = >r ~T// &- _ jf/?«vw 77({3--/to*r/. 

*B vVT” Z?£'7~/&-cz-7~~ < V'^ 3 y?r^- &*p/&> ff f <*>£> £, 8-4/ 

._ tOl fyyj&fsi&P-*. A A*Z>-.&>swe. XXoK T^t*^— 

,„,_ ** r __ _ : , _,, 

.. friA** K/vTo^ 7 ZS£ - .%$&-/.<- . ... bf-ftc-£.L. 0 -rtV> /P 7 ~ - 7 ?#S Tim, 

8»** 9^22 . M,rri * 

/r rr ^ | , 

$? ... .'7Px£- /rAobf^iS^Volk Ts»gr' r - ~ii :s. UA e.^ 

^ ' ' ( 'j | ,;*;_;. i( ;__ 

' ; ■ i , i 

V~}~>y //j*-**'~P<£~\j, ffj <» v\l .7 Ti'JS-r- /ft# ^ A-rYT> T>&T&-<*Tj /> 

f ‘ JV‘ j. V '“ 

- & Kt* a <ufa/s i^ r 6 frpT- iMSrv..^ ^ /va>- J2T- >*«/c_ 32 v- 

. _.J? iff.e-a.XX X ‘7b - - oA—/frf.fcj 


/>7 a r/_ * 70 . 

.. J? iff.e-Q.T7~/ X "7b - i _/j^?o A — /HjErJ ’. >- <5*/i 

7 ■ ;, : :.• . 

* ■ . ■' r * It |i * .[ ! < ( ? 1 '•; ' ' * 

■—' I" 1 — — ■ — IMHH ■ n-f ■ -.'■■> -4‘ *"<■■*-- *■ - T< d -*■ 1 !“ ' /"■ ■ ■■ 

: LiiSii — .•* — 

L - : '■ sv 


<U/S /‘<V 7^£ tfpi&S., 

-TM&- 7/£ fAo OR <J~Ar O ... — W *-- T-M'iTR'AC t%£>- 

3*0 t A fZ-K 3 — -To 5 «£i* J? e// /y? # «J . » /✓-£> /<-' '**> 

y i ' * ~ L*>£ 

i&PV }'fV^ . th'rr-* ££p-7> 

c ( * !ir«u<.rrt-p j*/i s r* /vo-pfy tV£ »*■ 'VocTop 72 <Jo ^ e * f 

iS.V.arrvxi'/v 6 . “ 7 ?/ #> — - 

p( 5 .Te-c.rr..yg 4 ,_. ..£ e./// 5 / 2 . s? siSJ* -JZ J7‘/*y&‘z> J*»'7?t 

%H*$ - pft>‘ So»v.£ ft. f&fm y/\ r> -— , U/vTj ^ Rfi£»ev* &1 .&/. 

f^pTf^P 0- fafi-Ct 


6 a* 

$> p, -re- e*~ri ve-s, pt p> # pj ^ n7£iy // j - Z 5 ^ - -1 > u fl '- — 


TTtf *> ~'f~/ 'r*-i.e LOG-tK&... ~7A' / $ m&n> 7iS~ 

_U)fi 5 -jT/vra a a»^ rt T&j>.- _ fey? A/S — oj/?. . 

iy P V./_c. c *- ~<=>f.~ ff-B-t 77,. lu & 

(7 o r/TA c. 

7 ~j£ ^ . ??//& P^y 7 } 

m p, ■ ~7o/y> -uJ ^v?i) 

/5 7-^"0 ^KA^'A'Z S.-£> j0> D?/?/^ 

bJ-}d£-f7 IO0 VO£-f}%L. / / /£-V (5-rp> J0y~ yt/asrrQ Cv j£>/^ 

<9 PP>'g AfL * j z> &- re. eL>r>~ve $ -- £ A y^'py / /?-*? — /?-/vcc 

■pC^- />-? -s »' P — rrJ .yy & ?77 /vf ~7 r /A./ s ^ m pr_a/_/z0.ojry^ _._JZ^L 

\ ^ ;. ' ■ 

■ <p ■ 

_ £>“ tv/ .. . 7^ OOA <J~** -/ 75“ _ ~T 7 <f£- _ mo d, /£>t£ „ 

^ tfi ft GfriA ~ _<3 £fj£*JS. * 

R jS- 5 e-T^vi 4 V/L _, m* 'jffc&j — 


— ,__. . C^’C-T'Gu £,/">’/£ ; C * ft 

R> Vt 6 — w 

/irube r 3 , l *163 

r. o. ... Curry 

Ch .0 1 t iica 

ir : 

e: Cvtervic.v of c erv« f'i.'r, 

i»ut« »nt *> rme • errall v A/i 

cv - ■•di-rvi? fficer, entrant 

«rml interviewed by the undersign'. 

* c j .a t*. Any information nc i g*.t ii^ve 
‘Mi-'Tai t ;c uii. o. Lee ..arvsy awald 

r. ; Aftc t c*orc. n bin , re rrt 
Os tri v v* bar f 1 >63. 

*' cr r .vi. |. 4 L a . rig 3 i\ai re ~rt, MerreiJ 
*. •. ted t -.t tr »re was r;« thing of signi f j c«.nce 

■ -icn b»i c ■ ultt n dd • 

*rreli furt *r states thwt he has nst oeen 

x , ti c*ctc » by *ny federal a^enoy at tr. 5 tl e. 

es, *ct fully 3 i;bc. itt d, 

I. „orr>wall, f ieute ant 

peciai Jervi«'? Bureau 

^ v >ck ..•▼ill « Lieutenant 


~ >vcial -ervice i^ r tu 

\ 3 

November 26, 1963 

Kr» J, E, Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a He&erve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection, 

1* Approximate time I reported to duty* ?:45 A. M. 

2 m I reported to Assembly loom, 

3m 1 was assigned to — 

I was answering the telephone and making assignments from the Assembly 
Room, I assumed charge of men reporting and set up a man power pool to 
be used as needed, 

4, Names of other officers in the same ar ea that I can recollect are: 

Reserve Officer A. B, Craig was guarding the double doors between 
the main building and the basement perking area. 

>* Did you know Ruby? No. 

6* When and under what circtmstance did you see Ruby? 

After the shooting when Ruby was placed on the jail elevator. 

Signed : 

Barrie Kerr ell 

Vir. J. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Date : 

//- xt- 

Sir : 

is a statement of facts relating to my activity as a Reserve Officr 
Sunday > November 2k % 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

y *_> 

4 CZ yrt 

a. Approximate time 1 reported to duty* 

2. I reported to (person and place). (OUljU^Xij /\ 

I was assigned to (state place or area and who you assisted and what 
assignment consisted of such as crowd- control, search, guard, etc.). 


<5 Z&XL 

^ -yisl&W -yt 

Ml HAsb Cy yvtaiA, Cfu^Je^ XX J* JuulI 

ML YlklJU. (f f 

4 . 

5 . 



'TvttaikoT JO* 1?63 

J. -* Qsirrj 
Chi mt <tf Icoltom 

««* *>ha ting of las ftorr&y Oswald 
I* If* Millar 


• >* Hlllar vaii iatorriawid by Licratofiantft 0. C* nllnae and 0- 
flcGaghren at ?>15 ^ >tt Novn&iabar >C f 1963* Th* intorrlav vat **a*n~ 
t tally tha aaisa a# his original report dated BoTwzvLor ,*?* 1?63* Tb» 
follow!*! ; v*a a.ld#d by L. .# Millar t 

I hx*ra not be*n iafc*rvta*i<?.* by tho r>dor!il Bureau of Invaat ig&tloti 
ra.^ardifi^ t 1 j incident* *? d Iviv* no kaovlad#* how thla I'orBtm *cot 
Into t ha -ity all. 

iiotpooifklly aubaitted* 

J, C, allaft« t Ll*ut#nftHt 
inwall* Bureau /f 


November 26 $ 19&3 

Mr, J. 3 , Carry 
Chief of Police 

Subjects Shooting of Harvey Oswald 


On Sunday November 2 ^, 1963 when prisoner Harvey Oswald was being 
brought from the jail into the basement I was standing on the east 
side of the door to the jail office. Detective Cutchshaw was on 
the vest side of the door and Detective McMillan was standing next 
to me* 

X saw the movement of a person coming across the ramp from the east 
of me and heard a shot at about the same time, This person was hit 
from behind and propelled in my direction, I grabbed him around the 
neck and helped to take him into the jail office. When I first 
made contact with this person he still had a pistol in his hand, 

I did not know this person and to my knowledge had never seen him 

He ape ctf ally Submitted 


Criminal Investigation Division 

©T'^rs>r* fyi rwrfipr i r r>t * — pn (yt^yptr P~ATH 

lTFM r r t *■ ^rtft'rpv „ 

Orj Sunday 7 >>vemb.-r ?h, I?*; it 11:1* ?v Ca^tMn ^ritz, Lt. R. •-. Swain, 

^et* J- "- ^cavslle, Tat* L, ^ . 'irnve* and myreilf escorted Oswald from Captain 
Frits 1 r, office to X e j’stl elevator* Pot. 'eavolle hrrd been handcuffed to 
Oswald* F'atrolmnn C. j. Levis, Jr., van the elevator operator as we carried 
Oswald dovn from the 3rd floor of the city boll to the taesment. t-ben ve got 
off of the elevator in the basement, It* F; t 1 ... -vain walked out In front of 
Captain Frits* Lat. ^eavelle was to Oswald’s right and Pot, Graves was to 
Oswald’s left, and I was in hack of Oswald stout three feet as w# approached 
the door leading from tbo baserent and Jail office* Captain Fritz told ue to 
stop, that ho was going to check one more time* The captain said, "All right, 
come on." o walked out of t.h* door leading fnrv- t v e basement jail office to 
the ramp w^ere the cars cere down into the basnrsnt. l‘ r n had to atop approximately 
five feet from the driveway of t v e ramp because tbo car van not in position* 

Vhen we stouned T saw a blur of something and heard n ‘hot. I wort around 
p et. 'braves and grabbed Jack Ruby by ■che bc^d. At tho time T grabbed Fuby by 
the bead he was being held by J, Jerri son, 7. F. *■ Villon, T., L, Lover y and 
VL J* flu t shew. Ke forced Pubv to t v e r round and a check was rare for the 
weapon* i'<* then moved Hub into t l, o basement jail office and rut bin back on 
the floor being held down by the same officers. While being held dovn on the 
floor of the basement jail office, Put y said, n T hopg I killed the son-of-a- 
bitch." T asked Chief Patchelor if we hod better get Ruby on the elevator 
and got Mid un into the Jail. ^hief Hatch elor raid yen, end Kuby was taken to 
the elevator. I then went to v v cre Oswald was lying on the jail office floor. 

A doctor was applying artificial respiration. The ambulance people arrived 
nnd loaded u avald on the cot, and I vent with the cot to the ambulance. 


oeaeafcer 1, 1963 


I have covered everything of Importance In my report. 


November 26 , 19^5 

Mr, J. E* Guriy 
Chief of Police 

Subject* Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. 


On Sunday, November 24, 196 3 1 I was stationed in the City 
Hall basement as security for the transfer of Oswald* 

When he came out of the jail office I was standing about 
mid-way of the driveway going into the parking area. There 
was a police car between me and the jail office. I did 
not see anything but heard the shot that was fired. By 
the time I could get around to the jail, Oswald and Ruby 
had been pulled back into the jail office. Ruby was* down 
with three or four officers holding him, Oswald was 
lying on the North side of the jail office on the floor. 

The doctor and ambulance arrived shortly after I got into 
the jail office. 

1 did know Jack Ruby but did not see him prior to this 

Respectfully submitted 

"F* K. Martin 
Captain of Police 
Juvenile Bureau 


Cwaaber 2 , 1?63 

STAToiarr ce billy j. maxlyi 

I know Jack Huby, but 1 did not hlu in or near the 
City Hall prior to the shooting of Los Harvey Oswald. 

November 26, 196 $ 

H r* J* E* Gurry 
Chief of Police 


Assignment Of Sergeant 
Billy J, Kaxey On 
Sunday, November 2b , 196$ 


At approximately 11;0Q AoM. , Sunday, November 2b t 1963, I 
arrived at Central Station, I was working n l6 rr , Acting 
lieutenant) , Northeast Substation, The Patrol Officers 
were leaving for their traffic assignments , and there was 
a large group of reporter© standing in the hall leading to 
the Jail Office. 

I did not have an assignment at the time oi’ my arrival and 
when Lieutenant Pierce came down and got into hi© oar I 
asked him if I could help. Lieutenant Pierce advised me to 
ride with him and Sergeant Putnam to escort the Armored Gar 
which had been backed partially onto the south ramp. 

Lieutenant Pierce drove the oar, I was sitting in the back seat, 
on the left side and Sergeant Putnam, after moving the crowd 
of reporters out of our path, got into the front seat on the 
right side. We traveled up the north ranp and made a left turn 
onto Main Street, Officer 2. E* Vaughn was standing on our 
right side at the top of the ramp as we weht out onto Main Street# 

I did not see Jack Hu by or anyone else go down the ramp as we drove 
out, I know Jack Ruby by sight and I also did not see him in the 
basement while I was at that location. 

V/e proceeded to the top of the south ramp via Main Street to Harwood 
Street to Commerce Street and took a position in front of the 
Armored Car, 

Apparently the ©hooting of Lee Earvey Oswald had just happened because 
I did not hear the shot and officers were rushing to cover the exits 
of the Police and Courts Building and the City Hall a© we pulled into 

After the ©hooting. Lieutenant Pierce, Sergeant Putnam, and I went to 
Parkland Hospital and set up security in the building and the Emergency 
Entrance Parking Lot. 

Respectfully submitted 


-■" * / ' 

Billy J, Maxey 

Sergeant Of Police 
Patrol Division 

December 3, 19*0 

Mr, J, E* Ctsriy 
Chief of ;^Uo« 

Bej Interview of Heaerre officer 
Sergeant ft, L, Nay© - B*2 

Sir i 

On Dec saber 1, 1963, Reserve Officer Sergeant ft, L, May o was 
interviewed by the undersigned office re ae to any information 
he eight have concerning the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald 
not covered in bis original report dated Uoveeher 26, 1963, 

Sergeant Kayo stated that hie doty assignment wae on Commerce 
Street across from the City Hall, He etgted that an unknown 
white male approglaately 25 year* of age attempted to enter 
the basement of the City Hall, This unknown male was wearing 
a white streamer on his lapel. This streamer had the words 
"White House Press 1 ’, Sergeant Mays stated that be attempted 
to refer this unknown to a regular police officer hut this 
individual declined stating that ht did not want to be a 

Sergeant Mayo further stated that this unknown individual 
disappeared shortly after the shooting of Oswald, 

Sergeant Ha jo does act know Jack Ruby nor has he been con- 
tested by any Federal agency at thle time. 

fteepeetfully submitted. 

Lieutenant, Special Service Bureau 

K*r«rt«r 26 , 1963 

Mr. J* £, Curry 
Chiof of Fblice 


I am a Sergeant in tit* Bella* Polio# Hinrn. 

X reported in uniform to the City Kali or Sunday, November 24, at about 
9*15 A, M, for duty# 1 waa assigned b/ Lt, Bon McCoy to a station on 
Camara* Stroei across from the City Hall, Thla *a* to keep tha crowds 
back from the entrance of the City Jail when La* Harvey Oswald wae tram- 
ferrod to the County Jail, 

About Ut25, 1 aaw several officer* running down Cotnorco Street to the 
entrance of tha building, Jm of tha crowd (a can) had a Mall radio, and 
1 hoard tha oimouncar say that Lea Harvey Oswald hod boon shot. Ho did not 
soy who , Just a few minutes later an uBbulanoe ceoe out of the bosemont end 
I aaw a man on the cot inside, 

1, X did not aaa the oho o ting or hoar a shot duo to being out odd*. 

2, I do not know the subset Jack Ruhp. 

3, I do not know Lao Harvey Oswald, 

4« I did not boor any colas In the basement. 


1, I9tij 

Kr* J. Curry 
Chief of i slice 

Sir i 

K»: IntirH-w of Rea.-rve Officer, 

d*rge>L&t ^an^a C, . aCain, ^5$ 

n ^eceaber 1, i9£>3 ^aervo Officer* aer^eant 
daqie* C, McCain Mt iottrvl<w#d by the undif- 
eigned officers aa to in, iuforeinti on he night 
have c nc*; ruing the abet ting of Lee Harvey 
<,ew*ld wnieh *#eo not covered in hie original 
report dated nv«« b« 56# l f > 3* 

McCain at it*d# after reading hie original report, 
that there **ie m thing of eitfnificaiiee wtiich he 
Could add, 

ergeaat tic€aio further etotrd that at thie tier he 
haa ot been contacted by any federal * L *noy» 

rieepect fully cubic it tad 

1* it, Oorntroli# hi eu tenant 
daedal tart ice Bureau 

aek teevill, Lieutenant 
iiaaiel Service Bureau 

November 26 , 1963 

>1r. J. E, Curry 
Chief of Police 


This is statement of facts relating to my activity as a He serve Officer 
Sunday, November 24, 1963, to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1* Approximate time I reported to duty* 9:15 A. M # 

2. 1 reported to Assembly Hoorn* 

3* I was assigned to the north side of Qommerce Street at exit of ramp (South)., 
4* Names of other officers in the same area that I can recollect are: 

Reserves Wayne Harrison and Arthur Capps. 

3* Did you know Rub;,? Ko. 

6. When and under what circumstances did you see Ruby? 

Did not see him at all, 

Noraabvr JO, 196 J 

Hr* J* fl. Curry 
Chi#f Of Pull** 

Dunr £irt 

**• * Xnt#rTi#u of itumum cf flour, 

Liiuttntst Bun C* HcCoy, K >7 

On NoTuubur 50 , 1963 8 mrv« Of flour, Liuntmnfa 
Bun c t McCoy, ««u lil«rTl«vfi by thu uidtrtifiN 
ofritiro *u to ugr UforniUin kt ml bt bn?* 
lontomlog thu nhooti** of Lot Hmrruy Ouwnli 
whieb w -■ not cov«rud im Mu origin*! ruyurt 
d*tu 4 Horunbur 26 * 1963 . 

Hi Coy tinted, nftur Folding bln origin*! rtport, 
tbit l hurt w *& nothing #f nigmifluunu wblub bu 
*o«id *id. 

lluutunnst McCoy fur t bur mtmtmm tflit bu bmu not 
boon mtftOUd by uny folortl ngtmiy *t UU tint* 

fully uubnlttuA, 

F* 1 . GonutU, Oitnttnnnl 


November 26, 1963 

Mr- J# E# Gurry 
Chief of Police 


I arrived at the City Hall, Sunday rooming, November 2U* 19 63 1 at approxi- 
mately 9t25 A* M, 1 went to the Police Assembly Boom in the basement and 
reported in to Lt* B, C, Morrell, and asked him viiere Captain Arnett vjas, 

Lt- Kerr ell informed me that Captain Arnett and all of the Reserves who 
had been there were taken into the basement parking area by 5gt, P, T, Deen 
to search it® 

I then went to the basement parking area and reported to Captain Arnett who 
was standing about 15 feet behind two tele%<lsion cameras that were set up 
in the first two parking stalls, facing the entranceway into the jail hall- 
way- Reserve Officer G, B, VCorley was standing beside Captain Arnett, I 
observed Reserve Lt, B, T, Suits standing at the bottom of the ramp, leading 
into the parking area, I also noticed Reserve Patrolman V;* J. Newman stand- 
ing at the extreme south end of the parking area® A radio patrol officer was 
standing in front of the elevators that are on the center east side of the 
parking area, 1 asked Captain Arnett what the situation was, and he told me 
that they had just finished searching the basement under the direction of 
Sgt, P, 1, Deen, and they had been instructed to stay in the basement area 
and keep people out of the parking area. 

Captain Talbot came by ard asked if the Air conditioning vents had been 
checked and Sgt, J. R, Hopkins (Reserve) walked up at this time and said that 
he had just finished checking them. I stayed with Captain Arnett to help in 
coordinating the assignments requested of the Reserves, 

Two conferences were held by the regular officers in the packing area, but 
we were not asked to listen in or not told what was going on* After these 
conferences, the regular officers left the basement area with shotguns, 

Sgt* Deen requested that we send a man to Commerce and Pearl to work the traf- 
fic as a signal light was &uck at this location, 1 sent Patrolman G, £, Worley 
to work this, 

A request was made that we send men to the south ramp entrance to move the 
crowd that had gathered there across the street to the south sidewalk ard 
hold them there, I made several trips to and from the assembly room to get 
reserves as they reported in to Lt- Kerrell to help handle this crowd# I 
sent Reserve Sgt, Hopkins up to the Commerce Street side to supervise the 
operation and to keep me informed of the situation there, , A request was 
made that a Reserve Officer be placed in the hall in front of the jail office 
window to help the regular officer there check people out. Reserve Officer 
A, E, Craig was assigned to this location# 

Subject: Statement of Lt* B. C* McCoy, Dallas Police He serves 

Page 2 

On several oc casio ns j and from time to time, I observed men in plain clothes 
coming down the ramps and going Into the hall in front of the Jail* I assumed 
that these were press personnel and I did not take any special note, because 
of the regular officers that were supposed to check everyone out at the top 
of the ramps. 

Much shuffling of cars took place in the parking area. I observed the paddy 
wagon come down the north ramp with Patrolman Lewis driving# 1 saw Bgt. Been 
stop him and search the back of the wagon and then permit Lewis to go on into 
the parking area* 

I observed squad cars being lined up in the north and south sides of the base~ 
ment parking area* I observed Sgt, Steele and Reserve Patrolman J. H* Harrison 
leave the basement area in a squad car and drive out the South Ramp* 

I then observed Chief Batchelor get into his car and leqve by the South Ramp* 

I then observed the Armored car being backed into the South Ramp. Some men in 
plain clothes got into Hie back, a battle fell out* and I saw one of the men in 
plain clothes picking up the glass from the ramp, I observed Sgt* Deen get 
into the Armored car and then come out. About this time, two men came into the 
outer jail hall and told the press personnel that they should stand along the 
north wall of the jail hall and along the e^st railing of the ramp, so they 
would all be able to get pictures without bunching up* 

Two plain cars were brought out of the parking area and parked on the ramp 
headed south* 1 assisted in getting the cars through the crowd that was block- 
ing the entrance to the parking area, I then moved several people who I as- 
sumed were press people away from the west wall of the south ramp over to the 
east side, and then stood by the west wall approximately one foot south of the 
jail hall, I heard a comotion and glanced ta my left 5 I saw two plainclothes- 
men with a man between them coming toward the ramp; I looked back to my front 
and right to see v/hat the press people were doing, ard 1 heard what I thought 
was a flashbulb exploding. I looked back to my left and saw a man with a gun 
pointed at the mid section of the man the two plainclothesmen had between them, 

I immediately jumped on the man, along with Reserve Captain Arnett and Reserve 
Sgt. K. H, Croy, and several other men, When the man was subdued, I heard some 
shout, TT No One Out I No One Outi TT 1 joined hands with Reserve Patrolman J. D, 
Brockway and kept the people from going into the jail hall. Captain Arnett and 
Reserve igt. Croy joined us, 

V/e stayed in this position until the O'Neal ambulance came and they took Oswald 
off to the hospital. A man in plain clothes then came out and told the press 
people that they would be admitted to the building proper by press car, tfe then 
went inside the building to the assembly room to be assigned where needed. 

Several men were sent to various locations to seal off the building entrances 
and several were sent to work traffic around the city hall. We were moved from 
the assembly room so the press could U3e it and set up our £T. P. on the second 
floor in the Planning Comsission room. 

Subject: Statement of Lt, B, C, McCoy, Dallas Police Be serve 

Page 3 

To my knowledge, I had never seen nor met the subject Ruby before X saw him 
with the gun in his hand at the time of the shooting of Oswald, 



/ /s/* 

0 . 


Ben C. McCoy 

Dallas Police Reserve 

Hcvember 2£, 1963 

hr* cu^rj 

Chief of Police 

Subject: Location of Detective H.L* 

‘:cGse at the tins of the 
Lee Oswald shooting 


Prior to the transfer of Lea Oswald, Lieutenant Swain instructed 
no to go to the basement near the information desk to assist 
in the transfer or Os ;n!s in sny manner that I night be needed * 

I rode the main elevator from the t'-ird floor with two ^AP-TV 
caisaraxen and detectives *>*-■ Brantley and D*L. Burgess. V/hen 
I got off the elevator in the basement I srrw a large group of 
canrawisn and nevrsmen c en roga Jed in the area in front of the 
jail office windows* 1 hnov; that Jack Ruby was not Tilth the 
two LLAF-TY e ariruno.i when the;/ pushed their canru up to the 
crowd of other newsmen. 

I stationed nyoelf in the general area in front of the information 
desk to a-/ ait the t ran s far. 

Lliile I was in this area, the only person I noticed come into 
the building fro:u either the Converse street or Harwood Street 
dears nus Attorney Tom Toward, he came in through the Harvmod 
Street entrance and ;v allied up to the jail office winder . 

At this time Oswald woe brought off the jail elevator and Tom 
Howard turned away from the window and went tack toward the 
Harwood Street door. He waved at me as he wont by and said, 11 That* s 
all I wanted to see.* 1 

Shortly after that I heard a shot and someone said, “Oh”. 1 did 

not see th© shooting* 

At that time" I went to the vehicle rarp and helped Lieutenant 
Swain hold back the crowd* 

Respectfully submitted. 

H* L* LToGe© 


Burglary and Theft Bureau 

7 ^ 

Hovesber >0. 19*3 

J. IS* Curry 
Chief Of Polios 

Re t ^hooting of Loo Harvey Go wo. 14 

H. L. H«0m 


h* L* ftoOee was interviewed hy Lieutenants C* C. alleoe and P* C* 
MdOft^hrw at piGOaa om November 30* 1965* The interview val essen- 
tially the sane as his original r sport dated November 2? f 1963* Tbs 
following was added bjr E* L* HeOeei 

1 hare been asked if I know Jaek Ruby. I do know Jack Ruby* I did 
n t see bin la the basement and X do not re sail ever see in# Ui la the 
City Hall* X did not know It was Jaek fiuty who shot Oswald until 1 
over heard season* in the crowd say it was Jaek tutor* 

I haws no idea how he got into the City ^nll or into the ha** neat * 

X have set been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Invest lf» tins# 

He spent fully submitted. 

0. C. Li.Kt.RUt 

Juvtoile Hm« J 


STATBiBlT Of tU C. VU&M i 

1 do rot kt vm Jack kuby. 

I mw hi m after the ahootir^ and 1 had not teen thi# man 
in the baawaent of the City Hall prior to the shooting » 

Mr. J, E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

November ko, 196 J 

Subject; Assignment of Officer 

H* C. Nelson, #2652 ^ 

Sunday, November 2 i*, 1963 


to fir 137 ’ Kovarabor 2ti > 1 963 at approximately 9»00 A.K., I was told to report 

Piarce told me and 3 other men to report to Sgt. Dean in the basement 
o* the City Hall. Upon reaching the basement, Sgt. Dean and Sgt. Putnam advised me 
xq check people in both sections of the basement. 

I stationed myself inside the building just West of the exit door from the jail office. 
I had been at this position approximately 3 minutes when a man asked if he could go to 
the window of the jail office to get someone out of jail. Sgt. Putnam came up and I 
asked him about letting people go to the jail office window* He told me to station 
myself by the first window of the jail office and let people use this window to contact 
jail office personnel. 

At approximately 9sl*5 A. i., a reserve policeman stationed himself ija the hall way on 
my left side. I do not know this officer *s name. The reserve and I checked everyone 
who came by us for identification. 

At approximately 1G:1*5 A, ft. I noticed a television camera on the elevator in the 
basement, two men were with this camera. One of these man approached me and asked 
if they could move the camera through my position into the parking area of the 
basement . X told Lt, Pierce, who was standing close by what the man wanted. Lt. 

Pierce talked with this man and then told me it would be all right to let them pass. 

The two men who were originally with the camera, pushed it by me and the reserve officer 

At approximately 11:20 A.M., I heard a shot come from the area outside the basement 
doors. Several reporters who were standing in front of the jail office windows started 
toward the double doors of the basement, I ran to the door in an effort to keep persons 
from coming through the doors at this time. Several officers were subdueing the suspect 
(Ruby) in front of me, someone yelled to watch for the gun, I reached for the suspect l s 
left hand and felt for a gun. After this I returned to the area outside the jail 
office windows and remained there until relieved by It. Pierce* 

RCN/ch w 

Respectfully submitted* 

0 — 

Ronald G* Nelson 
Patrolman, #1652 
Patrol Division 


November 26, 1963 

Es% J, I* Curry 

Chisf of Police 


?.ds is a stutementof facts re laid, to ry activity ss u reserve Officer 

Sunday, November 24, 19&3 , to the best of my knowledge and recollection* 

1, Approximate tine I reported to duty* 9: 3D A* 11. 

2* I reported to Lt* ^-fcrrel 1 , Assembly aoo&. 

3* I was assigned to the i of th<’ hrsemnb imedir.tely below 

the Comer co Street exit. V.j ^sirnrcix v.-vs to cover the door opening 
into the sub-basoment mac hi rsory area- I was on this assigniisnt until 
approximately lp minutes after the shooting. 

4- Karnes of other officers j r the f'jtic area that I can recollect are* 

It, $dLV-»j 1% t, Croy (He serves) 

3* Did you know %by? No, 

6, When and under what circurstmce did you sec Ruby? 

Did not see hix. 

Signed; 4 ^ ^ ^ ^ 

..* J, Newman 


I recall someone going over the railing at the bottom of the 
Kain Street ramp, but I have racked brain and cannot recall 
whether it was before or after the shooting, 

I do remember that the person had on a suit, but 1 do not know 
the color, I don T t remember seeing a hat, but I can l t say whether 
he was wearing one or not* This could have been about the time the 
ambulance poilled in. 


7 C ! 

City of Dallas 

Lt * 2©v±12 

December 6, 19^3 

Subject :^ serve Police Officer YJ.J, Newman 
Pcs: 10923 Cotillion, BP-9-5923 
Bus: 4112 S 0 Buckner, EV-1— 7l6l 


SUBJECT called this date and stated that he remembered 

someone going over the railing at the ramp leading into the parking 
area of the basement the corning OStfAXD v/as shot* He further stated 
that he could not remember whether it was before or after the shooting* 
Also that he saw the person was wearing a suit, and he saw only hie 
back, and could not identify him. 

The only reason you and I are here Is to assist the people of Dallas 

Deeemoer 1* 19^2 

Mr* J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 


tie : Interview of Reserve Officer, 

Patrolman William J* Newman t 3 1 7 

Cn December 1, 19^3 Reserve Officer, Paxroiman 
William d ■ i\ewman was interviewed by the under- 
signed officers as to any information he might 
have concerning the shooting of lee Harvey 
Oswald whicn was not covered in his original 
report dated November £6, l9&i* 

Newman stated, after reading his original report, 
that he recalled observing an unknown white male 
run down the Wain Street ramp into the basement 
of the City Hall, approximate xy one minute prior 
to the shooting of Oswald* 1‘his unknown male 
disappeared into the group of newsmen and police 
officers and was not observed by Newman again. 

Patrolman Newman states that he observed this 
individual jusL prior to someone in the crowd 
announcing, "Here he comes l 11 Less than a minute 
lapsed from this time untix the shooting of 
Oswald. Newman states that he did not know 
Jacx ftuby. 

At this time Patrolman newm&n has not been con- 
tacted by any federal agency. 

C . C . Wallace, lieutenant 
Special Service Bureau 

ovember 27, 1963 

Hr. J. P* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Jack Ruby 


On Sunday, November 24, 1965, I was assigned 
by Lieutenant Jiggins to *fce Downstairs Jail 
Office, I am a Police Clerk and was following 
normal curies assigned to me. 

I did not know Jack Ruby and had never seen 
him before *4ie shooting of Lee Harvey Osv/ald* 

I die no + see Ruby un+11 he was brought in by 
+:ie arresting officers. I did not see the 

Respectfully submitted 

Johnnie P, ITewton 
Police Clerk 6 
Service Division 

Novtmber 30 , 1963 

^TAIEM^r op pquce sm* y. gjyiffh 

I did not e*e the actual shooting because ny view was blocked 
by several officers* I did not know Jack Huby end do not recall 
ever having wen him before. 

December II, 1963 

Mr. J , J£. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjeoti T ol ephone Interview with Ike 

Pappas - 

301 JSast 48th Street 
New York City, New York 
Plasa 2-5463 
Radio Station WNKW 


On December 11 , 1963 at 3:30 p*m. Mr. Pappas called and I 
talked to him regarding the Oswald shooting, November 24, 1963* 
Mr. Pappas stated that he was on the third floor of the City 
Hall and that he observed Captain Frits and the Detectives 
as Oswald left their office and went downstairs on the Jail 
elevator. He took the City Hall elevator to the basement 
and hurried into the basement map area and got there about 
one minute before Oswald was brought out. he took a position 
about the middle of the driveway on the North side. Jack 
Ruby came from a position to Pappas f s left side, 

Mr. Pappas stated that he had seen Jack Ruby at the press 
conference late Friday night and that at that time Jack Ruby 
gave him a guest pass to the Carousel Club* He stated he 
had not seen Jack Ruby on Saturday at the City Hall, 

Mr, Pappas stated he knew 2 other men that were present at 
the time of the shooting - one man was Hank Mach riel la of 
the Daily Tribune, New York City, New York (a writer) and 
the other man was Tom Petit, also of New York* 

Respectfully submitted. 

C* C* Wallace, lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 


novritmr 29 , 19*3 

SThTmmr or d. l. patk 

I wae assigned to a post at the bottom of the Gomeroe 
3 1 root ramp* I took thia position At about llr 05 t*s, 
My duty wae to keep everyone off the reap when they 

up tclth the prisoner* l left for About 3 einutes 
to take fiiy shotgun on the inside of the Jail and then 
returned directly to the poet. 

1 know Jack ftuby but I did not eee him In or about the 
City Hall. I hare known Huby about 6 or 7 years. The 
last time I a&w Uuby was about 3 Months ago. 

November 26, 1963 

Hr. J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject; Assignment of Officer 

Officer D. L, Pat© ^1163 
Sunday, November 2k f 1 963 


On Sunday, November 21*, 1963 at approximately 9:00 A. M. I was told 
to report to the Patrol Captain's office along with several other 

We stayed in the Captain's office until approximately 9:1*5 A.M* when 
Captain ial bert advised us to report to the basement* When we got to 
the basement. Captain Talbert gave me the keys to his car and told me 
to pull the car out of the parking space and put it in apposition to 
drive out* 

I stayed with the Captain's car until approximately 20:1*9 A *M, when 
Captain Talbert came and told me to park the car back in a parking 
soace and take a position at the base of the ramp leading out to 
Commerce Street* 

He ordered me to watch the armored car when it backed down the ramp 
and not let it hit the over head* 

After the armored car arrived and backed into the Commerce entrance, 
Captain Talbert ordered me to take a post at the front of the ramp 
leading out to Commerce Street and not let anyone onto the ramp when 
they carried the prisoner to the armored car* 

X called Officer L« C* Taylor, #11*30 and asked him to stand on the side 
next to the building and help me keep everyone off the ramp. 

X was at this post when the prisoner was shot* 

When I heard the shot I started toward the scene and then someone hollered 
not to let anyone out of the basement. I then went to the back of the 
basement where I could cover the elevators leading to the new city hall* 

Respectfully submitted. 

7).y Mtc 

D. L. Pate 
Patrolman #2183 
Patrol Bivision 

Deceaber 1, 1963 


I was atatloned on the hoot old® of the armored ear when It 
backed Into the Cocmarc® Street rasp* It wee to clot® to the 
wall that no one could have walked through* 

I met Jack ituby about two year* ago, but 1 don't think 1 
would know him If 1 eaw him. I did not eee him in the baeenent 
or around the City Hall to recognize him. 


November 26, 1963 

Mr* J* E. Curry, 

Chief of Police, 

Subject: Assignment of Officer 

B. G, Patterson #1 553, 
on Sunday, November 24, 1963. 



Approximately 9:00 A.U, , November 24, 19 63, I received instructions to report 
to Station 511 for assignment- X arrived at 511 at approximately 9:10 A*M, , 
and was told by Lieutenant Pierce to report to Sergeant Bean in the basement. 
Sergeant Dean gave me my assignment which was the south ramp exit on Commerce 
Street, l^y orders were not to let anyone in the basement except members of 
Press and Police with proper identification- Sergeant Dean said I would have 
another officer to assist me as soon as they completed a search of the basement # 

Officer L, E. Jez came up the ramp to Conmerce Street Exit to assist me at 
approximately 9:45 A,M*, There were also about three or four reserve officers 
at my location. Officer Jez went across Gommerce Street with several other 
officers to search a building, then returned to his assignment* At 11:00 
am, Lieutenant Fierce said the subject would be moved in an aimored car and 
for me to guard the right side as it was backed down the Ramp, The car arrived 
at about 11:10 A,M*, and was backed into the opening of the Ramp. No unauthorized 
person entered the basement during this time, I remained at my assignment on 
the right side of the car, 

A few minutes later I heard noise in the basement- I saw someone walking 
across the top of a car, A little later I heard a siren and saw the ambulance 
pull into the Main Street Ramp enteranca. Someone said to move the Annored 
car out of the way of the ambulance, so I got in and told the driver to move 
it to the south side of Commerce Street, The ambulance came out of the base- 
ment and I returned to my assignment on the ramp until relieved by Sergeant 

Respectfully submitted, 

/4 /), 


B, G- Patterson 
Patrolman, #1553 
Patrol Division 

December 11, 1963 

Kr. J. E. Curiy 
Chief of Police 

Subject! Interview with Mr, Darwin Payne, 
Reporter for Dallas Times Herald 


Cn December 10, 1963, Lieutenant F. I, Cornwall and Lieutenant 
J&ok Ravill interviewed Kr. Darwin Payne in regards to an 
article that was written by hi* and printed in the Dallas 
Times Herald, December 8, 1963. Kr. Payne stated that on 
Saturday, December 7, 1963, at about Ii30 p.m. he called 
Sergeant P. T. Dean at home and told him that he wee as- 
signed to verify an article written by Hr. David Hughes 
and published in tha Tinea Herald shortly after the shooting 
of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Mr. Payne said that he then read the artiole written by 
Kr. David Hughes to Sergeant Dean (copy of these notes 
are attached to the interview of David Hughes) and asked 
bin if this was about the way it was or if there were any 
changes he would like to make. Sergeant Dean advised Kin 
that he did not have any changes to sake from the original 
interview given Kr. Hughes. The article written by Hr. 

Payne which appeared in the Dallas Tinas Herald on 
December 8, 1963, states "Offiocr says he saw Ruby 0 . In 
regard to this statement I asked Mr. Payne if Sergeant 
Dean had made this statement, that he had seen Jack Ruby 
come down the North ramp and Mr. Payne replied that Sergeant 
Dean did not say this but that he merely verified what had 
been written in the first article. 

When asked how this mistake was made, Mr. Payne stated that 
it was probably done by the rewrite men. 

At the time of this interview, Mr. Payne said he had been 
questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Respectfully submitted. 

F. 1. Cornwall, Lieutenant 
Special Service Bureau 


BFR S, lTt3 

item'll i r> 

AYS ' 

m-3 i 

_ _. J. aUBY 

fJO &LU * <■'#97 

A Dallas police officer said Sal-ion ward nl ihc Main Slrrer kIi 
urriay lhat he saw self-appointed fa- two anti one half horns prior 

to the shooting and kid admitted 
oo oite but pnlice officers and 
press representative E^eiyone, 
be said, wn s retired to show 

In another development the 
owner of a public gun range said 
Saturday the FBI had taken 

pounds of empty shells in an at- 

executioner Jack Ruby come 
through the Main Suocr entrance 
&f the City Hall basement min- 
utes before he fired a fatal, point 
blank shot into the body nf Lw 
Haivey Oswald. 

’"'Tfi? officer, stationed near the 
armored car at the Commerce 
Street exit from the. basement 
tflJd The Times Herald 
"Jack Ruby, Oswald's assassin* 
came from the north (Main Streets 
entrance down the ramp. There 
were many police officers and 
pirw representatives in (he area. 

M Ruby jumped out nf (he crowd 
as Oswald fEutscd mid fired one 

shot point-blank at Oswald.” *r ■«'*■ -w'—"* ~ — w -- 

How Ruby entered (he Gty Hall. cenlJ ^ as da > s ht * nr€ the 
basement lias been Jiubjert of an! assassination n/ President Ken- 
exlmsivc investigation within the d|wd - V- 

police department, No official ex- FJdyd owner of the 

plana lion has been made, and Sportsdrome Cun flAnge near 
polic e officials have declined com- Grard Prairis - s^ d neither he nor 
meet on icporis ihat several offi- vv ^ Ci Virginia, had ever seen * 
cere have 1 wn asked to lake lie- the range, 

deteri or xom in connection with : " Btl1 ^bre we > e three different 

tempt to confirm [bat Oswald had! 

Sp« RUBY on Pape 3 


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practiced shooting there as re* 

the pro hr 

stories MATCH 
The officer's sloty matches that 
of Ruby as told through bis at- 
torney Tom Howard. There' has 

people here at three different 
limes who told us about seeing 
Oswald/' Davis said. 

Meanwhile, an 28-year-old self- 
styled Nazi from Arlington, Va., 

been speculation that Ruby had Was marched into the Dallas 
waited in (he basement, mingling ^ department, accompanied 
with members of the press until & detective carrying a near- 
Oswald stepped into the basemen l lii€Si2 ed 'dummy” of Cuban 
parking are a, strongman Fidel Castro. 

The youth wore a brown shirt 

An officer on duty at the Mair 

Street exit said he had not seer and a Swastilta am band. He said 
I Ruby emer the basement, i lw ™ trying to inform the 
[ The officer said he had bee/ Ameriam people.” 

A sign affixed to the Cash'd 
effigy blamed the Cuban dictator , 
]for President John F. Kennedy'! , 
'assassination and urged an in- 
vasion of the Communist-con- ^ 
trolled island, \ , 

The Secret Service arrived min- -4 
utra later and damped a security , 
lid on the Dallas Police Depart* . 
menu's special service* bureau. 

It was also learned Saturday 
that an early suspect in the aasaa- „ 
si nation of President Kennedy was t 
still in jail— but no longer u i ' 
suspect in the killing. 

The man, a 31-year-old man 
vvho gave a Knight Street ad- 
dress, was arrested minutea after 
the assassination when officers 
swarmed railroad yards near the 
assassination scene. 

A man was reported seen In 
that area carrying a rifle. 

The suspect was unarmed when 
arrested but booked, along wjlh 
othcre arrested In the hectic hours 
following the assassination, on 
charges of "investigation of con- v 
spiracy to commit murder/' 

The Investigative charges were 
dropped Monday morning but the 
man was held in jail on ' # dty 
charges.” « 

And in another phase of the in- 
vestigation, authorities still de- A 
rlined to comment on a possible ^ 
link between the President's assae- 
slnatioo and a snipers stint at . 
former Mlj, Gen, Edwin A, 
Walker last spring, j 

Oswald's widow Is reported to '1 
have told authorities her husband T . 
boasted of filing a shot at Mr, 
Walker last April ifc *od there 
were reports that the ex-general's * ■ 
name and telephone number were 
found in a hook recovered among ^ 
.Oswald's possessions, * 

The shot barely missed the gen- / 
; eral as he sat In the study of his 
home on Turtle Creek Boulevard. ^ 

Franc ious Pelou 

I u t reporter with AFP - 50 Rockefeller PUu f New York - PL 7-6712. Thie ie 
a group of French end National Proa a. I arrived in Dallas Friday night, 

November 22, 1963, follow ir* the assassination of President Kennedy, 1 arrived 
at the City Hall and attended the interview of Oswald in the basement late that 
night. I have been asked if I know Jack Ruby. I recall Ike Pappas, another 
reporter from New York, ref erring to a person that had brought sandwiches to the 
prsss as Jack. I later understood this to be Jack Ruby. To my knowledge I 
did not aee this person Saturday, durvlay morning, November 24, 1963, 1 entered 
the basement of the City Hall arc! was thoroughly checked for ay press credentials. 

At the time of the shooting 1 was standing on ths £*ast side of the ramp with the 
two live- TV oaaerss to ay right. I observed Oswald a a he was being taken from 
the Jail Office. 1 took notice when he turned his hsad to ths left. 1 also 
turned and looked in the same direction a a Oswald looked and found the person who 
I now know to be Jack Ruby as ha lunged from thf> crowd and shot Oswald. I carried 
this story as a lead in uj paper that Oswald saw his killer before anyone else. 

Mr. J» a, Curry 
Chief of Polio * 

December 5, 1963 

Rot Interview with Georg* Phenix 
KRLD-TV - 2550 KlondUt* 

DA 7-6070 


•va went to the home of Georg* Phenix At approximately li30 
p.m. on December 4, 1963 - He stated that h* Arrived at the 
basement of the City Hall, d unday no ruing, November 24, 19^3 
with w*a t'ie* in a mobil wilt. They drove into the basement 
of the City Hall and shortly thereafter Wes hi** left in 
tha mobil* unit, Mr. Phanjjt stated he took film of someone 
(measuring the height of the Commerce Street ramp to determine 
If tha armored oar could b* brought in from that exit. 

hr. Phenix w&s vague about other newsmen in th* vicinity as 
he has only held hia present position for about 6 month* and 
Is not familiar with other newsmen. 

The pictures dr. Phenix took in the baaement showed the top 
of Jack Ruby's hat and also showed liuby as he lunged past 
Officer Harrison on his left side, Phenix was not a wars of 
Ruby's presence before the shooting and Actually was not 
aware he was in the picture until tbs shot was fired. 

Mr, Phenix was standing on the itaat curb of the romp and 
leaning against the railing taking his pictures when Ruby 
apparently entered the scene between Mr. Phenix and Officer 
Harrison, tfe have Mr. Phenix 1 * pictures in our possession. 

V. J. >icC«ghr«i 

Lieutenant, Burglary & Theft Bureau 

U, u. Wallace 

Lieutenant, Juvenile Bureau 


November 30 , 1963 


I know Jack Kuby and have known him since 1949 * I did not see him at 
or near the City Hall prior to the shooting* 

I was driving the equal oarj Putnam was sitting in the front seat; and, 
Haxey In the back on the lefthand aide* 

When we drove out the Main Street fang), there were some people on the 
sidewalk, but vehicular traffic was very light* 1 did eee Vaughn after 
1 passed Mm and this was about six feet from the buildlrg. 

1 pulled on to Main Street and stopped for the traffic light . When it 
changed, I pulled Into the intersection and did let two cere pees, and 
made a left turn onto Harwood and a left at Cojmaerce* 

When we arrived at the Commerce Street ramp entrance, Htucey and Putnam 
got out of the car and I backed up In front of the armored oar* 1 got 
out of the car and 1 could tell something had happened, and we sealed 
off the Coemmroe Street entrance. 

November 26, 19 63 

Hr* J* E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjects Security Of Parking Area 

Of City Hall During Transfer 
Of Lee Harvey Oswald 


At approximately 9:00 A.H* , Sunday, November 24, 1963 * I 
was instructed by Captain Talbert to call enough squads 
to the City Hall to assist in the transfer of Lee Harvey 
Oswald o I called thirteen CX3) e quads to report to 
Station 511. This was a total of nineteen (19) men* 

VJhen the officers started a* living I instructed Sergeant 
P* T# Dean to report to the par-ting area and remove all , 

unauthorized persons from this area and keep this area free 
from such persons until after the transfer had been made* 

At approximately 9:40 A.K, I instructed four (4) officers to 
report to Sergeant Dean for the purpose of securing this area 
and instructed the remainder of the officers who had been 
called to the station to remain in the Sergeant *e Boom of the 
Patrol Office to be used as a pool as needed. 

I later checked the parking area at approximately 10; 15 A.N* 
and found it to be free of unauthorised personnel. 

I then went to the Homicide Bureau for additional information. 

I remained at this location until the interrogation had been 
completed. At this time Chief Curry and Chief Stevenson instructed 
me to secure a car and some uniform officers and escort the armored 
trucks via Elm Street to the Court House, 

I rode the elevator to the basement and got equipment number 205* 
The exit ramp was blocked leading to Commerce Street by one of the 
armored trucks and it was necessary for me to exit on Main Street. 
Sergeants B* J* Haxey and J. A. Putnam were in the car with me. 
Sergeant Putnam was seated on the right front and Sergeant Maxey 
on left rear* 

At this time a large number of members of the press were located 
at the bottom of the ramp* Sergeant Putnam got out of the car and 
assisted me while getting through the crowd. E© then returned to 
the right front of the car. 

I continued up the ramp where I observed Officer B. E. Vaughn at 
the top of the ramp. I© was standing just outside the ramp on my 


No one entered the basement by the north ramp while we were 

We made a loft turn from the basement on Kain Street and stopped 
for a short time for the red light on Main and Harwood, then 
oontinued to the top of the ramp on Commerce Street. 

By the time we were in position in front of the armored car 
the shooting must have already oocurred as officers were 
running to cover all exits of the City Hail. 

Respectfully submitted. 


Rio S. Pieroe 
Lieutenant of Polioe 
Patrol Division 


November 26, 19^3 

Hr. J. E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Security Of Police Parking 

And Prisoner Loading Area 
Sundays November 24, 19&3 


At approximately 9:00 A.M., Sunday, November 24, 196^ I 
discussed the need for coverage against possible violence 
around the City Hall with Lieutenant P. S* Pierce. I 
instructed him to call three squads from their district 
assignments from the three stations and pull four from 
Headquarters Station, getting two man squads where possible* 

The officers were to be in Central Station with their squad 
cars parked on the street, available far immediate use but 
dispersed in parking, not later than 9:30 A*H. Out of 
thirteen squads we obtained a total of nineteen (19) patrolmen. 
Supervisors at the station for the security were Lieutenant 
Pierce, Sergeant T* Bean, Sergeant Putnam, Sergeant Steele, 
and I. Lieutenant Wiggins was in the Jail Office* 

Lieutenant Pierce instructed Sergeant Dean to secure all entrances 
and exits to the parking and prisoner loading area, then clear 
the basement of ail personnel other than police, and reserves. 
Sergeant Putnam was instructed to assist in the assignment. 

The area in which the prisoner Oswald would be escorted was to 
be thoroughly searched. Areas searched were the cars parked in 
the basement, Including their trunks, and engine compartments, 
the tops of all pipes, nnd air conditioning duots, the service 
rooms opening into the basement were to be locked after clearing 
them of personnel. The building elevators were cut off on the 
first floor so they could not be used to reach the basement and 
the parking attendants were sent from the basement to the first 
floor of the City Hall with instructions to remain with the 
elevators to prevent tampering* The City Hall service elevator 
is a self-service type but had an operator* This man was instructed 
that he was not to go below the first floor until notified. The 
service elevator from the sub basement of the Police and Courts 
Building exit, into the basement parking area and has no doors to 
lock so a reserve officer was stationed there* 

The sergeant© used a total of ©event serial?) regular and reserve 
officers to execute the search. The extra officers were held in 
the sergeant 1 © room at my office and the reserves were retained 
in the assembly room. These officers were not permitted in the 
basement to insure no confusion in the systematic search. 




Page 2 

After the area was secured and cleared only officers, reserves, 
and accredited news press were permitted to re-enter. Identifica- 
tion of the news personnel was made by their press credentials. 

All civilian employees of the Department were cleared from the 
basement lobby and instructed to remain at their desk. 

Officer R*. C. Nelson and a reserve officer were stationed in the 
hall leading to the jail service windows. The door from the jail 
to the lobby remained locked and the public used the first window, 
set at an angle, to conduct jail business. 

Detective Beaty and Lowery remained with the officers during most 
of the period the parking and prisoner area was closed off. Everyone 
conducting business at the jail was scrutinized and if they did not 
appear to have legitimate business, they were conducted from the 
basement • 

There was little traffic on Main and no one loitering. A large crowd 
was gathering on Commerce. I had everyone removed from the City Hall 
side (north) of Commerce to the south 3ide. Sergeant Steele and 
Reserve Harrison checked the buildings opposite the basement drive for 
possible snipers. 

The information received from the FBI by Captain Frazier was: two 

calls from males stated "one hundred of us will kill Oswald before 
he gets to the County Jail 1 * . Due to this and the crowds formation 
I built up my personnel on the Commerce Street side. 

I called Homicide and told Detective Beck of the parking area check 
and asked if Captain Fritz wanted uniformed officers to proceed and 
follow the transfer vehicle. He said Captain Fritz was with the 
prisoner and they would let me know. I prepared three plain and three 
marked oars to use either type Homicide desired. 

X was contacted by Chief Stevenson and Chief Lumpkin regarding an 
armored car. It was to back into the drive as far as possible from 
Commerce. When it arrived two more officers were stationed at the bottom 
of the Commerce Street ramp with instructions that no one was to pass up 
or down the ramp after the prisoner passed them. Due to its height, the 
armored car could only be backed in a short distance. 

Before the arrival of the Armored Car, Chief Lumpkin, Chief Stevenson, 
and I discussed the route and traffic obstructions. They were reportedly 
six hundred (600) people around the County Jail. I instructed Sergeant 
Steele to place a regular officer at each traffic light with his squad 
car close by. The lead oar would flash its lights as they approached and 
the officer would cut all opposing traffio. After the vehicle passed 
they wore to enter their cars and follow to the County Jail to assist 
with any trouble. The entire traffic detail was in the County Jail Area. 

/ v 


Page 3 

Sergeant Steele contacted Captain Lawrence far additional officers 
for intersection coverage* As the vehicle cleared the city hall all 
officers and reserves at the City Hr 11 were to report by a parallel 
route to the County Jail* I would use Channel Two and tell Sergeant 
Steele to cut it* He had a motorcycle officer to send to Him and 
Field to instruct the officers on the corners to divert all traffic 
from Elm between Field end Houston- Regular traffic was heavy* 

After tha Armored Car arri\ f ed we sent a plain car out the Main Street 
side* This was the lead car and contained Lieutenant Pierce driving. 
Sergeant Putnam on the right front, and Sergeant B. J. Maxey in the 

A Homicide Detective pulled a plain car on the ramp behind the armored 
car then another Homicide Detective pulled in behind him and attempted 
to straighten his car and bach up* Several reserve officers and I 
were attempting to push the news people back to give the vehicle room 
to nanuever* I was pushing several people back at the left front fender 
when the shot was fired. X assisted the officers in clearing nev/s 
personnel from the prisoner and officers who were down then ordered 
that no one was to be permitted cut of the basement . 

I checked the parking area several times and saw no unauthorised 
personnel- I removed a number of people from the first floor and 
basement lobby 4 this v/as accutinious check prior to the transfer. 

After the prisoner entered the ambulance and I gathered my personnel 
from Elm and reported to Parkland Hospital, we secured the hospital. 

Respectfully submitted. 

Cecil E. Talbert 
Captain of Police 
Patrol Division 


becedber 18, 1963 

hr* J* Curry 
Chief of Folic# 

Subject; Interview of John bankers 1 ey 

*!Ur J -TV 

1967 Milan 
Ft* Worth, TeX&e 
tiLl-1933 - AK4^24B4 
December 17, 1963 




hr* fankoreley stated he cane to Dallas early Sunday morning, 
November 24 , 1963 , with cr ew froa UBAH-TV * he was working 
with David Tlneiona, They went to the third floor of the City 
Hall and wa* at Chief Curry 1 a Office until 10 to 15 minutes 
before the shooting* They went down on the eievHtor to the 
basement and pushed their earner* out through the double door* 
into the bases# nt driveway area. He a ay a their camera was 
mounted on tripod as high &e possible to see over the crowi, 
asking the c:ua era top-heavy, and at one tip# it nearly tipped 
over, and one of the detective# helped steady the camera. He 
a Lao rstneftbered that j leads Turner cam* across the rail and 
helped them pueh the camera 01 A into the basement parking area. 
They aid not have time to get the camera into operation, and 
tied it to the railing. 

Kr* Tankers ley said that when uawald was brought out, he was 
standing in the area that leads to ba&esaent parking. He 
remember# the moveraitt of acne autos about ths tl/as of the 
shooting. He did not know Jack ^uby or see him prior to 

Mr* Tankereley gave me a short 16an film of the shooting. 

This filn la one that he had for himself <*nd said we could 
have it, and he would «ake another later. 

flee pec tf ully nubm i t ted , 

G, C, Wallace, lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 



November 29, 



At lit 00 a,ra* I was assigned to f^iard the Goramerce 
Street Ramp, An amored car was parked, headed toward 
Commerce at the ramp entrance* The car was parked eo 
close against the West wall that no one could possibly 
squeeze through. After I toolf sqy position on the ^aet 
side of the armored car, ft* A, Watkins arrived and 
assisted me in guarding the entrance. No one came 
through this entrance prior to the shooting, 

I mt Jack ftuby about 1959 when he owned the Vegas Club 
and I wae working that district, I have not seen Ruby 
In the last two or three years* I did not see him in 
or near the City Hall prior to the shooting. 

loveabcr 26 , 1963 

Er. J. Ph Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: I&s&gzzerit Of Officer 

letter 0. 2aylor On 
Sunday, hovouber 24, 1963 


On Sunday, November 24, lycp I v;a- acsijned to the Patrol Captain’s 
Office- i\t aprrr:zizafely lit CO A - M * , Officer Pay lor vent to the 
basement of the Police ^.nd 0ourfcs Buildinj to Station I was 

contacted by Captain 0, h. palter t, he asked if ye were buoy up- 
stairs and I told him rl no 1T - Captain itatert advised me to ^o out 
on the ror.;y and see if I could be of any assi stance- I contacted 
Sergeant On t rich T. Dean who assigned me beside the Armored Cor on 
the Conferee Street ramp on the east side of the vehicle * Later 
Officer H* A, 'JatldUis cane up on the romp end took a position at 
my location. 

Just before Oswald was brought out, Officer D. L* Pate ashed me to 
come on down to the bottom of the rump and help hi n keep the reporters 
from co23inp up the rasp to the armored car. Phis was my location 
when Oswald was shot, 

Pc the best of my knowledge I let one (1) person into the building 
from my location. He was a. white male appro:dnatoly 6*2 tr , 190 
pounds > with ^rey hair, no hat*, phis nan had a press card, color 

Officer V/a thins was at my location when this man was admitted. 

Respectfully submitted 

JjCO ^er v/« ^y±o 

Patrolman Ir 1450 
Patrol Division 

■ r * J « *>* juitj 
Chief of Holies 

je camber 5, 19^3 

.a: Interview with Robert Thornton 

..i 4 " A A Hews - 7di f ; millstone 

f*r-. ihornton arrived at the basement of the City Hall at 
approximately IQfOG a*ra. ^unday, November 24* 1963* He 
left the City hall and called his office and was instructed 
to return to the baseruant of the oity Hall and was only gone 
approximately 10 minutes* he was required to show his 
identification as he re-entered the rartp of the City Hall* 

He was standing near th corner of the bBsa&eni 

corridor ramp area and events of the shooting* 

Hr* Thornton's tape consists of his recounting Oswald’s 
ao^earaTice on the ramp, the sound of a snot preceded by a 
horn blast and a description of the melee as followed. ■ o 
obtained ?i speed tape frora 11 r* fhomton* 

Hr* Thornton stated ha does not know ftuby and did not 
see this man before the shot was fired. 

ues?»ct fully submitted 

L' , 

i 1 - J. i.cCaghreh 

lieutenant. Burglary & Theft Bureau 

C t Cm w si lace 

Lieutenant, Juvenile bureau 

City of Dallas 

To* Hr. J. E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

November 23 * 19^3 

Subject: C±ty Hall Security 


The following men from the Second Platoon were relei ved from their 
regular assignment for Security of the City Hall# Officers who were 
assigned a traffic comer location* remained on Station j?H till re- 
porting to their Special Assignment. 

Wise, M 0 L# 
Brock, A* R* 
Patterson* 5# G# 
Jez, L* So 
Vaughn, R* E« 
Raz, J# 

Anderson, K* K# 
Pate, Do L« 
Nelson, R* C* 
Wages, E« J* 
Gregory , T# E* 
Fox, Xj« L* 
Taylor, L* C* 
burton, i« R* 
Ervin, T* K. 
Hibbs, W# E# 
Tolbert, G* L# 
Farris, M* E. 
Watkins, R# A* 

St# Paul & Elm 

Basement Elevator 

Ramp on Commerce 

Ramp on Commerce 

Ramp on Kain 

Stone & Elm 

Field Sc Elm 

Ramp on Commerce 

In hall at Jail Entrance 

Central & Main 

Central Sc Elm 

Harwood & Elm 

Bottom of Samp, Commerce Street Side 

Commerce & Central 

Commerce Sc Pearl 

Akard & Elm 

Pearl St Elm 

Lamar St Elm 

Commerce Street Ramp, V/ith Truck 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rio £* Piero e 
Lieutenant of police 
Patrol Division 




The only reason you and l c re here is fo assist the peopte of DcMas 

November 29, 1963 

StWdtem OF ..tfTfjttfl J. h, IWHAiK 

Sergeant J* A, iiifcnam stated that he was sitting in the 
front seat (passenger aide) of the squad car driven by 
Lieutenant ii m fierce with Sergeant M&xey riding in 
the back a eat behind the driver. Lieutenant fierce 
hesitated as the front and of the squad arrived at the 
sidewalk, At this tirra Vaughn was standing on the 
sidewalk in front of the car* He cloved to lay right 
and about two feet off lh» sidewalk Into the street 
and glanced to the east on Hain Street and motioned 
us on, 1 am not sure he held up Ills hand to stop traf- 
fic or not. Pierce hesitated slightly and drove into 
the street. 1 do not ra&miinbur whether we had to stop 
at a traffic light on ^ain and jiarwood, but I know we 
did not stop at iiarwaod and Corcaeree, As wt stopped 
at the Jocraeirce Street iuaaap a detective was running up 
the ramp yelling :i Cov*r off the building,” 

I do not recall seeing anyone to the right of the squad 
car as we dr^ve out by the ^in Street entrance, but a 
few people were to the left. Captain Talbert and I ran 
several City smployees from the basement, I talked to 
three porters and *ad than: leave the building. 

Kr, J* Em Curry 
Chief of Police 

November 26, 1 963 

Sunday, November 24, 1963 


On Sunday, November 2k , 1963, at approximately 9:00 A»N» , 
Sergeant Dean advised me ho had instructions to search the 
basement parking'area and instructed me to assist him* I 
was with Sergeant Dean when he assigned the officers at 
each entrance to the area to be searched. The assignments 
were as follows: 

R* C. Nelson 
R, Em Vaughn 
B, G* Patterson 
A, R* Brock 

Basement Entrance From Police St Courts Building 
North Ramp Entrance on Kain Street 
South Ramp Exit On Commerce Street 
Elevators In Basement 

Reserve Officer Assigned by Reserve Captain Arnett, Entrance 

On South Side From Engine Room 

Sergeant Dean instructed the men on these posts to refuse 
entrance to anyone except properly identified Police Officers 
and members of the Press- 

After securing the area. Sergeant Dean contacted Reserve Captain 
Arnett, who provided approximately twelve (12) Reserve Policemen 
to assist us with the search* Officer L. E. Jez, Sergeant Dean, 
Reserve Captain Arnett, approximately twelve (12) other Reserve 
Policemen and I conducted a search of all vehicles and all of 
the possible hiding places in the basement parking area* 

I assisted Sergeant Dean by remaining in the basement and checking 
the posts as often as possible and also asking for identification 
of anyone in the basement that I did not recognize, as Police or 
Press Personnel* 

Shortly after the search was completed an unmarked police car 
occupied by two detectives drove into the basement, I checked the 

Page 2 

inside of their oar* Following this car was a police patrol 
wagon, driven by C* G. Lewis* He stopped the vehicle and I 
checked the cab and opened the rear doors of the passenger 
compartment* X then assigned Officer W* B* Hibbs, and Officer 
G* L* Colbert to take a position at the bottom of the north ramp 
and instructed them to look into all vehicles that came into the 

At approximately 10; A*M. Sergeant Dean called approximately 
twelve (12) officers together that had been standing by in the 
basement and gave them traffic assignments at each intersection 
that the prisoner was supposed to travel enroute to the County Jail* 

At approximately llilS A *K « Sergeant Dean advised me to go with 
Lieutenant Pierce in his car and to get one man to go with us* 

I asked Sergeant Ilaxey to come with us and the three of us left 
the basement by the Main Street ramp, at approximately 11; 20 tAoM, 
When we arrived at the top of the ramp I observed Officer It* B* 
Vaughn standing to my right. I did not see anyone come into the 
basement as we left* 

Wa went to the Commerce Street side of the ranp and as we stopped 
the car. Detective Reynolds ran from the basement beside the armored 
car and yelled to cover off the Police and Courts Building, Oswald 
had been shot* I assisted him temporarily and then returned to 
Lieutenant Pierce's car* 

Respect fully submitt ed* 


'James A* Putnam 
Sergeant Of Police 
Patrol Division 


Noroaber 5G. 19*3 

J. Curry 
Chief of ; oiieo 

rii^i shotting of L#c ^arrey ^evald 
J* £* iiaaeoj 


J, * Ha^se; v(U interridrei by I .leutenanta C* J* allac* end %\ G* 
KoC*g^r«n At 4 i 20; ^ on Eoreubor 29* 1963* rh* interrie* veo 0000 a- 
tially the cane a* hie origin il re port dated Korenbtr 2?» 1?63* Hie 
following wee addod by J * • da^noyi 

I u&d elationed in the baotrcont on the Conacre* treat n;:j: near 
;?0 tec tire ajjinor* I h&r* boon ehaen a picture of Jaofc :uby and to 
Ay knowledge I did not a o« hi*, gone dorrs thle Comae roe treat rasp* 

I d . n~t knov thie ;oroon and hare nerer aeon h in in the baee uni of 
the City hall, 1 eav fri'i aft*ir Jerald vaa shot vhor. X helped eabduo 

X ae&lotod Hh^r officer# in taking hin to the Jail off loo* X ro* 
rained In the jail office aar aealsted loading Uuvald Into the a bn* 

I do not hfcwe any lia how Jack ^uiby got into the Clt H *11* 

X hare not feoen Interviewed prorlouoly regarding ^hla incident* 

rto a peat fully eubnlttod* 

C* c* Vallaoo* Lieutenant 


November 27 > 

Hr- J. E- Curry 
Chief of Police 



Incident Involving bee Harvey 

At approximately 10: JO A- A. on l'ov..mber 1963* I, 
Detective James K* Hamsey 15 27 , went into the basement 
of the city hall and stationed myself by the cement 
pillars next to the three parking stalls reserved for 
the Chief Officers* 

I received instructions along with other detectives 
from Captain 0- A. Jones to place myself approximately 
at the start of the exit ramp for the security of Lee 
Harvey Oswald* 

I saw Mr. Oswald being led on to the ramp in the base- 
ment when I heard a shot, and I immediately started 
running toward a white male detective V/. a. Chambers 
and a few other officers had seised the suspect* When 
I reached the suspect, approximately five to six officers 
and 1 assisted in subdueing the suspect and taking him 
to the jail office, I assisted in the search of the 
suspect *s person- He was handcuffed and as he was being 
picked up from the floor, the suspect stated, "I wanted 
to save the Jtate sons money" ■ He was then taken by 
other police officers into the jail office elevator. 

I then vent to Lee Harvey Oswald who vaa lying on the 
floor inside the jail office and observed the City Doctor 
administer aid to him- There was a bull J et wound in 
Oswald f s left side, and there was powder bums around 
the wound. 

1 then helped other officers and ambulance attendants 
place Oswald on the stretcher and place him into the 
ambulance, which was waiting on the ramp in the basement. 

X then accompanied Lt* KcKinney and four other detectives 
to Parkland Hospital to establish security measures at 
the Hospital. 

l^spectfully , ^ 
yf?s*U*<Ls A 

a ^aLes K* Ramsey 
Detective 1627 



Moveaber 2V# 1963 

dtatem ent or Jerry Kaz : 

I left the casement of the City Hall about 11:00 A. M. for a 
traffic assignaent at i^lm and ^tone btretts, and did not 
return prior to the shooting. 

I do not kncav Jack utby 

November 26, 1R63 

Kr, J. E, Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Assignment of Officer 

Jerry Eas, #155 1 
Sunday, November 21], 1^63 


On Sunday, November 2b, 1J?6 3 at approximate ly 5-30 A.M., r reported 
to Station 511* I -waited in the Radio Patrol office until about 
10:15 A,K, At this time Captain Talbert took me along with about 
10 other officers to the basement of City Hall and into the parking 
area* I waited in a group with the other officers until about 
11:00 A-M* At this time Sergeants Dean and Putnam assigned me to 
work traffic at Elm and Stone Street* 

While waiting for my assignment I did not have to confront anyone 
for entry or exit to the city hall basement. I did observe two 
TV cameras and about twenty reporters* 

I departed the City Hall basement approximately 11s 05 A.M* and 
reported to my traffic assignment. About 11: 30 A.H*> 1 was informed 
by Police Radio to report to Parkland Hospital. I arrived at Parkland 
Hospital and worked traffic on Harry Hines Blvd, at the hospital 
entrance. I was relieved from this post at 1:00 P,M* by a Police 
Reserve Officer, I then went back to my patrol. duties* 

Respectfully submitted. 

Jerry Has 
Patrolman #1551 
patrol Division 

lovembcr 26 , 1963 

• r. J. Curry 
Chief of i'olica 

SCBJaCTt doc., tier*. of elective J. B. .Reynolds 
at the ti-.c of xhe shooting of 
Osv -Id, hovamb er iA*, 19 >3 


Belov io submit t-d r r ort by lot c.ive B# toynold.* us 

regarding his activities o.i o y ;L r 9 l 

t 11:00 iicuto mnt ^ c the o * r ice and t.jla us, one 
by or*c, to cx^rt tuvura «^ii office. . ov... c..a ui.d . , who lust two 
1 ft, ».r>& 1 vent to tnc aofo.- uaors lc..^ ny cut side into the 
- -a ' area, i was'c vne . »uu lo \...s ur ..ght out of tJu olv.itor. 

t t^is time, I noticed th t nr, .uorr.e; ism .’ouari was standing 
in the lobby outsiao of t-.a v .11 o five uu-.-nd the uniformed offio.r 
stationed there. as offic* rs escorting Csi.ula started out into the 
ratp urea, I hoaru a Shot. 

I r n b ch into t o lobby n- *. .. the lob*.; to the Com. erce .. treat 

C-:it, up on t**e street ..Uu or.: vr-au an uniformed officer to 

blood the Co:u..orco Street to th • old Ci ay mail and to not lot 

any o..c out. I run to the h* rlvo..d ;troc t e .it and ordered an 

uniformed of leer to net lot ay one out of that exit. I came 
b.-.c. to the Com. orce Street c .it . nd entered on the firot flo r 
of tho City ail to 3oc . e;xo running toward the exit on the /ain 
direct. I im edi tely vent t r hi along vith Cgt. Everett and a 
res .rvei officer v.ho vore'u? vith him at that time. Vhis 
Col . rod vi le Mas handcuffed , and L took possess .on of him and too him 
to the yomiciue office vi«uro i rclc ‘sod hi. to Detective Bnhcr, and 
then I toe. . position in fr^ni of the Chief *3 office to stop press- 
men from enter ng into this office. 

1!gs- set fully., submitted, 


.Aa n, Liouxe^uarfft 
Burglary nd.JfheT t Bureau 


Dimtet l v if 4} 

J* Curry 
Chiof of Polio# 

ftoi kootlJME of l«o ttanroy Oiv^ld 
XittorrLo* of 0. U# rioynoldo 


K* h, doynoido v * j intarrlovu^ by Lioutonontn C. C* olloco oad P* 0* 
^oCoohror. «t fijo po on Kovtnbor 2 * iff)* ?ho intorrlow vot uui* 
tidily if* sam oo kiln orl^inil report dated Kombir 27 v 19 4>* Thn 
following oa* added by fl* B* ttoyaoldoi 

I hftTO boon aeked if 1 *nov Jack uhy t and I do not# I did not too 
hta prior to the shotting and van a* bln to in hii ifttr t bo ahootlaf, 

On the moral*# of Norenber 29, 196J f in the out haoe out of the City 
H*ll v 1 over hoard a ooneoreatldft titmn of floor TatsgMi and an 
officer mknevn to mo regard laf Joofe jiuhy# The of floor not known to 
am i to tod to Vouch* that ho had soon a picture of Jock 7uby where 
there vao o rroo oard stuck In fcls hot# 

I h*re not be<*n interviewed by uayoa* regard in,! this Incident prior 
to this do to* 

fioo; cat fall/ iuk:itUd| 

Burglary L tk oft Bureau 


Dec gob# r Itf, 19&3 

Hr* J* L. Curry 
Chief of Police 

subject: Interview of -arr«i ilicifey - hB#u* 

1600 Grant land Circle 
Ft- Uortb, Texas 
Gh 1-5963 - AH4-24S4 

Seceafcer l? t 1963 


Mr. Mickey can* to Dallas early Sunday morning, Wo vender 24, 

1963, with itek?-T V crw. H* in an engineer and was assigned 
to top of Mobil* Unit oarked on Garamere* btrett beside City 
Hall* Ho had 1 T.V. camera on top of the truck ^nd could not hoar 
Ido such of what wu said by anyone on the at root. Ho at* tod ho 
s&w sobs nn walking back and forth on sidewalk on Goeftmrce 
b treat dido of tho City Hall. This was before tho armored 
car was brought to City Hall. Last tins ho saw this some nan 
was approximately IOiOO a-n. or shortly before IO1QO a.ra. , and 
tho roan waa standing in a group of people just Last of tho 
CoMiaeree Street Heap exit. 

Mr. mickey did not know Jack Huby and later recognised tho wi 
from a picture in a Dallas paper, where 3uby «3 wearing a 
bat. Mr. dickey stated ho did not see a stress paea on this 


Respectfully submitted 

C. G. Wallace, Lieutenant 
Juvenile bureau 

CC-* inw 

December 4, 1963 

hr. J. £>. gu rry 
Chi*f of Holies 

tes Interview vdth Jack Ruby 


On December 1 # 1963, Lieutenant Jack Revill and Lieutenant 
F. £« Cornwall interviewed Jack Hub}, presently confined in 
the Dallas County Jail for the murder of L. H. Oswald. The 
purpose of this interview was to determine how Ruby gained 
access to the basement of the City Hall. 

Curing the interview with Ruby it became apparent that he was 
not going to cooperate in any way as he stated that he did 
not want to get any police officere in trouble and also any- 
thing that he might tell U9 might be used against him in his 
forthcoming trial for murder. He did etate that he had sent 
a -525.00 money order to a friend of his in Ft. •orth from ths 
Western Union Telegraph Company, 2034 Main, at llil6 a.m. on 
November 24, 1963# Upon questi'jning him as to how he gained 
access to the basement of the City Hall, he became evasive 
and refused to furnish that information, however, in answer 
to a direct question as to whether he spoke to anyone in the 
basement prior to the shooting he definitely stated, M Ho M , 
that he did not speak to anyone. 

he did state that he wouln cooperate with the Police Department 
if his attorney, Mr. Tom Howard would give him permission to go 
so. Mr. Howard telephonicai ly was contacted by Lieutenant 
Cornwall anti requested to come to the County Jail to sit in on 
the interview with ids client, Lluby. Mr. howard did so and 
after discussing the matter with Ruby in privacy, tney both decided 
that Ru y wold not give us the requested inf ormfttion. 

Prior to the termination of thia interview, both Attorney Howard 
and Ruby stated that Ruby would be willing to submit to a poly- 
graph examination; that they hod made an attempt to get said 
polygraph examination but that District Attorney henry Wade 
had refused. 

Pag« 3 

nightclub that the other business establishment* should hare 
also been closed out of sympathy for the death of the "resident. 
He went to a delicatessen end oureh&sed sandwiches with the 
Intention of bringing said sandwiches to hie friends at the 
Police Department* He called the Homicide and afcobbery bureau 
and told them that he had these sandwiches and was going to 
bring them to the Police Department* He wag ad vie eel by 
Detective il* U* Lima that they had already eaten but he 
thanked him for the gesture. Ruby then stated that he drove 
to the City Hall and went to the biaement and nungled with the 
crowd. He wag present In the Police Assembly Room vixen Lee 
Harvey Oswald was Interviewed by the press. After this Inter- 
view Ruby stated that he called Radio station KLIF and got an 
exclusive Interview with District Attorney H. Hade with KLXF . 

He left the City Hall and drove to Radio Station KLIF with the 
Idea of giving the sandwiches to personnel at that location* 

The door was locked and he had to wait approximately 13 minutes 
before Joe Long of rtedio Station KLIF drove up and opened the 
door. He stated that he remained there for aotnetirie and then 
went home. At this point he became irrational and advised us 
that he was not going to discuss it any further* At this point 
the interview wag terminated. 

Due to Ruby’s e*&>tional state w the undersigned officers made 
no attempt to take notes during either interview. The forgoing 
Information is to the best of our recollection* 

Respectfully submitted* 

Jsiek Revill 

Lieutenant* Special Servlet Bureau 

F, Cornwall 

Lieutenant, Special Service bureau 

J. H. Sawyer 
Inspector of Police 


December 6, 1963 

nr, J. k. Curry 
Chief Of Polic e 

!i©i Jack ituby'i Autoiuobile 

lieutenant Vernon Jiivart obtained the following Info nation: 

Theodore Jackson c-a # 1710 rine, usually can be found at 
id 6 -A 645 , 3001 Pacific; employed by Mr, b. D. Patera who 
owe and operates the parking lot at 2035 Main Street. 
Jeckeoo was on duty at 2035 Main Street last Sunday, 
Sovanber 24, 1963* He stated that the i960 Oldemobile 
in question ms parked on hie lot whan he opened the lot. 

He did not know the exact time but stated that it was 
about noon. 

Johnnie L. Daniel c-m employed by Norton parking system 
next door to this lot stated that he cowed his lot about 
the same time and that he eaw this Uldwnobile parked there 
ut the tin®, lie stated that he arrived just a few minutes 
ahead of Jackson, uaniels address is Pacific Hotel. 

Hr. Waters, owner of the lot, has an office at 2001 Pacific, 
Phone H 16-4645, listed Alls tat a Parking, 

Respectfully submitted. 

u. A/ Jones 
Captain of Police 

OAJ :mt 

Didmbtr 9, 1963 

Mr# J* E* Curry 
Chief of Holies 

£ r *' ^ 


On December 9, 1963, Mr* Thad Hie kg was telephonies! ly 
contacted regarding Jack Kuby haring bean Issued a press 
pass during the 1963 State Fair of Texas, Mr. Hicks 
is with the Public Halations Department, State Fair of 
Texas, and stated that his office does not reflect any 
Issuance of press credentials being Issued to ituby* 

Hespectfully submitted. 

lieutenant, Special Service Bureau 

V J 


November 25 » 19&3 

Mr, J,£* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject: Jack Leon Ruby 


On November 21, 19^3 at approximately 12 Noon I, along 
with Officers V,D* Konaghen, T,Q, Trofcman, D.E, Geer, aad 
H*R* Arnold, was in assistant District Attorney Ben Ellis' 
office* which is on the sixth floor of the Records Building, 

The window in this office ‘faces Record Street, with a view 
of both Elm and Main Streets* 

The above captioned Subject came into the office while we 
were there and passed out some advertisement cards con- 
cerning a stripper known as "Jada* ,f To my knowledge Subject 
did not stand at the window, nor did he pause any length 
of time at the window. 

As Subject was leaving the office, assistant District Attorneys 
Ben Ellis and Bon Stodghill entered. Subject introduced him- 
self to Ben Ellis and told Mr. Ellis, "You probably don’t 
know me now* but you will* N 

Respectfully submitted, 

W*F* Byson 
lieutenant of Police 

December 16, 1963 

Kr* J* E* Gurry 
Chief of Police 

oub j set i Jack Ruby 

Kr. H* S. Crabbe, Assistant Vice- President , herch&nt's 
State Bank was interviewed Friday, Deceiver 13 f 1963, 
regarding Jack liuby and any loan transactions Involving 
Jack ftuby and any Dallas Police Officers* 

A list of officers assigned to the s acuity of the transfer 
of Lee Harvey Oswald on tfovsaber 24, 1963, was furnished 
to the bank* The loan records of the j enchant r s State Bank 
failed to reveal Jack Huby being a oo-maker of any loans to 
Dallas Police Officers* 

Ur* Crabbe was assisted by hr* Vince Torres, an employee of 
the bank Loan Denartnaent . This search revealed that Jack 
Ruby is not now nor has he ever be«i a co-maker of any loan* 

Respectfully submitted, 


H* H. hart, Detective 
Special Service Bureau 


December 13 , 19&3 

Mr* J, E, Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject! Explanation of Neve Coverage 
on Date of Oswald e hooting. 

This information obtained from Bert Shipp, WFFA-TV. 

tf&AP - is an NBC Station and it was WBAP that had a live 
camera in the City Hall basement. The WBAP crew did the 
live pick-up and fad it to both NBC & CBS, 

KRLD waa at the courthouse to do a live pick-up for both 

KKLD is a CBS Station doing the pick-up live which was 
fed to both networks on a pool basis. 

Neither CBS nor NBC actually had live cameras there, 

KRLD and WBAP did the live pick-up for the network* 

Jim Davidson and Warren Ferguson both shot film for 
ABC, the network which had no live cameras there* 

WFAA-TV had no one in the basement, WFAA Radio had one 
man with a tape recorder. He was Bob Thornton, 

Respectfully submit ted. 

P, G. HcCaghren, Lieutenant 
Burglary & Theft Bureau 



December 1 § 1963 


I think everything of importance was covered in my report. 

7 / 

, J, Jim Gurry 
Chief of Police 

Rvyamber 27 1 1963 

Subject ; Jack Ruby 

Sir : 

On Sunday November 24 f 1963, I was assigned to down stairs Jail 
Office by It. Wiggins* I had instructions to stay by the phone 
and to edvise the dispatcher when Oswald had been loaded into 
armor car and was in route to County Jail* 

I did not know Jack Ruby personally nor would I have known him 
if I had seen him, but I have heard his name before as owning a 
night club, 

1 did not see the shooting, but I was looking out glass in door to 
see when he was loaded into armored car. There was a shot and 
a scuffle and Lt, kfiggins said Oswald was shot and to call a 
doctor, I then called dispatcher for a doctor. 

I did not see jack Rub/ in the basement until after the shooting 
when dectives brought him into Jail Office under arrest. 

Respectfully submitted 

Willie 0. Slack #992 
Patro Iman 

Dallas Police Department 

Daeaaber 1, 1963 


I was on duty Id the Jell Office when Oswald was ehot* 

1 did not see the ehootlng because my view wee blocked 
by officer* end camera men. 

1 do not know fluty, but I taw him after the shooting. 

1 do not recall harl^E seen this man arouni the City 
Hall before. 

Mr. J. Burry 
Chief of Police 

>bv ember 27 , 1963 

Subject: Jack ftuby 


Cn Sunday, November 24, 1963, I was assigned t;y It. Wiggins 
to the down stairs Jail Office, I am a police clerk and 
was following normal duties assigned to me, 

T did not know Jack P.uby personally and t*>uld not have 
known him had I seen him* I dio not see him in the basement 
until after the shooting, when he was brought in by the 
arresting officers. 

1 did not see the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald* 

Respectfully submitted 

Jerry D* Slocum 

Police Clerk 6 

Balias Police Department 

December 1, 1963 

STATtfuifT OF IT. V, o. bHAKTi 

1 do not kno* Jock huby* 

After the shooting, 1 saw him at the elevator. 1 do not recall 
ever having seen him before. 


c f3 

November 27 , 1963 

ilr, J. E* Curry 
Chief of Police 

Sir : 

I should like to submit the following report regarding 
the incident occurring in the basement on November 24 , 1963* 

I was on the ramp when the truck was backed in to take 
the prisoner to the County Jail* 1 was accompanied by 
Chief Batchelor* The Deputy Sheriff opened the rear doors 
of the truck and a Kehi bottle fell out and oroke* Chief 
Batchelor and I searched the truck completely, found one 
coke bottle, and planned seating arrangement in the truck. 

We had just finished and 1 was still facing the truck and 
outsiae to see if all officers were in their place whe*n 
I heard one shot* Immediately I looked around and saw 
a scuffle. I was not aware that the prisoner was being 
brought out at that time* 

I immediately ran down to try to be of assistance* 

Several officers had Ruby down and were handcuffing him* 

Respectfully submitted, 

Y 7 - '-- 

V. 3* Smart 

Criminal Investigation Division 





o Nolory Public in and for laid County, State of Texai, on thi* day perionaljy appeared. 

V/Uo t after being by me duly iworn, on oath depose* and sayii 

*, 7" 


4/£s, — - 

Jc&t^cP sAh£^.- 

Pt££ Y'/tys'l 

7 /m> Mtcs* ,&m«a 

&pc€- gg^/fys </- At. ■ 

JJUACJ&, MA ^AA^^gg 

p? aa^o^AzZ^/ &&ucp& f~~ 

‘? / £& i <£s*£ *(P> &7-CCs e 

^^cg^PPP44^L^_^/ pp-r^. S/ <gQ£ApAfygZA 7^ 
A3 sO is&fsifi^ £jfa> BJH^RE 

c ps-cmi* 


’■ ' 

- •; . ■ • T .. „ 

h. i. 



December IB, 1963 

Mr* J* Gurry 
Chief of Polio# 

subject* Interview of Johnnie &aith - 
22 Ghadowbrook 
Hurst, Texas 
BU2-2726 - AH4-24«4 
D«o«nber 17, 1963 


Hr, s-nclth La a video engineer for WBAP-tV and c«ae to Dallas 
early Sunday morning, Kovner 24, 1963* with other personnel 
from WBAP-TV, lie w&n In the mobile truck parked on Camaerce 
street, approximately on* car length, Heat of Gome* res Street 

About $ >00 4,a, Hr* Smith *;ot out of the mobile unit truck and 
walked around on Harwood Street to the Telephone Company truck 
that was perked there* He saw a men aUuding on Harwood looking 
up at cables running to third floor of City Hall, whsre Chief 
Curry's Office Is located* Mr* Smith mat back to the mobile 
truck And about 8 x 30 a,a* this seas man walked up to truck 
window and asked U H jt# they brought Oswald down yet?** and 
Smith said "No", Hr* Smith said he believes he saw this same 
man again at approximately 10x00 a*m. to 10il$ a.m* standing 
with a group of people approximately 10 feet Seat of Goasaeroe 
Street ramp on the sidewalk* 

Mr. Smith says he recognised this man later as Jack Huby from 
a picture that he saw in a Dallas paper, where Kuhy was wearing 
a hat* He thinks this was a Monday paper* Mr* omith said he 
could not recognise ttuby from the mug shot showed him by F.B.I* 

Respectfully submitted, 

G. C* Wallace, Lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 


75 -ft 

Novmhar 29, 1963 


I In ft the Cltj Hall at 11:00 ft. a. for an assignment 
at £ln and Houston and did not raturn to the City Hall 
prior to the shooting. 

1 know Jack iiuby but 1 did not sea him In or mar tha 
City Hall at this tins. 

November 26, 1963 

Mr, J. B* Curry 
Ehief of Police 

Subject: Assignment of Sergeant 

D. F. Steele 

Sunday, November 2h , 1963 


On Sunday, November 2 it, 1953 I was acting area commander of the Oak Cliff 
Sub-station. At 9:15 A,M,, accompanied by He serve Officer J. F* Harrison, 
i reported to It. R. S, Pierce at the Central Station. I was instructed 
by It, Pierce to stand by in the Patrol office for assignment. 

At 9:30 A.H., I accompanied Captain C.E. Talbert to the first floor exit 
onto Commerce Street. Captain “Halbert instructed me to get a man and 
check the roof of the building across Commerce Street from the vehicular 
exit of City Hall. This area was checked and was secure. Upon completion 
of this assignment I secured five reserve officers and assigned them to 
move all by-stand ers from the North side of the 2000 block of Commerce, 

After this assignment I placed 2 reserve officers at Commerce and Pearl 
and 2 at Commerce and Harwood to stop all pedestrian traffic on the North 
side of Commerce Street. In addition I placed a reserve officer at the 
Commerce Street entrance to City Hall to restrict exits onto Commerce St. 

Upon completion of these assignments I assisted Sgt, J, A# Putnam and P.T. Bean 
in assigning officers to traffic corners on Elm Street, 

At 11:00 A.M., Captain C.3. Talbert instructed me to report to the traffic 
command post at Elm and Houston to secure 3 traffic men to complete the 
coverage of all intersections on Elm. Street* 

Respect fully submitted, 

D. F, Steele 

Sergeant of FoJd.ce 
Patrol Bivision 


DiMuWr 5» 1949 

Mr. J* fc.# Curry 
Shiof of Polio* 

“rooting of Loo Harroy Oo*al4 
^ntorriow of X. a. stophon* 


I. Am -i to phono vti Intorrlovod lgr Lloutonanto C. C* allaoo and P« 0. 
MoCtttfhron it Ji)0 pn on Dooozrbor 2, 1969. This lntorriov wao oooon- 
I lolly I ho i«m ao hie original roport da tod Kotos ho r 2 7 f 1963* !• &• 
utpohoao hod thlo to *44 1 

1 ha to boon aokod if 1 knov Jack « k uhy and I h*wo ooon hia boforo* hut 
X doubt If I would roiofnlM him. X 414m 1 t 000 him la tho orovd la 
tho bmoomoat of tho City hmll. X h*T* no ldo* how ho fit Into tho 
baoomonto X o*o down otmlro approxlaatoly 9 or 10 mlnutoo be for* 
Oswald w*o brought down, and nobody o*mo by *y pool vhllo X was tho re# 

I hare not boon Interviewed by tho federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Keejootfully submitted* 

Cm C. >*11*00 t Lieutenant 

Burglary 4 Tho ft Bureau 


ftovezbor 36* 19&3 

*\r* Jw Cur ry 

Chief of iolicc 

SETSvi-CXi Location of Detective Ivau 3* dtophona 
ut the ti^e of the shooting of 
Oswald* hovesbor 34, X®C3 * 

Iho folio wing ic a report submitted by Detective Ivan li* Stephens 
regarding his activities >.n I^ovoaaber 24, 19^3 at the ti^e of tho 
incident at the basement. 

.t about lld^ a.^*» November 34, I9C5, ^ioutonant Suaifi ordered v& 
to the basement of iho City to aid in the transfer of tie prisoner, 
Lee .rvey Cs.w&ld to tie County Jail, I went to tho bascEont ar4 
rc&ai^d in the lobby in front of the jail office when tho horslcide 
no., brought Oswald down oa the insilo Jail elevator and started to 
the Jail Jo or that leads to the parking area. These door were 

O, at th** tlire, I was behind the pr^osccu that were taking picture 
through the Cashier f s Do6rc of tho Jail, and T red&lftcti behind these 
pr^ss^en and photographers in order to Jfcoep out any undttthorl&ed persona 
that might attempt to cose in behind the prisoner through tho lobby. 

I heard the shot and hoard someone cry that tho prisoner had been shot, 

I did not seu the ace&c and was about forty f$et froa where the prison V 
uao shot. X oaw the detective 3 Curry Oswald inside the Jail office and 
also saw soso detectives attempting to carry a can inside of the Jail offic 
chat was the one someone had said had shat tho prisoner * I attempted 
to help those men got the prisoner inside tie office* As soon as the 
prisoner was secured, 1 walked over where Oswald was lying on tho floor, 
and saw a uul let hole in his It- ft side as he was 1„ lug on the floor* 
ho appeared to bo conscience at the time and city doctor was called and 
was wording, on hi® when tho ambulance ca^u for hia* I returned to the 
third floor for further assignment. 

Swain, Lieutenant 
Burglary and I he ft bureau 

mO/ pot 

December 12, 19&3 

Inspector J* H. sawyer talked to Deputy Chief K *»# Jt even son 
and received the following statement* 

H I arrived in the basoaaent of the City Hall on tiovember 24, 
1963, about 3 to 5 minutes prior to the shooting of Lee Harvey 
Oswald, I wa a standing on the v.’sst eiae of the middle ramp 
near the West wall and at the front door on the righthand 
side of Dhority f s oar* 

I did not know Jack duby prior to the shooting of Lee Harvey 
Oswald and 1 did not see him in the basement until after he 
was arrested* 

I saw Captain f'rlti emerging from the Jail corridor at which 
time X directed my attention to watching the crowd in the 
basement area* 

1 heard a shot but I did not see the shooti/^*" 

J* H. Sawyer 
Inspector of Police 


November 26, 1963 

Mr, *J. r. Curry 

C14ef of iolice 

Tils iu a statement of facta relating to my activity as a Reserve Officer 

cuixtay, November 24 , 1V&3* to tite best of my knowledge anri re collection. 

1* Approximate tlii* 1 reported to duty. ?i00 A. M. 

2, 1 reported to Assembly Room. 

3 * I was assigned to the Assembly Room and X remained In the Assembly ^oom 
until ~gt, P* * * bean and ara> trier barge ant came in and requested that all 
its serve Officers that were not a a signed to report to the basmuent and help 
shake it down. 

ke started at the north wall and searched the air conditioning ducts, cars 
and all r-dacea where a weapon could be concealed. After the search, several 
of the officers were given traffic asri^nwnts, and the rest of us remained 
in the basement for further assignments. As we were waiting 1 noticed that 
each person that came in through the ramps were being checked for "Press 
Xaae" or Police 1,D» 

Dallas Police deserve Patrolman 1*. J, Newman was assisted to the lower south 
end of the raa^p, and bgt. Dean revested that a man guard the south base- 
ment employee entrance, and I assigned Patrolman Newman to this door and 
took his place at the ramp* 1 noticed the regular officers were checking 
each person as they cams in. 

4, Names of other officers in the eatw are* that 1 can recollect are* 

Reserve It. Ben McCoy, Lt. H. K. krise, Sgt. K. H, Croy, Reserve Captain 
W o* Arnett, 

5* Did you know Kuby? Mo. 

6, khen add under what circumstances did you see Ruby? 

I did not see Ruby at all except for a momentary glance. The other officer 
in the immediate area was standing there trying to seal off the south area 
after the shot. 

December 12, 1963 

fjr, J. ti m Curry 
Chi of of Police 

Lubjeet: Interview of tteserv* Officer 

Patrolman Donald ouita 


On November 30, 1963, iicaerve Officer Patrolman Donald 
Luits was Interviewed by the undersigned officers as to 
any inf oration he might ha** concerning the shooting 
of i^e Harvey Oswald '•Allah was not covered in hla original 
report dated floveoiber 26 f 1963. 

After having read his original report, hr. bulta stated 
that there is nothing of significance diich he could add to 
this first are port. 

ftr* Oults further states that at the time of thie interview 
he hr.d not been contacted by any federal agency. 

Headset fully submitted, 

Cfficv-wi- K 

If. J. Oonw.Il, 

Jpaoial service bureau 


I lev ill. Lieutenant 
aial oervloe Bureau 


D«o~afe«r *f, 1963 

* J* <»• Chiffjf 
chief of Polio* 

Hi Shoot! rg of Lee S Oivtld 


I h>d boon available to Ca.t&in Fri fee's of flew most of the torn In# 
of More abe r 2t # 1 ?6>. X vhi in tbie office shortly be.orr? lltOGaa. 
booing th< t ^reparations war# under ¥.17 to acre Oswald oat of the 
building, I stepped across t^»* ball to the Burglary *a Theft Office 
«»d in* true ted thi* a®** who were atendln - by to report to the jail 
office two at a lino* These «en were i tie true ted to assist In any 
vai ner needed* 

About il lOOain, the party in Cup tain Frit s' ■ office started coring 
out* I was th first oat of the office | walking to the hail door 
leading to the jail slsvtor* I unlocked this door and admitted 
Captain /rits f detective Leave lie p Graves, and *tontogome ry p ^nd the 
prisoner Oswald, Oswald w*s h an cuffed to Beteotive Leave lie. 

when the elevator was loaded, I van th-.- last person to enter the ele- 
v.tor. When vs reached the basement p 1 was the first person off. A- 
bout the tine we got off the elevator , Captain Frits was behind ae p 
AnX he told me t would have to ride in the second sir because we could 
only get five in the first car which contained the prisoner. Be no* 
tioned for mm to lead out* We went out the door on the Keel elds of 
the jail desk, 

h n I walked out Into the driveway v X found th*it press photographers 
a . news media were surrounding, the area. Strong flood lights were 
focused in the direction of %h Jail of floe. They were blinding. 

These lights were located at the Scrtheaat corner of the area of the 
openln leading froo the jail of floe* 

The vehicle in which the prisoner was to be* loaded wee attempting to 
bank into the opening in front of ths jail of floe where unrmley pri* 
sonars are generally unloaded, 1 immediately moved forward toward the 
cast aide and on the south edge of this crowd p aoviiu the crowd of 
photographers and newsmen backward. These people were bl coking the 
vehicle *e movement p being in between the vehicle an. the prisoner* 1 
had both a ill out stretched and w«a able tci contain these people in a 
fairly wide area. X was fusing eaat with my bask to the prisoner* To 
oy left I soul 4 see th -t everything was clear nearly to the flood lights. 
There was about two officers to ay loft along the drive way, Hcwover p 
the news madia were standing about throe deep* 

1 glanced >iul ably to uy right fra V left motioning soae of thsso 
people to sows baekv ard no th# vehicle was cl so soring backward* 4 
t ,1a Hat I heard a gun discharge* With mj ara>* oat ct retched* I 
wheeled to mj loft ow r oj shoulder* I saw off l our* struggling with 
the par sort who had apparently shot Oswald* and ot:i*r officers wars 
moving Oswald hack Into the Jail of flow# 

Almost at the time the snot was ft rod t the nows os die and photographers 
plunged forward upon the soono# X l^awdlnt* ly r oroed them backward* 
wnll : the other officers wars subduing the parson who firs? the shot* 

1 was a bis to contain tli* o« people until addition^ help arrived* Soso 
of ths of fissrs that 1 know o as to oy assistant* my quick wars 5gt« 
i. f* JOtSBi dstorttiwas a* U ffsOee* and 1. P* Van Cleave* At the tin© 
the prisoner Oswald emerged fro a the jail oft loo * the central arsa of 
the rasp van clear except for photographs** son nows asdia who war# 
bl.joxing the vehicle* 

“hilw I wot taortm: those parsons blocklrv the reap on ay right and to 
the south* 1 glanced toward the prisoner Oswald and saw two or possibly 
thrso news ssdla to ths loft of Detootive dr&ves, and slightly in 
front of hi** they had aicrophones to porta bis recorders stuck up in 
front of Oswald and Qr&vee. I know that Offiosr w* J, Harrison was 
several fast to ay Its ft in front of ths TT lights* end to ths bast of 
ay knowledge bs wuo aolag ths lights just prior to ths tine the shot 
woe fired* 4tloug with ssvtral o floors I continued to restrain the 
photographers &n news asdic while the eabulu&a* arrived and took ths 
prisoner Oswald from ths bassoon t* 

I roaalaod in the ba assent area until it was cleared* During this 
tins* Offiosr Harrison told no that the person who flrsd the shot was 
Jack duty* 1 have Knows jack duby sins* about l$k%* I b*V* not assn 
hla si nos about 1J4« or 19*9* 

1 an sure tne sen rtuby did not pass between Officer Harrison and Kyss If* 


November <:9, 1963 

Statement of Captain C. &. Talbert i 

I was in charge of the Radio Patrol personnel and we had secured the 
basement from all unauthorized personnel, including all civilian em- 
ployee «, Records bureau personnel, porters, parking attendants and 
elevator operators. 

1 met Jack Ruby about two years ago for only a minute, and after his 
arrest I recognized his face, but did not connect him with the name 
of Jack Ruby. 

I did not see this man in the basement prior to the shooting. 

November 27, 19&3 

hr. J. L). Curry 
Chief of police 

Subject: Incident involving Lee 
iiarvey Oswald 

At approximately 10:30 A. M. , November 24, 1963, I 
was working as a detective assigned to the Forgery 
Bureau detail and was on duty stationed in the base- 
ment of the city hall directly in front of the pay 
telephone booths at the exit to the basement into 
the driveway parking area ir. the basement to await 
further security instructions from Captain 0. A. 

I stayed in this general aroa until Captain Jones 
arrived and gave instructions to about twenty- five 
detectives including myself. We were placed in two 
lines to give maximum security to the prisoner. 

A blue detective’s car was backed into position 
which blocked ay view when the deceased was brought 
from the hallway. I saw a sudden movement from the 
suspect and heard a gun blast. There were so many 
reporters that pushed ti:eir way forward that I was 
unable to 0 et to the suspect. I jumped across the 
trunk of the car and grabbed the suspect, and there 
were two other officers attempting to wrestle the 
gun away from him. Me all fell to the floor where 
the suspect was subdued and disarmed. 



detective 1480 
Forgery Bureau 

RCV : ms 

D#o#rf>#r IS | 1963 

Mr, J* %* Cuny 
Chief of Folio# 

Subject! Interview of 1 . N. Walker, IrfBAF-TV * 
6913 Hightower 
Ft, Worth, Texas 
OU -5549 - m -204 

Deecafaer 17 , 1963 

Mr* Walker elated h« mi intha WMP-TV Mobil# Unit truck 
parked outside th# Dell## City Hall on Comeres dtroet, 
approximately on# oar# length west of Gonneroe Street exit* 

Welker stated that on ten occasions th# teat# non o toe over 
to th# truck and asked hia through th# truck window, *H*v# they 
brought Oswald down yet?" Hr, Walker said h# w&a very buoy 
and doe# not know exactly what ha answered th# smn* Walker 
do## not know what tin# th# nan can# by or how long before 
th# ■hooting* He #aid there waa no way h# could establish 
th# tin#* 

Mr* WaUotr #tat#d h# had b##n talked to by FBI agents and 
could not identify th# nog Chet# of Jack iiuby but recognised 
th# nan that asked hln th# question "Haw# they brought Oswald 
down y#t? u as Jack Ruby from a picture in a Dallas paper on 
Monday naming following th# shooting « This plat nr* showed 
Ruby with a hat on* 

Hr. Walker senes posit ire in his Identification of Jack 
Ruby #nd said this parson can# up to hia truck window (open) 
twice, and h# saw hia fro# a T#ry close distance* 


Hecpectfully submitted 

0* C* Wall see, Lieutenant 
Juvenile Bureau 

ecu II 

November 30 , 1963 


1 reported to the City Hall at 10x20 A. M. , and was given an 
asoiguaent on garage side of the double doore leading into the 

I stayed at thia location for ten or fifteen minutes and then 
Sergeant Dean assigned me to the head of the ramp by the armored 
car. The armored car wae parked eo close to the West Wall, it 
would have been impossible for anyone to have passed through on 
the West Side. 

No one entered the basement through the Comae roe Street ramp 
befbre the shooting, after I was assigned there. 

I do not know Jack Ruby 

November 26, 1963 

Mr* J. E, Curry, 
Chief of Police. 

Subject: Assignment of Officer 

B* A* Watkins on 
Sunday, November 24, 1963* 


On November 24, 1963, at 10:20 A.M., 1 was told to report to the basement. 
Captain Jones advised me, along with several detetives, to stand by near 
the Jail Office entrance in the garage part of the basement. 

Officer D, L* Pate came do™ the ramp and said he needed some assistance 
at the ramp entrance to the basement on the Commerce Street side* The 
armored truck was already in position at the entrance* Sergeant Dean told 
me to report to the top of the Cams roe Street ramp on the East side of 
the armored car with instructions to keep unauthorised persons out. 

I remained at this location until I was relieved by Officer W* J* HArrlscn 
at approximately 12:13 F.K.* 

Ee spectrally submitted. 

Bichard A. Watkins 
Patrolman, #1419 
Patrol Division 


ovv.hor 27 , 1962 

. r. J* Curry 
vLi.r cf Police 

fir : 

I should lik to 3 the icl T ov;i ij report of the 

OVCita OCCUl-ri,!^ i;+ t,.Q Ov- CM JoVOElbor 24, 1^0,5* 

X ... \ii n qto up of he to stiver uncer Cep tain Jones 
;:;id lout uncut iourt on .'oveYer 24, 19^3* fit about 
HOC &•:.*• or a little li ter, Ike rou , was to a._ isfc 
in Ucn^iry; preen on end . , 1. r re bids while Oi^tc in 

frit a pad hia aea Lrou'ki bee -lurvcy kswiild down free. he 
City J:*iZ to an nr; ored truck waiting at the top of the 
base ont ri : v* flic 11.*, Sheriffs Office uaa waiting 
with t' c ercoroc true!; to tr*. arfer <suuld to the County 
fherif - f g office for con flu on nt * 

I was atf'Udia- et th 4 ;i thweni ermar of the driveway 
openit ■ Ln Cl 0 hnv ;- .ni :..prc>;i:, tjly 2c foot ©a at of 
tha jail office door. 

As Ca^tai • rit?, c nr put of the doir sari erne erst 
toward tiio rkin ■* ? rt? the b'xn.c. t, he v;as followed 
cloooly by ! n ...rvp If with detect Lvps Ivoldin ; both 

nru.s s;:d other detective:, i- obi. t^ly behind Cov.vld* Ao 
X o . . ; Cap to i n vYi t r r a u t h er* 1 0 he 0 a t C evalc e r* d t h c 
£■ C stives hold in aau folic* h , they reached a ppiut 
past the car.. ?r i.h ere they we kid turn rif-ht to £G 
■ 1 , the oppresi: *:icly 79 feet to the waiting emcrod 

c .r, 

X ■.*« j locking tc the r_ hfc goc*i tew- rd the jail office ard 
hall in iront of the j‘-il office, t this ti ,0 I heard 

a loud ©oipe life a 11 fir la;: or c firecracker* I never 
a.:u anyone a I u c lo -Liy ri~hfc and the sound woe n:uf- 
fl «d as if it ■. re * . 11 si j*w .00 clone to someone end fired* 
c I locked Y.c : , ciz-t or ciwht detectives cr re 
yrpbhcd a rj-fta a*id vr ^ tied hna to the floor. I did net 
touch his as there were- toe r,nuy officers on IiIlx already* 

*he effiocro carried the b e to the jail office. 

LYri . ; this ti;je 1 u:.k u tohlnp ^ rese ^ cu and phot opr: icr^ 
to ::eop Joim ouy iutei-f ereuc &• I just stcyed la the ln- t-.e area and tried to J:^ep fros le^vin^* I 
then to tiic Jnil of . ice deer and kept uacuthorlscd 

per. oils - -lit wid, nn X looked in t 1 cz v the sucpect clearly 
lyinr; or. the floor* bciny held by Police, 

I jya. rded tha Jail door until they took Oswald out tfy a 
waiting atibular.eo in this oavio ba. caent driveway, I 

:?r. j. 



Itoveixbcr 27 » 1963 

Oowsvld cu t ho ctrotchor carried iron the ^oil oflice to 
thft waiting I reclined la the baco ;ent, and on 
orders ir . Captain J Cues nnd Lieutenant Oss&rt* checked 
^vtryono c jl in;: or for tho next one to two hours * 

I uovor sn.- the su vve.ct or t \o ^un before tha shot won 
fired, then the officers cover *6 ti:o suspect and took 
him to the j.iil office. i never csv the cun after it 
waa fired, bat tried to press a.*d all back go the 

officers coaid handle tho suspect and Os wo Id * This ie 
all I know or nsv* 

fte/Sp oc t fi :lly submit t ed , 

J. C. v go a 


Crl; in .al Investigation Uivioioa 



T tov-jjibar JO, 1?63 

J* .* Jurry 
Chief :>f /olio* 

rtei hooting of J*ee liarvoy t avoid 
Intorrliv of J* C * atlMMl 


J» C - atucm * a interviewed by Lieutenant a C# J » allaou and I . C# 
svoCaghren at 30Qj& cm November 2?, 1963 ■ Tho interview wee eeeea- 
t tally the aarae &a hi® original report dated November 24, 1965* 
following woo added by J. C« ateom 

I hare- bison aakfetf if 1 know Jaok iu by* I h^vo eeen thie pereon on one 
ocoasnon at a club on ^*k law ap roxlaatly J or 4 years ^go. I do 
not know this an. I did not see hia in the baeeneiit of tho City Hall 
prior to tho ehooting# I only mw him after the shooting when there 
were detective* all around him* 

1 runrsr &av the man Jack ^uby around tho City hall before# 

j it . to no idea how Jaok duby got into the City i'all baeament* 

I wad interviewed by Federal Bureau of investigation agent dolt at 
7iJ0p«i odnoeday night# 

esp-aotfully submitted* 

fi* 0 # 

Lieu tenant of Juvenile Bureau 
dnila® roller Depart iert 

* r * v>* pteCegbrea^ 

Lieutenant of Burglary & theft Bureau 
Sallee Felloe Department 






Deoenber 1 , 1963 


X cannot recall anything that la not included in my report. 


November 27 j 19 

tir* d* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subjects Murder of Lee H. Oswald 


Cn Sunday, November 2+, 1963 5 my tour of duty was from 6:30 a.m, to 2:30 p.m, 
ty assignment was the Jail Office and the Jail. ! had no instructions to pro- 
vide security outside the Jail and Jail Office, 

l received a call, and J do not remember who called me, which told mo they v*cre 
bringing Oswald down from the third floor, i had hung up the phone when I noticed 
the elevator was enroute to the basement, and as the elevator opened at approxi- 
mately 11:30 a.m., Captain Fritz and four detectives brought Lee H* Oswald from 
the jail elevator taking him into the basement to transfer him to the County, 

Captain Fritz asked if everything was in readiness, and I stepped outside the 
Jail Office into the hallway leading to the basement where I stopped. Captain 
Fritz came out of the Jail Office, followed by the detectives and Oswald* 

They had passed where I was standing approximately six or seven feet when 1 saw 
a man lunge toward Oswald and heard a shot* 1 saw several officers grab the man 
with tho pistol and wrestle him to the floor. Immediately, they picked him up 
and brought him into the Jail Office and disarmed him* They then brought Oswald 
into the Jail Office and laid him on the floor* I called for a doctor and an 
ambulance, Code 3- 

As they were taking the man who did the shooting from the floor, I recognized 
him as Jack Ruby, who is a night club operator and well known in police circles. 
Ruby was placed on the Jail elevator and taken upstairs. 

The Jail Intern came into the Jail Office and tried to give Oswald some attention, 
but the ambulance arrived, he was placed in it and taken to Parkland Hospital* 

1 have known Ruby for several years. 1 have been in his businesses, The Silver 
Spur, 1717 3. Ervay, and The Vagas Club, 35^8 Oak Lawn, both on and off duty. 

My visits to his places of business while on duty were for police business. My 
visits to his places of business while off duty were for personal recreation for 
my wife, myself and friends. 

1 have not been in his places of business, nor have 1 seen him, in the last three 
or four years* i did not see him in the basement prior to the shooting of Oswald. 

Respectf u 1 ly submi tted 

Lieutenant of Police 
Service Division 


November 29# 1963 

statement of Marvin L* Wise : 

I was assigned to traffic at him and St* Paul, and 1 left the 
City Hall at a^roximately Hi 00 A. M, , and did not return 
prior to the shocking. 

1 know Jack Huby and wae in the basement to the City Hall from 
about 10x15 A. M. to 11x00 A« M. , am I did not see him in or 
near the City Hall* 


November 26, 19&5 

Mr* J* E. Curry 
Chief of Police 

Subject t Assignment Of Officer 

Marvin 1, Wise £1572 
On Sunday, November 24, 1965 


On Sunday, November 24, 1963, working Squad ?1, I was 
advised to report to Station 511* This was at approximately 
$:00 A*M. X remained at Station 511 until told by Lieutenant 
Pierce to report to the basement and stand by for assignment* 
This was at about 10:15 AJT* I reported to Sergeant Dean and 
was assigned traffic assignment at* Elm and St* Paul by Sergeant 
Dean* I remained at St. Paul and Elm until approximately 
11:35 A.H* 

I was then advised by radio to report to Parkland Hospital 
Command post. I remained at Parkland Hospital until 1*45 P*M* 

X then cleared with the Dispatcher* 

Hespeot fully submitted. 

Karvin L. Wise 
Patrolman £1572 
Patrol Division 

RaWaWr 30 # 19&3 

J * Z m Curry 
Cbit t of loll## 

ummr &lri 

Ha In tor r low of HiMrT# Of floor* 

Pm trelnaa Gaao E* »orU/ t 31 (* 

un H#»t»b«r 30 1 19&3 Mtiir^ Of floor# I’otrolaaa 
utno £.*«rlay mu Intorrlavad by tm uadoralgaad 
&ttxo*rm mm to may iaforaatioo bo night hare 
•aooorning ill* nhootlnc of l#aa ttaraay frnwold 
«:neh wan act car# rod im Ulg original report 
da tod Noroakor 26* 1963* 

Worloy nt t#4 that bo would Ilka to odd that at 
ap roxlnatoly l.i 30 #<Mt from bin poait 00 4 a tho 
f i rat two parking plaoo* on tho north aid* of tho 
parking ar#a in tha barefoot ho aaw a 000 dare 
down tho north raop and Janp or or tha rail into 
tho tho parking arm* Ho iorarlWd thia man mm 
bojng a wh: to nala* 33* 3 foot f 8 inaboa* 173 
pound*, wearing tan fckftitl trooaora* ton kha, l 
ablrt* and kip loagth alp-ap light brown ^a*kot« 
Thla can wan a top pod and waa liontiflod by ona of 
tha off loom la tho baaanant ta Wing 0 aalntoa*- 
anoo aaa for tho aitjr of Dallam* 

PitraUu War lay f not bar atataa that bo baa not 
Wan aontaotad by any fodaral ago nay at thla tiao. 

Boapootfally ivklltid. 

f* I* Cornwall* Li ant algal 

i ga Hol iorrlao ftareaa 

November 26 * 1963 

Mr# J. £* Curry 
CMef of Police 


I arrived at the City Hall at 8:30 A. i'u slid vent to the 3rd floor 
as directed, I was then told to report tc the Assembly koom for 
assignment. Upon arriving at the Assembly Room* I was assi gned by 
He serve Sgt* Cray to stand ty the Easement Inform t ion Desk and. 
direct all reserve officers to report to the Assembly Room for 
assignment# At approximately 9:13 A, K., He serve Capo# Arnett 
moved me to theparking area in the basement * I was to keep any 
csrs from paiking in the first two parking places on the North 
side of parking area, I stood at this post till about ten or 
fifteen minutes before Lee Harvey Oswald was shot, I was jnoved 
from tiie post by Ltl McCoy and assigned to the corner of Commerce 
and Central Expressway (Northbound ) tc help the regular patrolman 
(Burton) direct traffic and was at this location when the prisoner* 

Lee Harvey Oswald* was shot. The regular officer (Burton) was sent 
to Parkland Hospital and I returned bo the basement of City Hall, 

He serve Lt, KcCoy assigned me to the basement entrance (North) to 
keep the people from blocking the drive to the basement, I stayed 
at this assignment till 12:00 Iieon* at which tine I was relieved 
and wen t home# 

I had met Jack Rubens tein when working with Squad 105* five or six months 
ago, I did not see him in any part of the City Hall on November 24* 1<?63 
1 probably would not have recognised him if 1 had seen him* since I had 
only seen him one time. 

G, J£* Worley, Jr,* Res^rv^ Patrolman 
Badge £L6 


November 26, 1963 

Dear Chief Curly; 

1 arrived at the City Hall at 8:30 A.M. and went to the 3rd floor 
as” directed* I was then told to report ^ to . the. Jlssembly., . Rook for 
assignment* Upon arriving at the Assembly Room, I was assigned 
by Reserve Sgt* Croy to st and by .t he Basement Information Desk 
m& direct all _ reserve officer? to report to the Assembly Room 
for assignment* At approximately 9? 15 A,N, Reserve Capt. A rnett 
moved me to the parking area in the basement* I was to keep ary 
car's from parking in the first two parking places on the North 
side of parking area* I^_stood at this post till about ten or 
fifteen minutes before L e e~H arvey 0 swald was shot.’ I was moved 
from this post by Lt* McCoy and assigned to the corner of Commerce 
and Central Expressway^ (North Bound) to help the regular T patrolman 
(Burton) direct traffic and was at this location when the prisoner, 
Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot* The regular officer (Burton) was sent 
to Parkland Hospital and I returned to the basement of City Hall, 
Reserve Lt. McCoy assigned me to the basement entrance (North) to 
keep the people from blocking the drive to the basement. I stayed 
at this assignment till 12:00 noon at which time I was relieved and 
went home. 

1 had met Jack Ruben stein when work ing jwlth Squad 1 0$ a five or six 
month s_a flo, I~ did "not see him in " any" par t of the City H a ll on 
Novemb er 2L i, 1%3- I~ probably would not have recogniaed'jlim if I 
hacTTeen him, since I had only seen him one time* ~ 

</ tf. . & 

Badge 516 


LSooabor J# 1^4) 

hr* J. . Curry 
Chief of I olio* 

8m i Intom*v with Tony \oppt 


At approx lately >*J0 ;«# £ee*ftbor 1* 1965# w» intorriovod Tony 
/iopri at hie office at the frallae ."orpin# Kswo, Ho said ho did 
not *«* Jack i'-iby In the City Hall# but ho h&d hoard that ^aek Hot/ 

-ad boon down at U.o City Hall puasiit^ out oandwichoo and coffco to 
novonon v especially the so nevsnon fron K113> and ho understood that 
pDAOihl/ ootnt of the drink o woro furnishod to officers at well* That 
he hoard that Jack dub/ was passing out guoat pan so to novaaen fron 
all porta of the country inviting the to visit the Carosel Club# 

Ho stated that he hod visited Jack nuby*8 Caros# 1 Club on several 
occasions ar*d at that tin# h* had noticed that : >at*otivcfl vould eo^# 
in and shock tho pl&oo In a busies os Ilk# aannar and lea### That h# 
had ai?*o visited other flight spots# and d*t*ctive* also c 1 coked thoa# 
places In what ho would son alder basin* so llko eiannor. 

Ji e aloe stated he doe* not know hew Jack iuby c ;ld har# gotten into 
the baesment of City Hall# That ho dooo not know whether or not b* 
had a proa pass# and that b# do#* not bellows of his own knovlodgs 
that Jack -uby knows Oswald# 

hoopoe t fully subjaittod# 

0# C# Callao# t its u tenant 
Juvenile Bursas * 

Burglary & Theft Bureau 



Lxeerpt from recording and* by KRUKTV during priss interview 
with Chief Curry on afternoon of November 23* 1963 i 

m we plan to transfer thi* ra&n* not tonight. If you 

men will be here, no later than IOiCU o’clock in the morning* 
why it will be eoon enough 

Moves her 29 » 19&3 

iLr. J# Curry 
Chief of ; die# 

■jlr i 

On November 29 ( 196,5, Lieutenant Jack Hevill and Lieutenant 
i • 3* McCa^hr«fi want to the *ewtern Union Tele graph Coapany 
off loon located at 2034 Main -treat and interviewed Mr, Do y*I 
.'-aae of 6^9 Lake Circle, Ta 1 Q5bO* 

Kr* Uuie la a aupervieor for the eetem Union Telegraph Company 
and w&a on duty at thia location on Hovenber 24, 196>* At II *16 
»«M,, Jack Hub/ Bent a 123*00 Honey Order to on anployee and was 
given a receipt which wa* stamped with the tiaa (.11*16 AX)» 

Mr, Lane uu shown several photographs, and ha readily pi chad 
the photograph of Jack Hu by iron tkene and ate tad that ha knew 
Jack mbj inaoaueh «* ha had went aeverol telegram* in the pant. 

Lieu tenant a rtevill and HcC aghren timed, by watch, the amount of 
tine needed to walk from the western Union of flee e to the Hain 
-treat reap into the City doll basement. It tehee 1 (one) ninute 
and 13 (thirteen) second* to walk thin distance, It require* 
another 22 (twenty-two) second* to walk down the rasp froa Main 
street to the location where Oswald won ehot. 

** check of the dispatcher 4 e reeorde reveal* that a dell wee 
placed for an aabnlanea at 11 1 21, 

Heaps* t fully submitted, 

Criminal Investigative Division 

// 7 "